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    CCNP 3560E or 3750E or 4948

    Hi guys I'm slowly building up a solid lab for the CCNP, I know I could virtualise to some extent and / or run GNS3 but I want real gear for the following additional reasons: 1. I have a VMware lab and would like something that doubles study and performance 2. I want gigabit can I use...
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    VMware NSX

    I am extremely interested in VMware NSX and SDN but what I would like to know is does anyone have any solid experience with using it in production? I'm not talking about a slice of its components but I am talking a full scale NSX SDN deployment, DLR, DFW, ESG, Controllers - the full works...
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    Help with purchase for home lab

    Hi all I am hoping to get a concensus vote on how to spend my hard earned, I am in the UK and looking to spend a total of $1492.00 (£1000) on switch(es) in order to build a reasonably modern lab in order to advance skills and provide high performance to my ESXi environment. What would you...
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    VMUG Advantage EVALExperience

    Hi all I am ready to pull the purchasing trigger on this subscription but do you receive vSphere 6 license keys yet or is it still 5.5? It is a shame that they do not include NSX licenses. :D Thanks
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    Cheapish OpenFlow enabled Switch (hardware) & Dell PE5524 Question

    Hi guys I have two quick questions that I thought would be best served in one post :) 1. Does anyone know of any cheapish eBay switch(es) I could pickup which have full OpenFlow support? 2. I have a couple of Dell Power Connect 5524 switches and would like to hook up the 10GbE ports into my...
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    I have just literally started playing around with SDN and wondered who else here is currently doing this and do you share the view that it is an area worth investing time into at this point? Currently this is my setup (today so still evolving): 1. VMware ESXi 6.0 2. HP VAN SDN...
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    ESXi 5.1 IPoIB

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has played around with IPoIB in ESXi 5.1 and if so what kind of speeds are you seeing in terms of data transfer using the IB fabric? (I understand the Mellanox OFED drivers don't work with 5.5 which is why I haven't upgraded yet :) ) Here's my basic setup...
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    Opinions on Cisco WS-C4948-E

    Hi guys I'm in the process of (trying) to put together a pretty beefy lab at home primarily for VMware certification, Cisco and general abuse and self-education around various technologies and topologies and I am in need of a decent switch that I can also use for iSCSI. I've heard good things...
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    VMware Programming API

    Hi guys Quick question, has anyone got any experience with the VMware programming API or similar? I'm looking to experiment with this and wondered what mechanism I can plug into that VMware provide which will allow me to extract VM resource details, for example say I have VM1 (Linux VM ofc...
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    2 x SANs 1 x Cluster - VMware failover (automated)

    Hi guys I'm looking for some suggestions on a project I have set, basically I want to formulate my solution around the following: 2 x VMware ESXi 5.1 Hypervisors (currently I am battling between Dell and SuperMicro) 2 x SANs (leaning towards fiber, though I would love to go with...