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    My local Costco has the Dell XPS 15 i7/16gb 9570 for $1400.

    It's on clearance, so ymmv. They're simultaneously selling the 13" for $1600. Pretty great deal if you're in the market for one of these. I'd jump on it, but I've gotten too used to the 3:2 aspect ratio of my surface to go back.
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    Any chance Trinity will drop around the same time as Ivy?

    I'm due for an upgrade and really want to give Trinity a shot, but if it's too long after Ivy hits, I probably won't be able to resist the temptation... :(
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    Anyone here into robotics?

    I've got like 10 boxes of misc. electronics I used to mess with a few years ago... stepper motors, all sorts of weird linkages, fans, heatsinks, tons of scavenged mosfets, caps, etc. Ayone here interested in some of this stuff? I don't want to take the time to list it all in the FS/T forum...
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    Where are the 2550k's?

    I thought they were supposed to be available by now?
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    What's the fastest cpu in single-threaded applications?

    Would it still be an OC'd 2500k? I'm looking to play an old game (HoI2) that relies heavily on a fast single core cpu.
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    Does anyone make a USB 5.25" floppy drive?

    My dad is looking for a way to retrieve data off a bunch of old 5.25" floppies. Any suggestions?
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    Modern equivalent of the ATC-201 case?

    Here's a link to an old review of the ATC-201: I love this case... but everyone is telling me it just isn't large enough and doesn't have the airflow required for a modern system. So, is there anyone out there...
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    What's the difference between these Crucial SSD's? I can't figure out the pricing or what the diffrences are. For example, the drive that appears to be the worst (CT128M4SSD2CCA), is priced higher than the first...
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    So, my last build was an FX-51 system...

    ...built in 2003. Yes, my rig is nearly 10 years old. :eek: So, please help me build something new. Gaming, browsing (often with 50+ tabs), limited CAD stuff (inventor, architect, etc) $1000, but my priority is "most bang for the buck". I'd be quite happy to spend less...
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    When does newegg do its monthly sales/combos?

    I thought i saw someone mention that the best deals are usually during the second week of the month.
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    Suggestion for the OT forum

    How about making the genmay forum public to view, just not to post? tbh, I'm not really keen on subscribing to something when I have no idea what i'm getting. I mean, for all I know, the forum could be dead. Or is the idea of the subscription access more to just support hardocp, and...
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    Help me justify an A8.

    Im looking to build a new budget rig, and i'm really intrigued with the llano stuff. Is there any area in which buying an A8-3870k would make more sense than going with an i3 or low end i5? I've been thinking it'd be worth it as I don't do much flashy gaming these days, mostly just strategy...
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    FS/T Forum

    Any chance i can get posting privileges in the FS/T forum before 50 posts? It's my main reason for joining tbh. I've got heat.
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    Whats with pricing on the i3 stuff?

    The 2130 looks like it could be a great budget chip, but its priced ridiculously: $140 at newegg, when the 2500k is just $60 more.