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    Diagnosing MacBook Pro Hard Drive Cable Failure

    Are you the first person to see these Macbooks? Could the previous tech who worked on them have damaged the cable? And yes, Computer with bad cables do crash and they do freeze - at least computers running a UNIX/Linux operating system. UNIX/Linux are far less tolleratnt to losing their disk...
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    School me on a 2011 MBP 13

    Just get rid of your DVD drive and throw a 2TB 7200 RPM HDD in there and create a fusion drive. I have a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro fronting a 1TB 5400RPM HDD and it works great.
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    ESXi GPU Passthrough with Mac OS X? Nvidia w/ Radeon

    Your best bet is to go with Linux KVM, not ESXi. Also, say away from Radeon, you will have an easier time with NVidia.
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    KVM, two OS and two nVidia GPU

    There is alot more than just following the article. It is also a bit out of date, shouldn't need pci-stub now. Also you will runing into Code 43 errors within Windows as NVIDIA will detect the GPU is running within a VM. You also want to make sure your HW is compatible. Look through this blog...
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    Requirements for Gaming VM on ESXi 6

    Here is one guy who uses KVM: VFIO tips and tricks: Intel processors with ACS support The big thing you want to look into is ACS support and IOMMU groups. Here is one thread about a guy talking about High End Sky Lake, ACS, and Alex linking to his post on IOMMU Groups: Re: [vfio-users] Want to...
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    Two RAID 1 arrays or single RAID 10 array for ESXi datastore?

    With RAID 10 you would get striping, where as with 2 individual mirrors you would not.
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    Requirements for Gaming VM on ESXi 6

    Hey man, seriously use search on this forum of even Google. Let me google that for you Most anything that can do GPU / PCIe passthrough with Xen or KVM can also do it with ESXi. The main issue you will run into is with ESXi's requirement on GPUs that are allowed to be virtualized, certain...
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    Shared ZFS video editing storage for MacPro

    Why not do regular NFS for OSX instead of translating SMB?
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    GPU Passthrough?

    Read this blog... This thread, has tons of info: Join the VFIO mailing list. I'm currently running a Fedora 23 host and passing through a GTX 760, Creative SB Z, USB Controller to my Windows 10 VM.
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    Esxi Pfsense VM

    I have a DSL modem with the same setup, however when I have pFsense do the PPPoE authentication, it will randomly fail the authenticate, causing me to have to rebooot both the DSL Modem and pfSense VM. To be able to have pfSense authenticate my PPPoE credentials, I had to setup my modem up in...
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    ESXI 6 on Braswell....

    Why not use VMWare Player to install ESXi to a USB drive, then move that USB drive to your system?
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    Is Using ESXi Or Hyper-V For Virtualized Gaming Possible?

    However you cannot get the NVIDIA drivers installed without running into the Code 43 as your are running non-quadro cards. When you run in Code 43 mode, you do not get GPU acceleration.
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    Is Using ESXi Or Hyper-V For Virtualized Gaming Possible?

    +1 for KVM with GPU Passthrough.
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    GTX 980/970 and ESXI

    Then in answer to your OP, you cannot pass through a GTX 9 Series card to a VM. It will have to be a more expensive Quadro card which officially support Visualization
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    GTX 980/970 and ESXI And if you wanted to change your 970/980 into a Quadro, you can apply a patch to the QEMU packages in which you can specify the Device ID you want the VM to see. Right now my GTX 760 is actually Quadro K5000.
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    GTX 980/970 and ESXI

    Or you could just run KVM for free and not take a chance at bricking the card by removing or changing resistors.
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    So many questions....
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    GTX 980/970 and ESXI

    You will get Code 43 issues. Your best bet is to use KVM. From there, you can get stock GTX cards to work without code 43 by eliminating HyperV extensions within KVM as well as hiding the hypervisor from the OS. The next level is you patch qemu to allow you to modify the PCIe Device and Vendor...
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    Dell Venue 8 Pro

    You might try a fresh install now that you upgraded. You should have been provided a Windows 10 Key once you upgraded from 7/8/8.1
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    Dell Venue 8 Pro

    No issues to report with RTM.
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    Dell Venue 8 Pro

    An update...I'm running the latest Windows10 build 10162, and can say that things are flawless from a device perspective. The OS still needs a little work, but 95% is working -it is RTM by month end. All device drivers are found, even Intel Graphics has a new driver, compared to Windows 8...
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    4th gen nuc & esxi 5.0

    Install to USB, this way you can test upgrades later by swapping USB sticks. This is what I do. After you get ESXi installed, you can install and remove the different VIBs. You may have some issues finding support as your chipset is so new.
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    Xeon D-1540 vs Xeon E3-1245v2

    That looks nice, but it seems a tad expensive for only 4 bays.
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    [vCenter/vSphere6] Can't copy/paste from host to VM

    You have never been able to copy and paste into the vSphere console. We had this issue with 400 VMs that had to be FSCKd when a filer they were residing on went down. Stupid complex passwords....... We have since automated the recovery process from this with a special ISO and VMWare PowerCLI.
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    Ultra Low Watt ESXi/Proxmox/KVM server?

    Can't talk about OSX as it isn't legal. I have an i3-Sandbridge NUC which I paid 160 for. It accepts both 1.5/1.35 voltage ram, though currently running whatever i could get from Best Buy. Currently running ESX on it. I am also running KVM on a dedicaged FreeNAS/Gaming system in which i'm...
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    Advice prepping iPhone for Grandma

    Just buy her more iCloud storage if required. KISS :-) Also, make sure you go through showing her how to listen to and then delete Voicemails. My Grandma, though on a flip phone, her mailbox is full and has been for years....
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    Advice prepping iPhone for Grandma

    I would enable bigger/bolder text, select best size suitiable for iPhone 5S/6/6+: Settings > General > Accessibility > Bold Text (Enable then Restart) Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Text > Larger Accessibility Sizes (Enable then restart) The next two might be worth while...
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    nuc 5th gen vs shuttle ds81

    you can, just need to get the mini pcie network card that has the pinouts for an Ethernet adapter.
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    Late 2007 Black MacBook (640GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 2.2GHz CPU)

    Tad it overpriced. I would start it at around 100. I'd start bidding for my Early 2008 Macbook Pro at 150.
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    4xGigE - max throughput, two hosts?

    The most you will ever get on a single TCP connection will be 1Gbit. Have you thought about transferring the SAS controller and drives over to the new system? As stated above, you could put each connection into its own subnet and then do 4 simultaneous transfers.
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    cheap vm home server build

    Intel NUC
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    FreeNAS to VMware - NFS or iSCSI

    FreeNAS has recommended levels of firmware for storage HBAs.
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    Home ESXi Build (Power Conscious)

    Get an Intel NUC Core i3. You don't need Passthrough, but use VLAN Tagging. I have an HP Procurve 1800-8G that I set the PVID from the modem to, then I have that VLAN accessible on my ESXi host.
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    Intel Consumer Motherboards that Support VT-d

    ASUS P6X58D Premium (Past) Super Micro X8STE (Current) Not running ESX but KVM/QEMU passing through my GTX 760 (Stock w/ no code 43), Creative SBZ (No issues with sound) , IBM M1015 (In IT mode with no BIOS Rom to my FreeNAS VM w/ 8 disks), High Point 1144E (Split to two different VMs) . On...
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    Anyone run AMD APUs in ESX hosts?

    Not sure what the Intel ARK equivalent is for AMD, but I couldn't find anything that says this has AMDs version of VT Extensions.
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    HP 2540p w/ Core i7 | Asus P6X58D Premium w/ Core i7-920

    I have a couple items for sale currently on ebay: hp 2540p Core i7 4gb ram 160gb hd w/ expansion bay, docking station, bluetooth Ends Wednesday, 8:50AM CST Asus P6X58D Premium w/ Core i7-920 Ends Thursday, 8:54PM CST
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    Xen home use

    If u want to go with ESXi, go AMD. Other than that, AMD has its own issues, more so than NVIDIA. One thing I liked about my NVIDIA cards is their support for FLR. It allows them to survive reboots better.