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    2x3090 NVLINK Owners: How do you enable SLI these days?

    Two Asus Strix RTX 3090's with an NVLINK on an MSI X570 Godlike Hardware-wise no problem, it's all detected I got this far, where NVIDIA Control Panel gave me issues Everytime I apply "Maximize 3D Performance, it reverts back to "Disable SLI" Researched the problem, and it looks like...
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    No Kill Like Overkill

    Let's begin. Over a decade of building has left me a bit of spare hardware. Setting up the operating room. I'm planning on doing a Frankstein from my HAF-X to the P7. Operation is now in session. Figuring where to put the PCMR logo... 280mm rad with 4x 240mm fans, because why half-ass...
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    Looking for a NAS with newbie-friendly GUI

    Additional information: I'm a Windows PC builder for 18 years. I mostly edit 1080p footage with a 1TB SSD. My footage archive currently sits in an 8TB MyBook, so I'm trying to move it to a more robust storage solution, mitigating single point of failure. My experience with command lines is...
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    Question for Corsair 650D Owners

    Is the front of the case made of metal? I'm thinking about buying the 650D, and then buying magnetic dust filters, and it's important that the front is made of metal. Thanks.
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    G-Sync / V-Sync related question for 353.06 Driver

    Upon installing 353.06, my V-Sync and G-Sync global settings is changed. With the above config, does that mean that G-Sync is active until the monitor's refresh limit (144hz) is hit, then V-Sync is enacted? From my testings, it appears to behave that way. I just need an official...
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    Upgrading from GTX 680 to Titan X, any Precautionary Measures?

    Title says it all, I'm upgrading from one NVidia GPU to another, and have the latest drivers. Do I need to take any additional steps to ensure the upgrade is smooth and conflict-free?
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    Looking for a 27"+ 1080p G-Sync with 8-bit Colors, is there such a Thing?

    Title says it all. All of the 27" 1080p G-Sync monitors I came across have 6-bit + FRC, and I was hoping to upgrade to honest 8-bit color. Does such specifications exist?
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    Will there ever be a third party cooler for the Titan X?

    I'm not a fan of the reference blower design, and want something with more open design and fans. Will there be a third party fan design for the Titan X?
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    PSA: Newegg's Bitcoin Black Friday Sales Highlights include: XBox One bundle with AC:U = $299.99 XFX Radeon R9-290 4GB = $199.99 SAPPHIRE Radeon R9-280X 3GB = $179.99 --- --- --- For those who don't own bitcoins yet, but still want in on the deal, you can purchase bitcoins...
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    Question to G-Sync owners: How has SLI performed for you?

    I currently own a pair of GTX 680 4GB in SLI and running a 120hz non-sync monitor. Short of meeting the 120hz requirements, the microstuttering is noticable in every game. Games like BF4 with SLI is a stutterfest and I turn it off for multiplayer. My question to G-sync owners: how has SLI...
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    Aug 30 to Sept 1: NewEgg Bitcoin Discount offers up to 30% off on Purchases over $300 --- --- --- For those who don't own bitcoins yet, but still want in on the deal... How to get bitcoins quickly: 1. Arrange a meetup. Most people selling bitcoins on there has a 5%-7% markup...
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    PSA: NewEgg now accepts bitcoins That is all.
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    True Next-Gen Titles?

    I'm trying to create a list of true next-gen games to keep track of. Must be titles for XB1, PS4, and PC. So far on my radar: Batman: Arkham Knight The Division Witcher 3 Basically, titles that leaves behind X360, PS3, and loading screens. There are few and far between, but any more titles...
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    The effects of texture resolution on performance

    I know larger texture uses up more VRAM, but if VRAM is limitless, does increased texture size significantly impact GPU rendering performance? I imagine that increasing the texture resolution would increase the fidelity of things like bump-maps, hence putting more rendering load on the GPU. I...
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    Laptop Sleeves that will fit an Asus G55?

    My Asus G55VW is just arrived, and much to my surprise, the laptop is closer to 17" form than 15.6". I'm looking for a laptop sleeve that will fit the Asus G55, and preferably with that oversized power brick it came with. Asus G55 owners: What sleeves have worked for you?
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    Asus G55VW and SSD clearance

    My Asus G55 is on the way, and it comes packed with an mSATA SSD. I am considering buying and installing another SSD, specifically the Crucial m4, in the Primary Hard Disk bay, and need to verify clearance. Will the Crucial m4 SSD fit, or will I need to get a 7mm edition of it?
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    Suggestion for a Large Bedside Laptop Tray

    I'm looking for a laptop tray that can fit both a 17" Laptop and a Ratpadz Mouse Pad (12"x10"). I have my eyes on this one so far: Anyone have other suggestions that they use?
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    Will running Skyrim at 120hz break the game?

    I just bought Skyrim from the Steam Sales, and did some research on Skyrim at 120hz, and I heard it created problems like game clock desync and physics glitches, any Skyrim owners running it at 120hz experienced problems?
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    GTX 680's in SLI periodically stutters from low GPU usage

    I own a pair of Zotac GTX 680 4GB in SLI. When I play BF3, initially the GPU usage for both cards is high (85-99% according to EVGA Precision X) and everything is silky smooth, but periodically, it would drop down to half capacity for both cards(50-60%) for extended periods of time, even in...
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    Good places to buy customizable notebooks?

    I'm looking into buying a high-end gaming notebook by the end of the year, and the best time to research is now. I'm picky about my components, and looking at places that allows me hardware configuration options, like the addition of RAM and SSD. The best I've found so far is...
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    PC Upgrade: A quiet, high-end, nearly maintenance-free all-purpose machine

    This PC upgrade of mine is geared towards high-end competitive gaming and content creation, such as HD image and video editing. In addition to being powerful, I'd also like my PC to be cool, whisper-quiet, and nearly maintenance-free at reasonable cost for the performance. It's easy to get...
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    From a 4890 to a 5850, do I need to reinstall drivers?

    My guest computer has the latest version of AMD drivers, and I'm going to replace a 4890 with a 5850. Do I need to reinstall the AMD driver, or can I just leave it alone and autodetect?
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    Suggestions for adjustable reclining office chair?

    I'm starting to feel the strain of a fixed upright chair from regular usage. I'm looking for a more comfortable office chair. It should be: - $300 or less. - Height-adjustable - Recliner-adjustable The best fit that I found is OFM Executive Recliner. Anyone has suggestions that would fulfill...
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    GTX 680 VRAM Monitoring Software (for SLI)

    First time going from red to green. I will have a pair of Zotac 680's in SLI, what are some programs that can effectively monitor memory usage of the GPU's in SLI?
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    Popular benchmark software?

    I'm about to finish by build with a pair of GTX 680's 4GB on the way. It's been awhile since I looked at benchmarking. The last thing I ran was 3DMark Vantage, which is about 3 years ago. What are currently some popular benchmark software?
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    A Ratpadz Review (Pictures Included)

    Reviewer Background: Starcraft 2 gamer, consummate [H]ardware enthusiast, uses Razer Orochi mouse at time of writing. I've been playing Starcraft 2 on the same generic cloth mousepad for two years, bad things like dirt and sweat start to accumulate on it. The cloth mousepad itself is still in...
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    Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe Motherboard Drivers

    I'm looking at the Drivers section of the Motherboard Support CD, and wondering which drivers should I install to maximize my performance. There are the Intel Chipset Driver, Asmedia SATA Controller Driver, and the Marvell SATA 6G Driver. 1. Intel Chipset Driver is a must, but I'm...
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    Where are those GTX 680 4GB's?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one asking this. I've only seen Palit and Gainward officially launch the GTX 680 4 GB's so far, but they're not distributed in the US. So far, I've heard from Galaxy and EVGA for the 4 GB. Which company will be the first to step it up? It's May, and I'm [H]ard for 4...
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    Suggestions for a reliable SATA expansion card for P8Z77

    This is my build, I have the motherboard, and plan on occupying all the SATA slots and looking for expansion. What I'm looking for in a SATA expansion card: - PCI-E 2.0 1x slot - Doesn't have to have RAID, but it wouldn't hurt - Doesn't have to be SATA 6 Gb/s, but it wouldn't hurt either - 4...
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    A question about PCI-E expansion slots in Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe

    I'm planning on putting a SATA expansion card in the PCI-E 2.0 4x slot as described, but I'm not sure how this will affect the PCI-E 3.0 x8, x8 that I plan for my dual GPU's. Anyone know about the potential impact of such a configuration?
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    Help me understand Color Depth on displays

    I work with Photoshop RGB, and know that each R, G, and B has 8-bits of gradient between pure color and black (0-255). Given that there are three 8-bit colors, the possible color spectrum is 24-bit (16.7 million colors) by math. I am wondering if 8-bit displays are able to this by pixel...
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    AX1200 Fan Direction: Does it blow into the PSU?

    I just bought a Corsair AX1200, and wondering about its 140mm fan direction. Does it blow into the PSU, or does it pull air from the PSU? It's important to me because my case is positive-pressure, highly filtered, and I want no dust coming in from the PSU. I don't want to take the PSU...
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    Noctua DH-14 Heatsink: Holy Crap it's Heavy! Concerned...

    Preparing for my Ivy Bridge build, I bought a Noctua DH-14 Heatsink. I received it today and was shocked by how heavy it is. How the hell is this thing going to stay on the mobo long term? I'm concerned. Noctua DH-14 owners: How has this heatsink held up in your system? What are some problems...
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    Having trouble navigating the OSD Menu in ASUS VG236HE

    I just got an ASUS VG236H for 120hz gaming. I'm using Dual-Link DVI. I want to be able to change the display settings and tweak it. So far, the only thing I found to be adjustable, are contrast, brightness, and mode, which is Standard. After reading the Manual, I still cannot find a way to...
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    Got my ASUS VG236H, What Should I Adjust?

    I got my ASUS VG236H, I bought it purely for 120hz gaming. I will have it hooked up with Dual-Link DVI to Radeon 4890's in CF later tonight. As a first time owner of this monitor, what settings should I adjust to make sure everything is running at 120hz (when possible)? What about color...
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    IDE Optical Drive to 4-Pin Internal USB Header Scheme (with Pics): Will This Work?

    I plan to have 4 SSD's and 4 HDD's for my future Z77 upgrade. This leaves no room for any other internal SATA devices, including optical drive. I plan on reusing my internal IDE DVD-burner by converting it to 4-pin USB, as illustrated in following picture: - USB 4-pin to USB-A - USB...
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    Suggestions for a 120-hz Gaming Display

    I'm planning on upgrading my graphics card in the near future, and am looking around for a 120-hz monitor. It should be: - Approximately 23" - 24" - Glossy - LED backlit (lacking backlight isn't a deal breaker, but having it is preferred) - Low input lag (I play multiplayer FPS so I'm...
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    Created a RAM Disk, want to hear your re-directory ideas and input

    I created a 4GB RAM-Disk using the free version of DataRAM RamDisk. The purpose of my RAM-Disk is to offload temporary/miscellanous writes from my SSD onto memory. I do not need to back up the image file of this RAM-Disk upon shut down. So far: I've redirected Photoshop's scratch disks...
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    ASUS Z77 Deluxe vs Z68 Deluxe

    I'm going to upgrade to Ivy Bridge soon. I'm partial to ASUS motherboards, especially the Deluxe series. I plan on overclocking. I see that Z77 has higher power phase count than Z68, with 16+4+2 vs 12+4... but is that all that matters when it comes to supplying the CPU with a steady flow of...