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    Topping D10 Headphone DAC - $18.87 eBay

    Too good to be true, and, yet, I am tempted.
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    20th Century Fox Trademarks "Alien: Blackout" for an Upcoming Video Game

    I'll take an Isolation sequel. Definitely.
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    Fallout 76 Bug Made a Player Effectively Immortal

    Was his character born in the Highlands of Scotland?
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    Sony Drops Out of E3 2019

    Booth babes were hot, but some of those demo discs were pretty cool.
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    Disney+ is Coming in 2019

    I'd be willing to give it a try. I don't tend to stick with a given streaming service forever, instead choosing to switch between them depending on what I want to watch. Low (non-existent?) switching costs are great.
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    I need a Blu-Ray writer that won't die after 6 months to 1 year

    Which brands have you had die on you? I have an LG blu-ray burner in my machine, but honestly, the main reason its held up may simply be because I hardly use it.
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    Windows 10 19H1 Update to Reduce Performance Impact of Spectre Mitigation

    Hopefully good news for my good old 3770k.
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    Some Citizens Are Concerned About New Robotic Patrols in NYC

    If they're going to name it after the Jetsons robot, they need to make it sassy. Very sassy.
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    HAWT: Micca MB42X-C Speaker (Refurb) $49.99 each

    Looks like a different model. MB42X-C vs MB42-C. The X version appears to have an improved crossover.
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    X4: Foundations

    Looks good, and thank you for posting. I hadn't looked into the X series for a few years. X:BTF and X2 were the ones I spent the most time with. I took a long break from the series after tinkering around in X3 some before kinda burning out (played the previous games too much perhaps). Looks like...
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    Epic Games Sues Yet Another Fortnite Cheater, Alleging Copyright Infringement

    Might have been Dark Souls 2, IIRC. Not sure about the other Dark Souls games.
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    Epic Apologizes for "Embarrassing" Breast Physics in Fortnite

    The only thing that linked video was missing was the Chariots of Fire song by Vangelis.
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    Discord Announces "First on Discord" Games

    I'm a big fan of DIscord for voice comms in various games, especially for its sound quality, ease of use, and well, the fact that it's free for now. I'll admit, this move surprises me, but I do like competition, so we'll see what happens.
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    How big is your Gaming screen?

    Currently using a 34" monitor, and it's quite enjoyable, but, I might just go back to a more typical aspect ratio 32" for my next display.
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    Which games have you finished the most times?

    Probably the strategy games like: Master of Magic (uncountable at this point) Master of Orion 1 and 2 (pretty much the same) Alpha Centauri (Probably 1 playthrough for each of the main game factions and a few expansion pack factions. Half a dozen playthroughs maybe. Sword of the Stars complete...
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    The Verge Ridiculed for "How We Built a $2000 Custom Gaming PC" Video

    Honestly, if the Verge had just released the video on April 1, 2019...everything would have been all good. And still pretty funny.
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    Best game endings?

    Well, finding myself bored and curious, and going off the 8 bit ghostbusters theme song, I found it. It's ghostbusters for the NES, and hot damn, the ending is bad: Clearly, the Commodore 64 version was the way to go for 80s ghostbusters games. But anyways, I'll throw in Fallout: New Vegas -...
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    So, Avira Flagged Something in my Portal Download from Steam?

    A fair bet that it's false positive. I used Avira for a few years, and it had a nasty habit of reporting many false positives. It would even block Micrsoft's media creation tool for making a Windows 10 bootable usb drive. I'd like to hope they fixed that, and I'm sure they did, but that was the...
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    Alan Wake is Getting a TV Adaptation

    It did, due to some old licenses expiring IIRC. If you wanted it still, someone in the reviews for this confirmed that the provided steam codes still register just fine as of August 2018.
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    Alan Wake is Getting a TV Adaptation

    That they were. I wonder if the show might, in turn, stir up some interest in a proper sequel...
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    Arctic Freezer 33 eSports ONE CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Looking over the list, I'm impressed with the CM Hyper 212 evo for its price. I think I'm using the slightly older CM 212 plus, instead of the evo, and though my overclock is mild to moderate (4.2ghz on 3770k), it has never let me down. I'll have to look through the list again and see if...
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    pr0n Comes in Steaming Hot

    Very steamy.
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    EA DICE Responds to Battlefield V Chat Filter Censoring Phrases Like "DLC"

    I see no problem censoring the word "DLC". I've considered it to be a dirty word for many years... ;)
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    WarHammer is free

    Fantastic game. I highly recommend it...especially for this price!
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    MassDrop HD6XX - not the same quality feel as the HD600 or HD650 headphones?

    15 years is a long time. The real question isn't comparing the new hd6xx vs the 15 year old hd600, but the new hd6xx vs the latest hd600/650. Could be the build quality overall has changed or perhaps the build on the hd6xx is a bit cheaper than the latest hd600/650 models. Couldn't say, as I...
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    Favorite adventure game

    Ah, the good old days. Gabriel Knight 1 might have been my favorite. I'll give honorable mentions to King's Quest 5 (the VGA graphics were great at the time) and the cd-rom version of Loom - they put their creativity hats on for that one.
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    Worst VG characters

    Let's unleash the full experience:
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    Apple Hardware Engineer Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets

    Reasonably common for sure. A Chinese H1B plead guilty to stealing MRI related trade secrets from GE back in 2014 - with the intention of returning to China and joining a Chinese firm that competes in the MRI and imaging field...
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    98$ - 512GB XPG NVME SSD

    Yep. I just checked my old Asus Z77 deluxe. First BIOS available: 3/2012. Final BIOS available: 9/2013. About a year and a half of support. That Asrock has a miracle bios team. For fun, I checked some of their Z77 Extreme boards (11 and 6), and both had beta 2018 microcode bios updates. Incredible.
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    Modem randomly rebooting. VERY annoying.

    Getting thousands of uncorrectables in a 24 hour period consistently, along with the reboot issues you're having, would lead me to investigate further. I'd give your ISP a call. I had a similar issue myself a few years ago, and, once the repair work was done, I would generally see only a few...
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    New cards in July

    Those projector photos look fantastic. Nice setup.
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    Slowest loading games of all time

    Unpatched release version of Fallout 2. I used to study for exams between area loads. The patches helped quite a bit, though. Also, Emperor of the Fading Suns- mostly the time between turns.
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    Elon Musk Blasts Media, Pitches Site to Rate Journalists: “No One Believes You”

    They do seem to have a little problem with criticism over at Tesla. They even sued the BBC and Top Gear (judge threw out the case), and Musk referred to Top Gear as "completely phony". A few years later, Musk had a beef with the NY Times over a review they did on a Model S...
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    Spectre Variant 4 Disclosed, Mitigations to Result in Another Performance Hit

    In terms of performance impacts from implementing all these spectre fixes, is amd less affected than intel?
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    Senate Vote Passes to Save Net Neutrality

    Like these? Net Neutrality Violations History
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    Posting here because this can be considered a game!

    Lost it when JC Denton said "Windows 5".
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    PC Gaming Subscription Service Utomik Launches Today

    I think my last try with a PC gaming subscription was GameTap way back when. Cool for a while, but for the gaming time I have available, better to wait for steam/gog sales and humble bundles - then just buy cheap.