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    dead Newegg - RX 470 4GB $90 shipped (one DVI port only)

    -edit That was fast. Sold out now. It sold out yesterday as well but came back. I'll keep an eye and update if they return to stock again. LINK This is a "mining edition" card made by Sapphire. It has a dual fan cooler, so not the loud reference blower style. Other things to note are: 1. No...
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    PSA - DO NOT run more than one RX 480 directly from motherboard

    So I woke up on Saturday morning to find that my mining rig had gone down overnight. It is a modest setup, basically my gaming PC with 2 x RX 480s in it. In theory there should have been no issue. The pair of RX 480s use about the same combined power as the 9800 GX2 I used to run, only they do...
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    Samsung KU series TV clearance - B&M YMMV

    This is a very YMMV deal, but the entire KU line of Samsung televisions has been discontinued. They are the 2016 model and have been supplanted by the new MU series. B&M stores that carry these televisions (Walmart, Microcenter, Best Buy, Costco and others) are actively clearing these out. A...
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    Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault - free (Origin)

    For a limited time, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is free through Origin's "On the House". Link - On the House - Download Free PC Games | Origin Games This is, I believe, the best freebie they've have in a while. Grab it while you can.
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    Square Enix Easter surprise box $9.99 for 5 tbd games

    DEAD deal now Link - Easter Surprise Box 2016 [PC DOWNLOAD] | Square Enix Online Store You can purchase through March 20th, so a couple more days. The games will be delivered on the 21st via email. Square Enix says you will get five individual codes, so any duplicates can be gifted to friends...