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    X2 3600+ @3080mhz A 1180mhz OC

    Still the same, a Zelman 9500 however its been moded with a 92mm tornado that puts out about 120+ airflow. Going to put some in my case too. Best air cooling you can get if you want your comp to sound like a server it doesn't bother me. Use clockgen to check its limits. BIOS's are the limit now...
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    X2 3600+ @3080mhz A 1180mhz OC

    I needed nothing but stock upto 2.7Ghz then it hits problems at 2.9Ghz. At 2.8ghz I just need 1.35v. at 2.9Ghz I need 1.4v. and at 3Ghz I need upto 1.5v just to make it stable. I used 1.6+ volts just to see how high I could get. Oviouslly something is up with the Bios limiting high FSB speeds. I...
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    X2 3600+ @3080mhz A 1180mhz OC Here are some benches at that speed and the bios is now limited to 316FSB thanks to a new bios they fixed the FSB limit a bit. Its...
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    X2 3600+ @3080mhz A 1180mhz OC
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    AMD's Barcelona Secrecy Betrays Its Belief Intel Can Match It?

    Will Penryn be clocked over 5ghz...? No 4.5Ghz No, 4.1ghz NO. ... Will 50%+ over C2Q be reached with Penryn at 3.2ghz vs 3ghz C2Q? No (Problem? YES)... Will a 2.5ghz K10 be 50% faster then C2Q at 3ghz? Yes. Will intel need a 5.5ghz Penryn to counter a 2.5ghz K10 effectively? (5Ghz+ is needed to...
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    AMD's Barcelona Secrecy Betrays Its Belief Intel Can Match It? So you want proof of hardware being benched? OCed ES's...
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    AMD to intro the new FASN8 platform

    This is on AMD's news as well so its far from fake. ;)
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    Today's Phenom News

    I think the AFX-22 looks nice, mmm unlocked multiplier for around $400 in AM2. I beleave the most expencive AFX will be $499 a pair because of the fact 4x4 is there. One hell of a OCer too with these ES's. Just...
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    Today's Phenom News

    K8 wasn't powerful enough to use the HT2 links up until 4 sockets, then you get your money's worth in scaling. HT3 will be doing 8 sockets and 4 cores per socket. So yeah big difference. However K10 is also 70% more powerful then K8 and will use the HT3 links totally different btw because...
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    AMD VS Intel (Intels and AMD's Trunk Cards)

    You fail to really understand do you about what I go for, matx is my thing and intel has no game there yet. AMD doesn't need benchmarks out in the opened to be beleaved. There reputation is legendary for wipeing teh floor with intel for the past 3 years until C2D came out at the 2ndH of last...
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    AMD VS Intel (Intels and AMD's Trunk Cards) A 33 to 66 percent faster In Sandra multimedia benchmark Agena / Barcelona K10 2.5 GHz scores over 400.000 it/s (instructions / second) in integer test and about 300.000 it/s in floating point test. Yeah there are...
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    Fuad: Barcelona up to 50% faster than Kentsfield

    We'll see, tho I'm not surprized because AMD all along has been saying this if everybody wasn't blind to that fact. AMD clams a 40% over all performance advantage in clock speed. And FPU performance by 3.6x. By now do you really think AMD would be lieing when its running real parts? Give me a...
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    AMD says K10 will Knock Intel dead

    K10 uses direct power management so it can power down cores, cache, and such with power plains at the voltage level determened by load on each core and what speed each core is sepratly doing. Meaning core 1 can be at 100% with clocks at 100% at 1.2v wile the other 3 cores are pretty much turned...
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    amd makes me sad

    A X2 6000+ will bite back. You all act like the performance difference from a X2 6000+ and a 6700+ are 40%. That is simply over hyped BS. And what are you looking for. 32-bit for Intel and 64-bit AMD is the simple anser. More like even in 32-bit and -17% in 64-bit for a X6800. Somehow Conroe...
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    AMD VS Intel (Intels and AMD's Trunk Cards)

    Oh well thanks for the correction. :)
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    AMD VS Intel (Intels and AMD's Trunk Cards)

    Apperently a X2 6000+ is $230 and is a single socket AM2 flag ship processor and a E6700 is still $500 and a XE series cost a K too much. Nobody in their right mind would pay 1K for a cpu unless they just want to show off or say look at me I'm the rich boy shooting $ out my A$$. Who has the...
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    People who don't know what they are talking about should never post on these forums unless they like interweb humiliation. :D There are large advantages in multi tasking with dual core vs single core cpu's. However it depends of the PROGRAM utalizes the 2 cores silly. It means sqat to single...
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    AMD VS Intel (Intels and AMD's Trunk Cards)

    Intel = Must show off performance ES's ASAP. Make Hype known with benchmarks. Keep ppl waiting for 9months. Conroe beats AMD for a year. K10 comes out. Intel needs wolfdile and yorkfeild to stay conpeditive. Cus a 2.5ghz K10 quad star processor beats anything intel currently has by 40% witch is...
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    AMD says K10 will Knock Intel dead

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    Blank Blue Screen when 3ghz is hit on NF-M2 2 diff cpus... mystery!? Further testing reveals I hit a wall at the same place my 90nm did vs the 65nm. I haven't gotten...
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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 Windsor VS Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz

    Intel never had a IMC in any chip they ever made that came to market or remotely a winner. The 1st chip that was ever anything was IBM's. They had dual cores before anybody. But the 1st ever chip with IMC was a A64 in 2003. You must be getting your facts mixed up cus i just did benchmarks in a...
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    Pointless... but your max HT speed?

    my HT link is at 1728mhz. Yours is only 1575mhz. Not higher then my HTL. However your CPU FSB is higher. Congrats.
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    Pointless... but your max HT speed? Can anybody beat +3400/MT/s of HT Link speed? :D And highest CPU-FSB here now thats been beaten, but I never seen anybody challange HT-3 speeds.
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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 Windsor VS Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz Don't expect a saving grace. Both won't be out before wolfdile or yorkfield anyways because there will not be a 1600FSB until the end of the Q3 2007 it won't even be chipset compattible. But these will... Wolfdile and...
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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 Windsor VS Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz

    No Test, Benchmark is a accreate measure of real world performance. If you had both systems you could make that assumption and find out for yourself. The majority of ppl will tell you who know what they are talking about, exactly what I stated here with 32-bit and 64-bit statements. 2nd of all...
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    Whats pretty much the highest speed through OCing you can get on a 939 cpu?

    He said the fastest OC possible. These are no WR's ppl. Close enough I sipose...
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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 Windsor VS Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz

    When K10 comes out Intel will drop there quad core prices by about 70% and make a QX6950 I beleave worth only $266 on K10's release. But if thats the case how well will AMD's K10 compare since these prices are just insane. If Intel has to make those kind of drastic desprate price cuts when K10...
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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 Windsor VS Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz

    Depends what OS you'll use for it. 32-bit intel all the way. 64-bit go AMD, FX-62 in 64-bit will kill the compitition. Don't listen to 3rd party benches, most are single threaded and thats just not what AMD's dual core was made for. C2D is not as good at multi tasking as AMD's are and the FSB...
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    AMD Quad-Core ?

    Nobody knows how well they will perform so any guess is as good as no guess at all. All we know is it will out perform current AMD's by 40%-70%+ (including power draw keep in mind) and 3.6X more powerful FPU performance with quad core and 1.8X more then current dual cores agenst the next gen of...
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    Biostar TA690G AMD 690G

    Just Shocking :eek: in't it? :p
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    Gaming mATX board FINALLY!

    The bios is clearly limited past 370+ eather clockgen isn't compattible yet to this board or nobody has thought of using it witch surprises me. My abits bios limit is 310FSB, funny how when I used clockgen I could hit above 360+ on it max, same with boards in the past and the use of clockgen...
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    Gaming mATX board FINALLY!

    Why won't anybody use clockgen on this board hello? Unless I missed somebody who did...
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    Going X-Water Cooling (mineral-oil with nitrogen pellets 24-7) Check the project out!

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    I'll never buy another ABIT mobo again.

    I never finished the project meaning I couldn't find the pellits, or ever got all the parts for my water cooler, I'm trying to find a oil pump built for that sort of thing, but the P3 still works in v oil. I never said I would dunk my Abit in veg oil. :rolleyes: I said I'd use it with a water...
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    I'll never buy another ABIT mobo again.

    Maybe some ppl need to learn how to take better care of their stuff. I have had no issues with mine since the 1st day I got it the 1st day it came out. Or any of my Abit boards for that matter for the years I had them. :rolleyes: Tipical Americans.
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    Opteron 1212 at 3.0Ghz, how fast compared to Core 2 Duo?

    This consept is pretty wrong. C2D is only 10% faster overall. Specially in 64-bit Intels instruction set is fake. If you want true 64-bit performance go AMD if you want to stay in the past keep 32-bit crap and see how long that lasts...
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    Random Heat Spikes

    try another temp reading program or it could be your temp diod simply giving errors. If your system isn't OCed and you use a big cooler or just stock cooler. That could have something to do with it. But if prime 95 can't make it go past 60C then its a core temp error.
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    AMD's Soft Price Cuts.

    AMD is getting rid of old 90nm K8's for the K10 replacement in a few months. 65nm is merly a way to get more of the old tech out at a even less cost to them. Prob costs half as much as it takes to make a 90nm tech specially now. Thats why prices are falling like rocks in a land slide. O_o They...
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    32 Bit or 64 Bit Vista for E6300?

    If you want 32bit performance use C2D, if you want 64bit use AMD. Intel and 64bit = no no.