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    Dumping the ISP's modem

    I am doing a little cord cutting around here. Here is the approved list: Really slim pickings. I am looking at the SB6121, but I was wondering, do I really need to stick to this approved list? It doesn't make good...
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    Naples CPU Xeon competitor!

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    Anybody having gaming problems with Anniversary Update?

    CS:GO was locked into 30 fps. Through searches it was discovered that this is related to Game DVR in the Xbox app. But other games still have problems, and the one that comes to mind is that quitting a full screen game won't return to desktop. Just a black screen without Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc or...
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    Is anyone perfectly content with their 1080p monitor still?

    Just looking for some discussion, don't take this too serious, I am not trying to say that 1440p nor 4k isn't any better! I have considered upping my resolution several times, but I just don't feel that for me personally the improved experience would be worth it to upgrade the GPU as well. What...
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    AMD, Where Are You?

    RX 480? That the best you got? GTX 1070 and 1080 have been out for a little bit now. What? You worried about power consumption? Your loyal base never cared about that. What? Fury? How about a 6 or 8 gb version. Are you listening?
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    Sharing media from Android phone to others

    Okay, in May I will be doing a 17 hour drive to Disney World with a 7 year old and a 3 year old. God help me. I have an LG G3, the 7 year old has a cheap phone with little storage, and the 3 year old can use our Kindle HDX. What I want to do is to be able to store a bunch of videos on my phone...
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    Another,' is Crossfire worth it?' thread - 280x

    Rise of the Tomb Raider is really bad no matter the settings when I am outside of a Tomb or other inside area. The Witcher 3 could use some work even on medium/low. Fallout 4 has a few settings turned down which thankfully just means less dead shrubbery. It's only getting worse from here. I'm...
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    Multiple Sound Device Output

    I have a computer hooked up as an HTPC. Sound goes out normally over HDMI to the TV. I recently acquired a set of PC 5.1 speakers that I want to use for Movies and Games. I still want to use the TV for day to day sound. Does anyone know a way to get Windows to use both sound devices? I don't...
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    SLI Question

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    New Unreal Tournament? From nowhere... and free

    As a quick disclaimer I did a quick search to make sure nobody has made a thread yet. Do you guys remember a little while back Epic saying that they wanted to get back into PC gaming? Well apparently they have made so much money off Unreal Engine all these years that they are releasing a brand...
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    Bricked Seagate ST3000DM001

    If you know anything about this drive, you shouldn't be surprised. Pulled out of the GOFLEX Home after performance has been steadily degrading for a year. Threw it in the PC. First boot, drive not visible in OS Disk tools or UEFI. Second boot, drive visibile in UEFI, still no for Windows. Tried...
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    6800k, mobo, case, psu, hd, dvd, mem, $279 Tigerdirect

    Hot off slick deals: People...
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    ARMA Gold, ARMA II + expansion, ARMA Tactics, + 4 games Humble Bundle $1-$6 Pay at least a dollar and get: ARMA II Take on Helicopters UFO: Afterlight Alpha Prime ARMA: Gold Edition ARMA Tactics Pay at least $6 to also get Carrier Command ARMA II Arrowhead Expansion You choose how much goes to charity.
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    New: The Apple Wheel

    The tablet revolution is upon us and apple already has the iPad, but this for those that want something more like a functional PC and less like an oversized iPhone:
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    Help me pick a new card MAX $300

    This has been solved, please see post 20. Well, my HD 7790 is shitting the bed. It's an XFX and we can rule out that brand. I am looking at getting a 280X unless you guys can show me something that is a better deal. Nvidia is just fine as well. The ASUS 280x is sold out on NewEgg and the price...
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    Serious thermal issues

    So... occasionally when gaming my mobo software sets off an alarm for my 8350 reaching 65 deg, which I have been dismissing for a while because by the time I check it usually drops back down to about 60 or so. Today I tried converting a video in handbrake... that baby hit 85 degrees! I clearly...
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Anybody playing this right now? I started preloading on steam to at least be playing sometime this morning but it says anywhere from 8 hours to 3 days remaining. Damn steam's content servers these days!
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    Are we in a video card slump?

    What do you guys think? Everyone on these forums seems to be really excited about the 290x but I am not that impressed. I think the progress of graphics on PC has been hindered by consoles over the last decade. The new console generation... the graphics cores in terms of teraflops is similar to...
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    PowerColor PCS+ AX7950 Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card $179.99 After $30.00 MIR
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    XFX R7790 bashing

    So I bought this card on a budget with plans to just do some Crossfire later down the road. Now that I am getting to the point where I have some money to throw at that second card, I am noticing that there is no place to do a Crossfire bridge on this card! It says right on the stinking box it...
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    Somebody help me pick headphones!

    Somebody help me! I have a new PC I just built and am looking to get something for playing my games with. I used to use a pair of AKG K66 for everything audio wise, originally bought for music recording, but those broke while I was in Afghanistan. They longer make them and they can not be...
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    250GB Baraccuda 69.99 129.99 before rebate
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    LCD Wiring help

    Ok I want to start off saying this is my first lcd project so I am just figuring out how this works. I ordered a 4bit LCD off of bg micro and couldnt wait to recieve it and wire it to my computer via the parallel port. Little did I realize that I needed an lcd with 8BIT wiring not 4BIT! Woops...
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    Need some sort of el inverter

    I recently bought a little lcd display for a case mod but its el backlit and it doesnt come with an inverter. I know el wire takes ac voltage.. (right?) so would a cathode inverter work? What voltage range should I try to stay in? Can someone take their multimeter and measure what a regular el...
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    Home made front audio...

    Well its not the actualy front panel connectors, its the connecting. My motherboard NOR my soundcard supports front audio connections. I want to wire up these ports so that it gets the audio signal from the soundcard, and if I plugin my headphones, it shuts off the speakers. I believe this would...