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    Looking for the best video card that is compatible with WIndows 98

    I'm planning out a 98 rig for my girlfriend. She's a retro streamer, and likes to use original hardware whenever possible. I figure a 98 rig for retro PC games would be fun. I'm just not sure what graphics card to go with. I was thinking about a Geforce 4 ti 4200, as the 4400 and up tend to have...
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    I have an old i3 2100 lying around. Looking for interesting uses for it.

    As the title suggests. I've had this cpu and 16gb of memory sitting around. It isn't really worth enough to go through the trouble of selling it, so I'm looking for ideas for an interesting build with it. I know it's dated, but that's a part of the fun.
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    Where can I find replacement pads for JVC HA RX900 headphones?

    I just pulled these out of storage, and the pads are in real rough shape. They still sound great, so I'd like to find replacement pads for them. Not sure on what the top pad is even called, or where to find suitable replacements. If it's too expensive, I'd be better off just buying a new set...
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    When should the Haswell low end stuff come out?

    I'm wanting to build a new super small form factor htpc, and it will probably be between Kaveri or a Haswell i3. I'm assuming the i3 will be out well before Kaveri, but have they mentioned a release date for them? If there is a huge difference between the releases, I'll just grab whichever...
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    Most combat mATX case?

    I've been working on a sff build for this i3 2100 I've had sitting around. I was thinking ITX, but I can't decide on a case. I might consider mATX, but I really want this to be as compact a system as possible Any suggestions for really small mATX cases? They still have to look good, too. :)
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    What is the smallest itx case that still has an expansion slot?

    I'm looking to do a build with an i3 2100 I have sitting around, and I thought an htpc/server might be a good application for it. I don't want to run off of onboard video, though. So I need something as compact as possible, but will allow me to use a low profile 6570.
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    Downsizing to a Bitfenix Prodigy, need board recommendation

    First actual post here, but I'm a regular on OCN. Well, I decided to ditch my full tower as it is impossible to keep clean and is just too big and clunky. I already ordered my Prodigy, but I'm stick between the Z77E-ITX and P8Z77-I boards. I normally go with Asus, but we're talking about a...