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    FreeBSD 13 Released

    FreeBSD 13.0 has been officially released. See here for the release announcement, and here for more detailed release notes. Some of the highlights that are especially of interest to me: - Removal of significant amounts of obsolete programs and code. While this breaks some backwards...
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    Staring into the Void - Need Help Listing Disk Names

    I've been writing some script utilities for hard drives, with the intention of having a non-graphical, quick to boot, text menu-driven system to perform operations such as SMART tests and secure erase. I had been using FreeBSD to develop, but the incompatibility with many HP UEFI...
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    GRUB2 USB Boot Ubuntu ISO issue

    I am working on creating a multi-boot USB drive with various OS environments. I'm using GRUB2 from Ubuntu as my base, to get the UEFI and Secure Boot capabilities. I want to have a dedicated EFI partition, and a separate partition on the USB drive to store ISO files. I am having problems...
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    FreeBSD now has lame and fusefs-exfat as packages

    Recent changes made by the FreeBSD core team regarding patent policies as mentioned here now makes it possible to install lame and the fusefs-exfat programs via packages instead of ports. This is big news, as those are two very important pieces of software for a usable modern desktop operating...
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    sh Shell Script Questions

    So I want to build a useful shell script, using sh, that will provide a menu to run SMART tests on a hard drive. The intent is to have this on a bootable USB drive and run it on various computers. Since the exact computer disk configuration will be unknown, I will need a way to scan for the...
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    NVME Noise?

    I finally got around to upgrading my computer, and as part of that, I purchased a pair of WD SN750 NVME SSDs. I initially put on in my laptop to test, and noticed that whenever I was doing anything with drive transfers, there would be a rather noticeable hissing sound coming from the SSD...
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    Replacing old Mirrored Drive

    After 7 years of use, it appears that one of my mirrored hard drives in my home server has failed. Thankfully, the second drive is working fine, so no data loss, and I have backups. The mirror was created using Windows software RAID. I want to rebuild the mirror, but was a little uncertain...
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    NomadBSD - A Quick Review

    I just picked up a Dell Latitude e5570 with good specs (i7 6820HQ, 16GB RAM, 512GB ssd, 1080 screen, Radeon discreet graphics), and thought I'd give NomadBSD a try. NomadBSD is a spin of FreeBSD, essentially being the base OS with pre-installed applications and configurations. The "twist" so...
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    Help me Find a Motherboard

    I had planned to upgrade my desktop to a Ryzen 3600 with my tax return money. I had planned on purchasing the ASUS Prime X470 Pro, as it had all the features I wanted at a price I could live with. I get my tax return today, and low and behold, no body has stock of the motherboard I want...
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    FreeBSD 12.1 and AMD RX590 Setup

    I just had opportunity to try something that was posted on the FreeBSD forums with my AMD Radeon RX590. Previously, using the default drm-kmod drivers, the screen would go blank and the fans would spin up to full speed. A user on the FreeBSD forums posted a link to a development version that...
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    FreeBSD vs Windows Battery Life Comparison

    I have a Dell Precision M4800, which has a 2.5" and an mSATA slot, so I am dual-booting Windows and FreeBSD on separate drives, using the Dell boot menu. I wanted as close to an Apples-to-Apples comparison to working with FreeBSD vs Windows, especially when it came to performance and battery...
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    FreeBSD gets Intel 9xxx Wi-Fi support

    Big news in the FreeBSD world: One of the big complaints/drawbacks for FreeBSD, especially for desktop usage, was that it lagged behind in hardware support, specifically Wi-Fi. This changes quite a bit with this commit, as FreeBSD will now have support for Intel's current Wi-Fi chips. I am...
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    Intel Releases Q3 Financials - Good news or bad? Looks like they took a hit in the client computing space, but increased well in datacenter and other market segments. Personally, I think there are a few of big takeaways. First, x86-64 computing is not...
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    Intel files an Anti-trust Case Against SoftBank-owned Tech Firm

    From Techpowerup Reading the article it seems like Fortress IG is a patent troll, which I'm all in favor of squashing, and think it is great that a company with Intel's size and resources are taking them to task. But isn't Intel filing an ant-trust lawsuit a bit of the pot calling the kettle...
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    Apple OSX Update Breaks DJs' Playlist Tools

    It appears that the updates made in 10.15 renders the programs used by DJ's unusable. Article in Forbes More detail in The Verge "It just works"
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    Windows 10 Account Creation Survey

    Due to the conversation in the news forum, and previous conversations here, I wanted to start some data collection on the Windows 10 Account Creation issue. Specifically, some people are reporting that while connected via Ethernet when installing Windows 10, the option to create a local account...
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    NVIDIA Q2 2020 Quarterly Results

    Info and analysis at AT NVIDIA's press release with much more data: All I can say is Ouch!
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    ASRock Thin-mITX Board announced A320TM-ITX

    ASRock has now listed a thin-mini ITX motherboard for AM4 processors, the A320TM-ITX Highlights include: Bristol Ridge and Raven Ridge Support Memory support up to DDR-2933, 32GB total supported (QVL currently only has 2x HDMI outputs (one is oddly positioned on the side of the board) NVME...
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    How young to be a Net Admin?

    Apparently, according to NewEgg, managing wi-fi networks should only be done by people three years old or older:
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    Adding bitdefender to a multiboot drive - issues

    I'm building a utility USB drive with multiple boot environments, based on an Ubuntu Live cd (that way it works with UEFI/Secure boot). I am trying to get teh Bitdefender live rescue cd added, but am having a problem when it tries to initialiize the root device with the error message "Could...
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    Creating Custom Ubuntu Live USB - Couple of Questions

    I am working on creating a custom Ubuntu Live USB disk for use in our help desk office. I am using Cubic, and the basic process is working fine, but I have a couple questions I am having problems finding the answers to. First - I would like to have the default background image set to one of...
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    PSA - Major Security bug in APT - patches available Figured you'd like to know if you are running a Debian based distribution. Apparently this security bug allows for a fairly easy man-in-the-middle attack,, which could also allow an attacker root access to your...
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    M.2 SATA to DDR3 Adapter - "Useless" PC Accessory? My Review

    This was originally discussed in the General Mayhem forum. The general consensus was that it was a "useless" product, but I opened my mouth and talked about how cheap it was, it would be worth it to buy and review. So, to put my money where my mouth is, I purchased it, and gave it a review. I...
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    FreeBSD 12 Desktop: A Journey

    With the FreeBSD 12.0 release coming soon, I've decided to give it a serious go as a desktop OS. There are two major things with this release that has me wanting to try this: Improved graphics drivers to support recent AMD and Intel video chips, and native SMB v2 and v3 support. I just...
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    Haiku Beta

    Since the Beta was just released, I thought I'd give Haiku a try. I currently have it installed in a VM, and it seems to be working ok. A little sluggish, but I attribute that mainly to the VM on the laptop. I haven't done much with it, but I can login to [H] and post this message using the...
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    Atari VCS Pre-order info in April

    Just received an email advising that the Atari VCS (formerly Ataribox) will have pre-order information available in April. Also, a few images of prototype controllers were released. While still quite short on any information regarding technical specs, Atari does state it will be a...
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    "More Secure" Architecture?

    So, in reading comments under Linus Torvald's statement regarding CTS-Labs AMD "report," one comment that came up was this: Just got me curious, what architectures might this poster have been speaking of? With Meltdown/Spectre, IME, and other such CPU security issues of the last year or so...
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    Update iPhone to iOS 10 instead of 11?

    I am seriously considering getting an iPhone SE for my pre-paid cellular service. I received some gift money, and the price they are being offered is hard to pass up. I am certain that out of the box, the phone will have an older version of iOS installed, and will need updated. Reading...
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    OSI Model?

    Yesterday, I had to take a "network administration" test for a job I applied for. It was almost all OSI layer, IPv4 math, and IP protocol questions. Simple, basic, Net + stuff, not anything that really applies to net admin stuff. Anyway, It gets me every time I study for this stuff or take a...
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    De-lid a Pentium?

    I am looking at doing a project that will be very space constrained, so heat dissipation will be a major concern. I plan on using a Pentium G4560 or G4600 (really can't afford the "i" processors right now). I do plan on trying out some underclocking/undervolting to keep heat down, but wondered...
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    Help me lower noise and keep cool

    So the fan noise in my computer is finally starting to get to me. I guess what really tripped the line is that I discovered how easy and beneficial it is to mildly overclock my video card. Only problem is that the fans go crazy loud under any load. What was annoying but tolerable is really...
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    Ryzen 5 launching "soon"

    Found this over at pcper: apparently the leak is showing R5 to be in Q2, and R3 in H2. Personally I'm looking for the APU's coming out even later!
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    Point Domain Name to Home Server?

    I want to purchase a domain name and have it pointed to my server at home. I'm looking for some recommendations on how to do this. I really am trying to think of a way to give you more information, but I'm kinda lost at this point, so have at!
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    ASUS Prime B250 CSM

    I've always been a fan of ASUS CSM boards, especially for office computers, and the Intel "B" series of chipsets really fit the bill as well. Was looking around for any 200 series, and found this I'm really digging this board! Call me...
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    TDP Threshold for laptop cooling - 4w difference a problem?

    Looking at upgrading an old laptop from a Core Duo to a Core 2 Duo. This laptop does have socketed processors, and can take an upgrade, and I have disassembled plenty of laptops for repair and upgrade before, so we can get those caveats out of the way. When I have upgraded processors on...
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    Need help with decrypting Ransomware

    My mother-in-law downloaded a ransomware virus onto her computer. She didn't want to "bother" me, so my wife went over to help. They couldn't figure out what to do, but my wife ran AVG scan and cleaned off the virus and it's specific identification tags, but the files are still encrypted. I...
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    HP NC382T NIC in home server

    I've been looking at some of the pulled Server NIC's online, dual port gigabit, PCIe x4. I have read that the Intel Pro/1000's only work with PCIe 1.0, and do not work with more modern systems using 2.0 or 3.0. I do see the HP NC382T, which uses the Broadcom 5709 chip, available for quite...
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    Any new Thin mITX boards coming out?

    I have a particular project I want to do that would utilize the thin mITX boards. I have had to delay due to funding, but I am coming up on my annual computer purchase time (tax refund) and am finding the availability of motherboards quickly dwindling. For what I'm doing, a skylake system...