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    I need a video card suggestion please

    I'm in Florida and its real hot and has been. Our electric bill ran $250 up from 200. I realize the AC is running more but I have also starting using my PC again for gaming. I used to live by myself and had a high electric bill and gamed all of the time. Lived by myself and when I was gone...
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    I need a video card suggestion please

    Hello all, I have a GTX 760 and this thing sucks electric. I can see it in the monthly bill when I use it for that month and when I don't. It sucks. I play at 1080p and want an electric efficient card. I play CSGO now and I'll be playing the new COD. I want to keep it below 220 ish. It's...
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    Laptop to two monitors extended possible one HDMI

    Hi I got this laptop with one HDMI. Currently I run the laptop and one 32 in monitor in extended. Can I get another monitor for extended mode with some adapter? Thanks for any help. From looking around it looks like many of them adapters just duplicate the image.
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    Need suggestion for WIFI to router

    Hello, I have to use the ISP providers modem with built in WIFI. To turn off the wifi I need to go into the router software. I want a wifi hub that will plug into one of the routers ports. The reason is I want to be able to turn off the wifi via a hardware switch on/off rather than getting into...
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    Ryzen5 and Solus Linux compatabilty

    Hello, I'm using Solus and LOVE it. I cannot run Linux on my Ryzen3 I have now at all. Nothing will boot. I think it has that bug. Does anyone know if the newer Ryzen5's would work with Linux now? I believe Solus is using a newer kernel. Thanks
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    Gigabyte AB350M-DS3H and linux

    Hello, So far I cannot get linux to load from a bootable USB. It starts but I get these mushed up looking characters as if the graphics card is bad. Does anyone know how to get any linux running with this board? Some Amazon reviews says this board just won't run them. Thanks
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    Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    It's common. There is a thread over at Blizzard about it. It's bull that they never ran into this bug before the start. I get to the splash screen and see a little animation then it bounces and says I need to launch the game in the app. Press the refund button like I did and forget about the...
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    Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    I can't play it. It loads the opening screen and then bounces it out and tells me to open it with the app. The problem is I did. I am new to and when I install it I don't even see it as a program installed. No desktop icon and I can't find it in my programs. I...
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    Blue light reduction for your eye safety

    The sun too does provide us with vitamin D. Not here to debate this.
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    Blue light reduction for your eye safety

    The sun provides us with vitamin D as it enters our eyes. Looking directly at the sun it not going to make you go blind. I don't suggest it for long as it feels not so good after a moment. Wearing sunglasses outside is not a good idea because you block the absorption of vitamin D. Cloudy days...
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    Blue light reduction for your eye safety

    Hello all. I'm looking to put a shield over my 27 inch monitor to protect my eyes from blue light which is said can hurt your eyes in the long run. Anyone have any suggestions? I also work with two 19in LCD screen and one laptop screen buzzing in my eyes all day. I stare at a screen all day...