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    Invisible Helmet Deploys Like an Airbag on Impact

    Better video: Website:
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    MetallicAcid's Fractal Effect 304

    ^ This.
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    Electronics Use on U.S. Flights on the Rise

    I currently fly a DC-10. It was designed in 1967 and first flown in 1970. The avionics on board are between 14 to 32 years old. No interference. Same with the A310 I flew for several years, and it was designed in 1977. I have yet to hear of a legit case of interference in my many years of flying...
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    Electronics Use on U.S. Flights on the Rise

    The power off / stowed requirement is solely for evacuation purposes. Not very likely, but they want your attention and focus for the critical phases of flight: takeoff, approach, and landing.
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    The Scariest Search Engine On The Internet

    Excellent System Shock reference.
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    Japanese Develop Smell-O-Vision TV Google has already invented it: Google Nose (BETA)
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    NASA Will E-Mail You When The ISS Is Overhead

    There's a great iPad app out there for tracking the ISS. I've seen it four times so far without the app's help. Three times on night crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to Canada and once over the Indian Ocean. It is pretty amazing to see.
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    High Tech License Plate Frame Beats Red-Light Cameras

    Red light and speed cameras are not "police tools." They are usually installed, maintained, run, and ticketed through civilian companies that have no enforcement capability. For example, while I was deployed recently, my wife got a red light camera ticket in the mail. It only shows her...
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    Embarassing problem, but would appreciate urgent help regarding iphone

    "Generally." Except when it is a big deal.
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    iOS 6 released

    Almost done installing on my iPad.
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass Giveaway thread

    Received a pass, thanks Robust!
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    US Air Force Eyeing 18K iPads

    Fuck. That's what I get for posting drunk. What he said.
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    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter It is a fiction novel from a new genre of fun re-writes of classic books and history. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was awesome. I need to go read ALVH.
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    US Air Force Eyeing 18K iPads

    No, it won't. It is a COTS product. That's "common off the shelf" for those of you who are not in the know.
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    US Air Force Eyeing 18K iPads

    Because the iPad is ~$500, a Class III EFB is tens of thousands of dollars, and the iPad outperforms the Class III EFBs in reliability and usability.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    It was compiled with video editing software from many those lights cannot respond that fast.
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    Victorinox to Launch 1TB USB / eSATA II Flash Drive

    Hm...the "128gb" version is >$500. How will they even make this practical?
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    Ultrabook for co-worker...

    I've had a few days to play with the new Asus UX31E-DH72. Damn, this thing is fast, light, compact, and looks good too. The only sketchy thing is the power adapter connection to the laptop. It is not as robust feeling as the Mac MagSafe power adapter.
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    Ultrabook for co-worker...

    I just ordered an Asus UX31E-DH72. Waiting for it to arrive today.
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    Microsoft Announces Picture Passwords for Windows 8

    I plan to bring my crayons and pencils.
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    Anonymous Hackers Helping Authorities

    A smart police tactic in this case would be to release them with the statement that they all cooperated whether they did or not. It will ostracize them from their cohorts.
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    Google Plus is Already a Solid Hit

    Hm, I just noticed that I've been on this forum longer than everyone in the thread, including MajorDomo... O.o
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    Google Plus is Already a Solid Hit

    I have been using G+ for a few weeks. When I created my G+ profile, the contact fields were automatically set to "Only You" and I had to change them to "my circles." Some things were set to "everyone" but were very easy to change as I was typing in the information.
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    Private Google+ Profiles Are No Longer Allowed

    Incorrect. Only your name and gender are required to be public. Yes, the profile is public, but EVERY ITEM on it except name and gender can be individually set to public/extended circles/circles/etc. This functionality is built right into the editor...if you're adding your phone number, it...
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    Zuckerberg Has The Most Followers On Google+

    When you edit your profile in Google+, each individual item has a very straightforward privacy setting. It is right there for you to change. However, you must share your name and gender with the world...there is no changing that. I'm already happier with Google's privacy implementation in the...
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    American Airlines Replacing Paper Maps with iPads

    Did you even read the test? They tested both the iPad and iPad 2 in rapid decompression to 51,000 feet, which is far higher than most passenger carrying aircraft fly. I have gone through altitude chamber rides where a rapid decompression is done from sea level to 10,000 feet. This is...
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    American Airlines Replacing Paper Maps with iPads

    Found it:
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    American Airlines Replacing Paper Maps with iPads

    Nope, we use the Apple cases or other off-the-shelf brands. Most of us have the original iPad and a few have the iPad 2. I'll have to see if I can find the information on the flight testing that has already been done.
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    American Airlines Replacing Paper Maps with iPads

    C-130s aren't real airplanes. Don't you know they already replaced you with a computer...and the Nav too?
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    American Airlines Replacing Paper Maps with iPads

    This is exactly correct. Enroute charts are updated (worldwide) roughly every 56 days on different cycles. Terminal approach plates (the things that allow us to get your asses safely on the ground in dogshit weather) are updated every 28 days. There are 40 some odd IFR charts just...
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    American Airlines Replacing Paper Maps with iPads

    I currently am a pilot flying widebody aircraft with ~200 people capacity. A lot of us use iPads. They are *EXTREMELY* robust and work absolutely fantastic in the cockpit and for enroute charts and terminal plates. I have the entire set of publications for safe flight, the aircraft technical...
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    Worst Video Game Ever?

    +10 for alliteration.
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    is the reset button really useful?

    Yanno, back in the day... ...There were no momentary power buttons. There were no ATX power supplies. There wasn't even Ctrl-Alt-Del. Well, ok, maybe there was, but there wasn't any Alt-F4 to save your day. And sometimes you could hard lock a computer and not even be able to Ctrl-Alt-Del...
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    Your Mail in Rebate May Be In Jeopardy

    Not a fan of MIRs. Never have been, never will. Best MIR I ever received was on my new Verizon phone...where the person selling it to me applied it instantly to my purchase instead of making me mail everything in. w00t! $100 off my phone ($50 instant / $50 MIR applied instantly)
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    Project: PrometheusCu

    Looking like a very impressive mod.
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    Core i7 - Pics of Gigabyte X58-EXTREME, LGA 1366 Socket

    Newsflash. There are two buttons down there (power and reset). Same buttons / functions as the ones on your cases. Bench testing, etc. Gigabyte feature. The clear CMOS is the jumper pins just like other Gigabyte boards. Just unfortunate placement of the silkscreen. Make sense?
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    Project: Galaxy 5.0

    I avoided an Areca card...I'm running an Accusys card for my setup. The only thing that sucks is there are no signed drivers for Vista x64 yet, so I have to F8 every startup to load the drivers.
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    FSB 400 will not work on P5K-E?

    This is priceless. Anyway, you've been told the answer multiple times in the thread, yet you've ignored it. 1) The chip runs at 3.2 just fine. 2) The FSB is fine up to 395. 3) The FSB is not fine above 399. THEREFORE, you are FSB limited. People tell you this and you continue...
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    FSB 400 will not work on P5K-E?

    Um, what? How about: no.