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    Best bang for buck 49 inch? (Light gamer, more for productivity/development (non color corr)

    Ultrawide flanked by a portrait mode display is, imo, the best setup around.
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    LG 48CX

    waiting for those 42" 's...
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    New Samsung Odyssey G9 with MiniLED announced

    Sadly the 32:9 aspect ratio and the 1000r curvature are non-starters for me. Will have to hope and wait for the 42" LG OLED panel.
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    LG 48CX

    was mostly referring to the refresh rate. Price is whatever for me. It all about the size and refresh rate.
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    LG 48CX

    has this been confirmed? because that would be great news.
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    LG 48CX

    No news yet on refresh rate which is critical. Has to be 120hz minimum.
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    The one thing that is very strange (and frustrating) is that OLED laptops have been a thing for at least a few years now and yet there is surprisingly little (re: none that I could find) long term reporting/follow-ups on how they've held up.
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    That's my great fear. Using an OLED tv as your gaming display is one thing. Using it as a total desktop display replacement is another thing entirely. My monitor is in use literally 12-15 hours a day M-F and only slightly less on weekends. I think I read somewhere that LG states their OLED...
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    Looking for 4TB SSD for games...not NVME.

    The main reason i am avoiding SATA SSD's for my new build is DirectX DirectStorage. DirectStorage is coming to PC | DirectX Developer Blog ( Asset streaming from NVME straight to gpu is going to be a very big deal.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    I'm not sure why you would want a manufacturer RMA (which would likely be a fix or refurb) vs a brand new sealed exchange from Newegg (which would likely also be a significantly faster turnaround).
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    LG 38WN95C Monitor launched

    The Dell is much easier to get right now... the 38WN95C has been notoriously difficult to get a hold of since release. Myself I lean towards the LG for aesthetics plus the fact it has some actually not awful speakers built in to supplement my headphones. Also, as a policy i dont buy monitors...
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    I've been thinking the same since the 5900x availability continues to be a joke months in. The problem is 1) DDR5 platforms are best case a year away 2) Do i really want to be on gen1 of an architecturally new AMD chipset? :eek:
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    Asus denied my warranty due to a 1 inch scratch on the BEZEL...

    Monitors are generally the only hardware I will buy aftermarket warranty for, just to not have to deal with the companies when trying to deal with any support issues.
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    If you could have a 3080 or a 6800XT which would you rather and why?

    3080. Primarily for two reasons: 1) DLSS + Useable (barely) raytracing 2) Superior ancilliary features that I am very interested in (NVENC, RTX Voice) The reality is that whatever I buy will likely be a short term purchase (18-24 months) instead of my usual 4 years. The next gens from both...
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    What new display type are you looking for in 2021?

    Nothing coming that truly ticks all my boxes. I am currently using a 34" ultrawide IPS monitor and really really REALLY do not want to go back to 16:9. Samsung is rumored to be working on an actual OLED monitor in the 32-36" range. Assuming its high refresh (120hz+) I'd have to at least...
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    (Rumor) RTX 3080 ti releasing between February 11th.and 17th

    Have to say my enthusiasm for this has waned a fair bit seeing the leaked/rumored performance numbers putting this much closer to the 3080 than the 3090. Which was always a possibility, just a bit of downer to see it looking to be trending that way. Yea yea speculation/rumor and all. But if...
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    Worthing going new Ryzen from my 9700K?

    Im not throwing shade or judging or anything but I simply dont understand people that upgrade their cpu's every 2 years. The difference is typically just not going to be really noticeable unless you have very very specific production-type needs. Unless of course its going from low end cpu to...
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    LG 38GN950-B ...RADEON 6800 good enough?

    The 6800 will run it fine. Not at maximum refresh rate of course, but should easily drive it at around the 60 fps threshold for sure (outliers like Cyberpunk and others notwithstanding)
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    I am fairly agonizing over waiting for this monitor and paying the premium for it vs just buying a 34GK950F right now. The pros of the 34" are immediate availability, greater local stock so i can be picky with regards to panel lottery (if neccessary) and of course saving about $700-900. The...
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    Navi, Vega II, Ryzen 3000 and More AMD CES Rumors

    I think the rumored performance nuumbers (between 2070 and 1080Ti) are very reasonable. At reduced thermals compared to Vega. Price will be the main point of interest. Do they want to slightly undercut nvidia or hit hard. A part that has near 'near 1080Ti' performance that allows me to avoid...
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    My First Personal AMD Box in a While

    I like *some* RGB lighting... *in moderation*... and not this flashing/pulsing rainbow effect bullshit. The builds with some uniform colored lighting look nice to me...
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    Future 38" IPS panel 98% DCI P3 144Hz HDR 600

    It is DP1.4 and it is 144hz Gsync. It sounds glorious. Unless you want HDR10.
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    Japan OLED Shows Off Upcoming Monitors

    Mini/Micro LED is the real future for monitors imo. 97% of the performance of OLED (although you cant make foldable/bendable screens lol :rolleyes:) with none of the disadvantages.
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    1070 to Vega64 or 2070?

    I'd return it. Its 4 weeks until CES, where AMD is expected to announce all of their new cpus and gpus. I would buy nothing until at least then. You'll at least know when availability will be and can decide then.
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    AdoredTV Discusses the Recent AMD Ryzen and Radeon 3000 Series Leaks

    Im hoping the specs/clocks for the 3700X and 3850X are accurate because I am right fixated on those two parts.... Also that Radeon RX3080 could be a real market disruptor too if true...
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    High Refresh Rate G-Sync Question

    Not quite that straightforward. The hardware vendor uses the expression overclock because certain hardware components of the monitor are running out of spec when 120hz is being set. In the case of the alienware the actual panel is running out of spec at 120hz (it is a 100hz panel) AND the...
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    That is a pretty one-sided spin of what an NDA in reality is. I could take the extreme opposite angle and say an NDA is essentially extortion. Neither portrayal is accurate. Between two reasonable parties an NDA can be a fair and measured construct where both parties benefit. I would argue...
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    RTX 2080Ti crazy prices ...

    0% chance of this happening in first half of 2019. Zero. A snowballs chance of it being released a year from now. But most are predicting xmas 2019 or Q1 2020.
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    Why ultrawide when 4K+custom res is possible?

    I just cant imagine sitting in my den, in my nice office chair with a 43"+ TV 2 feet from my face....
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    No one knows. The only thing that is known is that: 1) TMSC's 7nm process should be firing on all cylinders process for its customers this winter. 2) The 1080Ti was announced 10 months after the 1080. But unfortunately the past does not guarantee the future. If I was forced to bet my own...
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    We have 14nm Vega until the mid-2019 arrival of Navi on 7nm - How about a "Gigahertz Edition" redo?

    AMD has been bad for the last 5 years because they cant execute. They are either late to market, have hot or noisy or power hungry cards, or are outmatched in terms of performance. Or combinations of all of the above. I've had several AMD/ATI cards over the years (9700, X1800XT but for the...
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    Wait so 2080Ti is actually renamed Titan?

    Everything nvidia is doing right now is pissing me off, from their video cards to their gsync modules. And yet there are no viable alternatives at the 1080Ti or higher performance tier, hell even 18 months out is a complete crapshoot as to whether there will be an AMD/Freesync offering at...
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Picture Leaks

    If indeed there is going to be a Ti model right at launch it will definitely be interesting. How fast and how much? Wouldn't it cannibalize the new 3K Titan card as well? Also these chips are all fabbed on the 12nm process I believe? And TMSC's 7nm process is going live early in the new year...
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    Will lack of high refresh rate 4k monitors hurt Nvidia RTX Turing sales?

    This is coming early 2019 apparently. But it will be VA. And expensive (Gsync + HDR).
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    Join NVIDIA GeForce To Celebrate Gaming Ahead Of Gamescom 2018

    Yea if the numbers are true then this intro will be pretty disappointing for those looking for a high end upgrade to drive high end displays (UWD, 4K). The only seismic improvement is the Titan RTX @ $3K. That performance needs to filter down to the RTX 2080 price point. 1080Ti owners...
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    Turing based GPUs will carry a higher price than Pascal during the cryptocurrency craze

    The problem is there are two monitor trends that are driving a performance need: high refresh panels and (to a lesser extent) ultra widescreen or 4K monitors starting to become a real market presence. I know myself , I am actively shopping for a high refresh (120-144hz) 3440x1440 monitor to...
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    Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Lapboard Review @ [H]

    I like the idea of cordless RGB mechanical keyboards but it would be annoying to plug in every couple of days. I wish i could just jam in like 6 double A's or something and get at least a week out of it....
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    HDR? Why is everyone going completely bonkers for this?

    If you have the opportunity, try to see God of War on the PS4 on an HDR TV vs a regular TV (and no, youtube videos dont count). The difference pretty much sold me on HDR.
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    Would you purchase a card that was used for mining

    I would not buy a mining card on principle alone.