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    Hard Drive Upgrade/Addition

    I'm currently running an Asus Z270-K board with a 256GB Samsung 850 Pro for the operating system and basic programs and a 500 GB Samsung 850 Pro for the games. As games get larger I'm having to do more uninstalls to free up space on that 500 GB drive so was looking at installing a third drive...
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    New Build

    So my motherboard packed it in today and so I'm going to do a new build. I could probably just get a new motherboard and get it working but it is several years old and I was planning to do a total rebuild next year anyway. This just pushed up the timetable. That said, below are the components...
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    Upgrading Video Card?

    The following is my current computer. Nothing special but it sits nice and quiet tucked under my TV. I'm thinking of getting a new video card, possibly a GTX 970. Anyone see any issues, particularly the power supply maybe? Silverstone Grandia GD04 mATX HTPC Desktop Case Black 1X5.25...
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    Sound vanishing on system sleep?

    This is on a fairly new system build, Gigabyte H77 motherboard, 660 Ti video card, running Windows 8. The sound/video is leaving the video card via HDMI to an 8000 series Samsung but passes through a Yamaha soundbar along the way (simply because I ran out of HDMI on the TV ... too much stuff)...
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    PCI-E Power Connection

    Anyone know if you can get a 90 degree connector adapter for the PCI-E power connection to a video card? The cables coming off the PCI-E power leads on my power supply are very tight up against the top of the case (Grandia GD04). It isn't horrible, but I'd like to clean it up if I can.
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    Keyboard/Mouse for the couch

    So I'm putting together a computer for light gaming while sitting on the couch. I know it isn't ideal but that's the reality of where I'm going to do my gaming. I'm looking at the possibility of using a console type controller for some things but I'd like a decently small keyboard/mouse...
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    New SFF System - Getting back into PC gaming

    Just to preface, I haven't put together or modified a system in about 10 years so I'm heavily out of touch with current hardware. I looked at many options for pre-built and never felt like I was getting a good deal out of it for the form factor I wanted. So, here I am. Purpose: Primarily...
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    Alienware X51 (I know, I know, just some advice) Yes, yes, I know. I should be building a system but I really don't have the time or motivation to dig in and research the parts, buy them, and assemble it all at this stage. I'm just looking for something that I would just browse the internet or do...
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    Dual-screen taskbar error

    Doing dual-display with an nVidia Go5650 on a Dell Latitude D800 laptop and an LG StudioWorks 19" monitor. The laptop is running 1280x800 widescreen and the CRT is running 1280x1024. Noticing that occasionally the taskbar (on the laptop) is not acting properly. The problem is that windows are...
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    Video Card Upgrade

    Going from a Ti4400 and was pondering the 9600XT but people recommended the 9800 Pro instead for similar price. I was wondering what the equivalent nVidia card is at that performance level? I'm trying to save as much money as I can and still get a somewhat decent upgrade. Thanks
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    Upgrade Path

    So you've probably seen this type of thread a thousand times ... but we post for a reason, we're dumb and need help. :) Currently running an XP 1800 with a GeForce3 video card and 1GB Corsair RAM. Looking to upgrade in the next few months but can't afford a whole lot. What I've been looking...