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    Control whether fan is on or off

    Hi guys, If I connect my 80mm fan via sata port, can I turn it on/off whenever I like via some software? Thanks
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    Can't safely eject external HDD or USB

    Hello, I have troubles safely ejecting 2 of my HDDs and a all USBs I tried. They can be all safely ejected on two other laptops. I am using Dell 7070 SFF and have Win 10 Pro. This has been happening from the beginning (I have purchased and installed windows 2 weeks ago, however, only tried...
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    Samsung Magician Drive Health Accuracy

    Hello, I have recently purchased new Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB M2 NVMe. It was in the original package etc. I have installed windows, browsers, office and a couple of other programmes taking around 55GB on my SSD. I did that in two days (didn't use the desktop other than that) and when I...
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    Upgrading Dell Optiplex 7070SFF Power Supply

    Hello, I am thinking to upgrade Dell Optiplex 7070SFF PSU, to 240W or 260W so that I could run GTX 1650 LP. I have seen that it is possible to put 240W J61WF PSU, however, I am unable to find the genuine new one. I have found that the following have 6+4 pin connectors: 3YNRJ and TP18W both...