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    PC glitches after several hours

    I’m on the most current windows update. Nvidia gpu with updated drivers. This PC is used as my Plex server. It runs 24/7. If I’m physically using the computer, it’ll run fine for hours on end without issue. When I shut the monitor off, the Plex server runs for days or weeks on end without issue...
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    When do you need a dedicated DAC?

    I have two dedicated gaming PC's in the house, they are used strictly for gaming - no music, no movies, etc. At what point would a dedicated external DAC make a noticeable difference? Below are the MB specs listed on their websites, along with the headphones I'm using with them. Would either...
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    Cant initialize disk

    Strange scenario: Computer had a bunch of 500gb hard drives in set up as a pool in Windows 10. Computer was taken apart and drives all removed before the pool was un-pooled. Trying to use one of the drives now, about a year later, and it won’t initialize. It’s a single 500gb drive but still...
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    Which Router: RT-AC88U or C5400X?

    Both are the same price. Both have similar features. If you had to pick just 1, which one do you pick?
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    EVGA 980 ti Hydro Copper question

    Does anyone know if this card has a LED lit block? I tried "googling" pictures of it, and it appears as though it does. Mine does not light up though. Just curious if something is wrong with the LED on mine or if they dont actually light up.
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    Asrock x570 boards?

    Between Phantom Gaming 4, Pro4, Steel Legend, and Extreme4, is there any major reason to spend the extra money from one to another? Phantom Gaming 4 @ $155 Pro 4 @ $170 Steel Legend @ $200 Extreme4 @ $239 Besides the added rgbness and different color layouts, is there any actual performance...
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    Which board for overclocking?

    Looking between the x370 Taichi and the x370 C6H. Currently running a 1700, looking to upgrade to a 3600 when they launch. Which of those 2 boards will do better for both cpu and memory overclocking (or are they pretty much even)?
  8. J

    R7 1700 to Ryzen 3000?

    I have a 1700 running 3.9ghz all cores currently. The price was too good to pass up when building my PC, so I went with that cpu. Now that there's specs and a few preliminary benchmarks on the 3600, would there be enough performance difference to justify an upgrade? Gaming only, I dont think I...
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    Question on ram overclocking

    I had a delidded (with liquid metal) 6700k running at 4.8ghz on a z170 Gaming 7 motherboard with 2x8gb Team ram. XMP put it at 3000mhz c16 with everything on auto. I picked up a z270x Gaming 8 motherboard (no real reason for it, just liked the looks better) and swapped my 6700k and ram over...
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    Thermaltake Tower 900 - Fan setup?

    Running a 60mm thick 3x120 rad on either side in the back, with fans in push config for both (psu did not allow for 4x120 rad sadly). One is intake and one exhaust, so it's a straight crossflow of air. For the front half, I have a 140mm fan on top exhausting and a 140mm fan in the 5.25 bay for...
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    4690k vs R5 1600?

    Currently running a 4690k @ 5ghz with 16gb of ddr3 @ 2400mhz. Looking to pick up a Ryzen 5 1600 (overclocked to whatever I can get) with 16gb of 3000mhz ddr4. The last time I ran AMD was a 965be, so I'm out of the loop. Assuming I keep the same gpu, what system would be better for gaming...
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    What radiator fans?

    I currently have Corsair SP120 fans, and they're loud at full tilt. I want a new fan that cools at least as good as the SP120, but is much quieter. I have the option of 140mm or 120mm (I have both a Nemesis 480GTS and Nemesis 560GTS, I can use either). Is the 140mm fan going to provide better...
  13. J

    Anyone have HyperX Cloud Stinger?

    I'm looking for a budget gaming headset to take on the road, to LANs, etc. Anyone have this one? Or have a recommendation on something in this range?
  14. J

    Any good, budget friendly TKL keyboards?

    Been having increasingly more frequent keyboard issues on my current tkl board. Are there any budget option mechanical tkl boards worth buying? Preferably switches similar to cherry reds.
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    What AMD gpu to look at?

    I'm replacing a GTX 980, looking to be at the very least equivalent to the 980 but preferably a little more performance wise. Been at least 5 years since I've looked at AMD cards, which one would be the equivelant, or slightly better, than the 980?
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    How to build a custom case?

    Ok, for those of you who are case modders or build your own case, what tools do you use? I'm really getting into the custom case thing, but looking for tools to make my cuts and openings look a little better. Is there certain dremel attachments or certains saws/blades that work better than...
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    Delidding question

    Two fold question: 1-Does anyone know what gains in overclocking are seen by delidding a 4690k? It is currently watercooled. 2-What does everyone recommend for paste on a delid? It's been years since I messed with it, is Conductonaut still the go-to or is there better?
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    How to test psu?

    Is there a better way to test how good a psu is doing beside simply watching voltages in HWiNFO?
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    4690k, delidding worth it?

    Putting together a setep with a watercooled 4690k. Not looking to break records, but how much further can I push the card with a delid and liquid metal?
  20. J

    Looking for budget gpu

    Im piecing together a budget build. I want a card that is capable of good overclocking and has a water block available. Trying to keep it under $200 for the card and block. Looking to pair it with a 24" 1080p 144hz monitor. Any recommendations? I'm thinking maybe a 980 if I can find a good...
  21. J

    Microboard M340clz?

    Anyone know how this monitor stacks up to the competition? Is it worth the $475 it's on sale for right now?
  22. J

    How much curve?

    I'm looking at getting an ultrawide. Curious what people think of the curve. They seem to range from the x34's 3800R down to the CF791's 1500R. I like the x34 for the gsync, but wonder if the 3800R curve doesn't give the immersive experience of the steeper curves. Is the 1500R too much though...
  23. J

    Which Monitor?

    Acer x34 or Samsung CF791? Both used but in good condition. I have a 1080 ti video card. Acer is $100 more. Usage is 100% gaming, games like Shadow of War, WoW, Wolfenstein. Which one to pick?
  24. J

    Gaming mechanical board in the $75 range?

    Lots of stuff online in the $25-75 range, but I dont recognize any of the brands. Is there any decent mechanical gaming keyboards in the range?
  25. J

    i3-7350k for gaming?

    For a pure gaming build, that wont see any other usage, is the 7350k a decent cpu? Lots of reviews say it's not that great, but then have it compared against a series of i7's to show that it cant keep up. But who would be shopping a 7350k versus a 7700k at double the price? Amazon has it for...
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    Pc build inside a console?

    I've always liked these builds, thought they looked neat. If you have to build one, which console would you choose? I'm contemplating building an emulation rig with old parts I have stock piled, just wondering which console would be the easiest to start with? I'm thinking an original xbox as it...
  27. J

    What specs to prioritize?

    Currently running a 27" 2560x1440 @ 110hz with 5ms response time. While the monitor still works like new, the stand is super flimsy to the point where I have to brace it (no vesa mounting) and the only way to hit 110hz is with a super thick dvi cable that wont let me put the top on my Tower 900...
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    Gaming on Haswell

    I'm piecing together a Haswell build for a buddy who wants to get in to pc gaming but doesnt have a ton of money (which is why I chose something that didnt require ddr4). A few ram questions for you ram pros: Is 8gb "enough"? Or should I aim for 16gb? Is there going to be any noticeable...
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    Best used card under $150?

    Looking solely at the used market, and aiming to get the most performance per dollar, what's should I be looking at? Will be shopping all the local online places, as well ad forums and ebay. So far, the gtx 970 seems to be the best in that range. Haven't found a 980 for under $150. And I have...