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    Single domain server - preparing for disaster

    So a couple of my clients rely on a single server that hosts their domain, user documents and one SQL database application. I currently have a file based backup solution but want to have some other type of backup that would secure their system in case of total failure. What would you guys...
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    Cradlepoint Routers

    Anyone seen or used these? I just installed one for a client and am now looking into implementing them for a restaurant chain. They need to have a backup internet, failover setup and these things seem to fit the bill. Experiences?
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    Dial-up backup solution

    I run IT for a restaurant chain. Credit cards run over high speed internet. Internet goes down, credit cards can't go through. Most POS software/credit card processing offer dial back up modems and a phone number for authorizations -- ours does not...ffffuuuuuuu It seems like the...
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    Need a new receiver

    I like mid-range/high end stuff but am looking for a deal. I had an Onkyo that bit the dust and it was only 2 years old. No me gusta. Any recommendations for a decent 5.1+ surround sound receiver?
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    SBS 2003 migration to 2008 R2 Standard

    Has anyone done this before? I have a client who does not use exchange, and doesn't need any of the SBS features. Their server is aging and are running out of disk space. I'm in the process of building them a new file server and am considering using Server Standard 2008. I am even...
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    Servers for small businesses

    What is everyone using for servers these days for your small business clients? I have several clients with some older SBS 2003 Dell Poweredge servers and they need to be updated. It seems like most of my clients have downsized since the recession as well and really don't need MS SBS or a...
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    Network disconnects every 10 minutes

    The TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service was successfully sent a stop control. The reason specified was: 0x40030011 [Operating System: Network Connectivity (Planned)] Comment: None Intel(R) 82578DM Gigabit Network Connection Network link is disconnected. The browser has forced an election on...
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    Cisco ASA NAT/Access Rules issue

    I have a server with various services running on it that need to have some ports forwarded. So far I've got RDP working and that is it. If I try to forward any additional ports to the server they do not work. Specifically ports 443, 4282 (Crashplan backup) Even if I delete the RDP NAT/ACL...
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    Setting up an ASA 5505 - couple questions

    Any Cisco gurus here? I have a ASA 5500 with Sec+ Is it possible to have Dual WAN, one WAN is used for default traffic and WAN2 would be strictly for VPN tunnels?
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    shutdown -r -f -t xxx

    Use the Task Schedular.
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    Why does anyone even bother with Exchange these days?

    It seems so silly to me. You can outsource e-mail hosting for pennies on the dollar and have almost zero troubleshooting to do. There are a wide range of apps/sync programs that will keep your calendar and contacts in order between your PC and mobile devices. Why even bother with...
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    AMD being bought by Dell?!? Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    6 monitor setup

    I need to build a system for a stock trader. He needs a setup that can support up to 6 monitors at 1920x1080 or higher. Would a pair of ATI HD5xxx series do the job?
  14. L free screen sharing I am super impressed by this. Super easy to use, and its free. No more $69 a month GoToAssist Express
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    Dear Code42 software aka CrashPlan

    I love you. That is all. CrashPlan PRO is AWESOME. Just the solution I was looking for. I wanted to host an offsite backup system and this product is great. The only thing it doesn't do that would be nice is built-in Exchange and SQL support but I just set those programs to backup to some...
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    Power Supply

    Have a friend who had his GTX 280 rigged up via weird Y power cables and now it seems it made his card go kaput. Well enough is enough -- he needs a legit power supply to run this thing. So any recommendations for a PSU that will support this beast? Thanks
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    Downgrading from Domain to WHS based network

    Have a client that has downsized their office and computers/server starting to get old. SBS2003 + 3 XP PC's. (They used to have over 10) The software they used has moved to the web and is no longer used on the server. So they want new PC's and their server is old enough to make me worry a...
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    Mounting bracket for LCD monitor (with mspaint artwork)

    So I have a fairly decent computer desk that has an upper and a lower part. I have a 22" Dell monitor that has a base that takes up quite a bit of space. I want to attach it to some kind of mounting arm and hang it from the overhanging top portion of the desk. Two pics are attached to display...
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    XP Sharing issue driving me insane

    No Active Directory Simple File sharing For some reason 2 or 3 PC's will randomly drop authentication with a share on our "server". When you try to go to the share via \\servername\share it wants me to provide a username and password. I type in the information for the remote machine and it...
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    Windows 7 & Conexant High Def Audio

    Anyone else had trouble with Conexant High Def Audio drivers and Windows 7? I upgraded my cousin's laptop to Windows 7 and everything works great except a few things with her onboard sound. It is a Compaq v3000 - rm666av - When you hibernate the laptop, sound does not work after resume - When...
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    Need a 16 port w/VLAN Switch

    Doesn't have to have gigabit support. I need VLAN's so that I can seperate public wifi network from restaurant internal network. Need a minimum of 16 ports. What do you guys recommend?
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    MAGFest Any fellow [H] members going to this in a few weeks?
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    So basically they have changed the Demoman into a L4D2 Charger. Lets see, now you can charge people -- knock them down and slice their head off. Sounds like they decided to give the Demoman a couple of L4D2 features to me.
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    Windows 7 Bass/Treble

    So last night I decided to upgrade my onboard Asus P6T Realtek Audio drivers....big mistake. Prior to Windows 7 I was on Vista x64, everything worked fine. After upgrading to 7, everything was great -- had my bass/treble levels set just where I wanted them. Last night after upgrading the...
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    WHS Power Pack 3

    Anyone seen it available for download yet? A few articles say it was supposed to be available via Windows Update yesterday.
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    Jetway Netbooks Anybody interested in these? I am about to order one as soon as I get the price from my whole saler. Will post prices once I have them if anyone wants to buy some.
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    Name the game

    I can't remember the name of a game that is not yet released. It is a side scrolling game where you look like your flying a flying saucer with an arm attached to the bottom of it. Had a really cool soundtrack in the trailer I saw, and had an indie feel to it. You would have to dodge a ton...
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    Did T-Mobile buy Sprint?

    I just had to login to my boss's BIS Account on While the page was loading -- down at the bottom in Firefox it was loading a lot of stuff....... Strange eh?
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    Seperating Wifi from LAN

    I've made a thread on this once before but I want to take another stab at it. I need to set up wireless in a restaurant. I have decided that I went to set it up in a central location, sitting in a shelf on top of the POS terminal that is already there hooked up via CAT5. What is the easiest...
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    Speaking of Print Servers

    I am in need of a 3x LPT port print server. This would be used to convert Epson TM-88 Thermal Point of Sale printers to Network/IP ready printers. What I don't know is how exactly each printer is mapped from within Windows. For example the IP address of the print server could be assigned as...
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    PQI or Transcend

    I am looking at implementing SSD's to some Point Of Sale workstations for the restaurant chain that I work for. I need no more than 8gb but if its a higher capacity that is fine. Just trying to keep cost down. So I was looking at the PQI 32GB SSD and the Transcend 8GB SSD.....which one is better?
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    Need a glorified FTP, something like -- no Sharepoint

    So currently the company I work for has a company that keeps thousands of pre-printed forms and applications in a wharehouse and ships them to our various locations as they are needed. The problem is that if the document needs to be updated -- all of the old ones in the wharehouse are null ...
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    ESET/Peachtree woes

    So apparently Peachtree Quantum 2010 does not play nice with ESET. Finding this out the hard way this morning. I have excluded every known file and folder pertaining to Peachtree/Sage software/Pervasive and nothing works. What happens is when ESET Antivirus is up and running Peachtree ceases...
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    Check your PM's. k thx :)
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    USB to Parallel box

    I am looking for something that might not exist. I am looking for a USB to parallel adapter but one that would include multiple parallel ports. For example: USB ---> LPT1, LPT2, LPT3 If not I guess I will have to stick with trying a single cable but a box like that, if it exists would be...
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    eMachines -- multi monitor setup

    So I have a client that has an eMachines W3611. He wants to set up at least 6 monitors on this computer. I am trying to figure out the best way to do it. Right now he has a PCI-E video card that now has 2 monitors running on it. There are 2 PCI slots available, and I am looking to possibly...
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    Any Microsoft Access Gurus in here?

    I have a small project I'd like to hire someone to do. Project details: I have an Access Database that has sales from a bunch of restaurants that come over nightly via ftp and are merged into this database. I'd like to be able to create some reports from this database that allow us to...
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    Disappointed with Untangle

    So it looks like 6.2 is out....and I am disappointed. I was REALLY looking forward to the Dual WAN support and they have finally added it.....for a price. Currently I am using a device with Dual WAN that doesn't require a monthly fee to use -- why does Untangle wish to do it with their...
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    Scratched COD5 DVD

    Anyone have any experience with getting new install media from Activision ? My Call of Duty World at War DVD got some deep scratches on it when it got stuck in a disc drive. I went to force it out and it came out spinning, causing the scratching :mad: What shall I do!?!?!
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    New i7 build -- take a look How does everything look here? I am not real familiar with CPU/FSB ratio and all of that jazz with the i7 stuff. Just want to make sure everything looks ok. Its running great so far. Big upgrade from my 3.2 P4