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    PC/360 Compatible Racing Wheel

    I'm ruthlessly addicted to racing games and want to get a decent wheel setup to play them with. Most of my games are on the PC, but in the near future I may pick up a 360 and Forza 3. What I'm looking for is a wheel thats compatible with both. I was looking at the 360 Wireless Racing Wheel...
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    Looking for a good RPG

    What good RPGs are out these days? I haven't been in the gaming scene for quite a while now, but I've been itching to get into a good RPG. I've looked around a bit, but nothing quite strikes my fancy from what I've seen. Anyone know of something decent that'll run on my laptop? 1.6 Turion X2...
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    Free - Get it out of my house

    I'm trying to get rid of a shit load of accumulated junk. Most of it is trash, but I've got a few things someone might be interested in. I'll ship the processors all at my expense. Found a NetGear 4 port 10baseT hub, cost of shipping gets it. Might have some RAM too, but I've got to clean...
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    Streaming Audio Server

    I'm looking to set up a streaming audio server so I can listen to my music at work as my MP3 player is too small. I've been looking up a few things and searching around a bit but haven't found anything that fit my requirements. I'd like to be able to view all my songs in a playlist, much...
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    Quantum_mechanic and sandmanx - I'm coming for you

    Checked my stats for the first time in an while and noticed I broke 50 on the team!:D And to those above, I'm coming for you... I'll be passing quantum_mechanic by days end and sandmanx in 13 days. Mr. Sandman, you've got two weeks to put up some points or prepare to eat my dust. Heh...
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    woot! Broke top 100!

    Just checked my stats and I'm at 99. Might treat myself to a small upgrade in honor of this momentous event. :D Going to be a much harder fight from now on.
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    [WTB] 512MB PC-100

    I need 512MB of RAM for one of my rigs. Will take either 2x256 sticks or 1x512 stick. I've got a 1.1GHz P3, 256K L2, 100FSB I'd be willing to trade, plus a little cash maybe. I've been meaning to get this up and running, but never got around to it. I've got a few other things here I'm...
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    I love the DC forum...

    ...its the only place I can tell a mod to watch his ass and not get in trouble for it. Just checked my stats and lo and behold, DR_K13 himself in my reticule. I'm coming for you DR_K13, hard and fast. ;) In other news...I have experienced the downsides of a large farm. My 5th period...
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    Is it dead?

    About and hour ago, my computer was running just fine, albeit a little loud. Being that temperatures are dropping and my average case temps have been about 20C (its usually about 60F in my house, just the way I like) I decided to take a couple of the fans out. I had 4 front intake, and 2 rear...
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    Fruits of my labor

    Borging my school is paying off. I'm only about 2/3 done borging at the moment. Every time I turn around, the IT disables the account I need to install the client...
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    Just a small borg...

    Been talking with the IT at my school, and the principal, and I've got permission to b0rg the school. I've still got to go around and install the client on all the computers and all that, but its worth it. Two labs are full of IBM Netvistas with 2.4 P4s, 256MB of RAM. Another lab with another...
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    Server does not have record of this unit.

    I got this WU Wednesday, I think, and finished it yesterday. Its been giving me a "Server does not have record of this unit." error message ever since, when trying to upload it. Anyone know what could be the cause of this? Heres the log file. --- Opening Log file [August 18 02:44:34]...
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    Powerful IRC Client

    A friend of mine needs a powerful IRC client capable of connecting to ~3000+ active channels. Apparently he wants to connect to every channel on Freenode. :rolleyes: Anyone have any suggestions?
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    COD: Missing Files

    A friend of mine got bored with COD and gave his copy to me. It installed fine, no problems anywhere. Then I went to start the game, and the problems started. The game closed and gave an error message saying something to the effect of 17 sound files were either missing or in a bad format, then...
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    AcBel API2PC23

    I was just given a pair of these and the only info I can get about them, is whats on the label. I've searched google and here and the only thing I can find about the company is that they're OEM for IBM and Cooler Master. I was wondering whether they're worth selling them, or just throwing...
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    Time for round two

    So, I was looking through some old directories and clearing them out, when I came across some familiar posters. There were many left unfinished, so I took the time to complete a few. Pics found here.
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    EM3 Problem

    I've been using EM3 to monitor the progress of my boxen, and last night I noticed a problem after updating to the most recent version. My P3 had been working on a p1412_polyQ36 in water, and all was going well. But EM3 reported the protein had 400 frames, when it only had 100. When the WU was...
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    This doesn't seem right...45C Idle temps

    When I got home today I found my computers off, apparently the power went out today. When I turned then on, my computer was randomly rebooting from overheating. When I left this morning I had load temps of 43-46C, now at idle temps are a steady 45C. Ambient case temps are 34C. First thing I...
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    Nostalgic Gaming

    Anyone ever do this? A friend of mine gave me his old PS1 a few days ago, with a few games, and ever since I haven't stopped playing it. I've been playing a lot of Gran Turismo 2 and am working my way up. Currently have all the National races complete, and I'm working through the Rally Races...
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    We gotta step things up a bit :eek:
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    This just aint right

    By the time I wake up tomorrow two people will have passed me; Paul_Thurston and Xcalibur_[H]ardOCP. Then by days end two more will have passed by me; losttime, and adamsjm. /me waves. Keep up the production. I might have a few tricks up my sleeves yet, though.;)
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    SMT/Thru-Hole/Component ID

    I know how to solder, but I've never heard this lingo before. What are they and how do I do it? I'd imagine its not all that difficult, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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    Its about time

    I started folding late last August when relic gave me a processor. Its taken until February to make it to the big 5K, and I'm happy. The P3 800 he gave me supplied 4000 of the 5000, my A64 filled in the rest. The old girl is still serving me proudly as my new server.
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    Attack of the P1801s!

    It seems as though the last 6 or so WUs I've recieved have been p1801_Collagen_PPG10_refolding. If they're so important that I must be flooded with them, then the least Stanford could do is raise the point value. 66 points? Come'on, give me some juicy 200 pointers. Any one else got any of...
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    Temps on the rise

    I've got a A64 2800+ with stock HSF and Arctic Silver. The problem is, my temps are constantly on the rise. My computer is always under load with F@H running, but I'd have thought the temps would have stopped rising by this point. The other day, after having my computer on for 3 days straight...
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    Data Recovery

    I screwed up again. Yesterday I finally got all the parts needed to build my A64 rig, so I was quite happy. In my haste to upgrade, I forgot to back up all the necessary files. I forgot to backup my moms email from OE, and my Firefox bookmarks, which I desperately need back. I have no idea...
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    Anti Virus Can't Connect. Need Fast Help

    I'm fixing a computer for a friend at school and I had to install Norton Anti-Virus. The virus defs are old so I went to update them. When I went to update them the program would try to connect to the server but would time out and would not update. It went through its list of servers, but...
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    Battery Disposal?

    The battery in my UPS just died and I'm not too sure how to dispose of the old battery. How do I get rid of it? Is there anything special I have to make sure of? Is there some special place it needs to go to? Its a sealed lead battery so I'm thinking I dont just throw it out like I would a...
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    $10 Sky Hawk Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Case

    Its not the worst looking case I've seen. Has a 120mm fan on the back. $10 + shipping at Newegg. Link
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    GIMP 2.2 Splash Screen Competition

    Just thought I'd let those of you who don't read Slashdot in on a competition. More about GIMP splash screens.
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    PSU Plug Mod

    I have an older PSU from a Pentium 1 machine. I don't know what the name for it is, but it doesn't have the same type of plug that goes into the motherboard as what we use now. Would it be possible to mod it so that it can be used on a standard motherboard. If so, how? Hopefully someone...
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    Firefox Not A Threat, Says Microsoft I'm particularly fond of this part: This is a good one too: :rolleyes:
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    These Parts, How Much?

    I've run into a small bit of money recently, that might be able to turn me a small profit. I'm considering all my options before I do anything with it. One option is selling most of my main machine. I've been having problems with pricing though. I'm not sure as to how much a computer like this...
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    So, The Temps Are Dropping

    My processor is finally able to keep a decent enough temp to give me some headroom to overclock. Thought it'd be fun to try, plus it helps increase my production.:D I can't wait for december when it gets really fucking cold outside during the day, around 50F or so (I'm from the desert, not used...
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    Need Data Recovery Help

    Don't ask me how, because I dont know, but Windows managed to break itself. Now it may seem strange to a few of you, implausible as it sounds, but I DID NOT BREAK IT. For once I was not the cause of a Windows failure. On to the story. I was playing a game today, every thing was fine. My mom...
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    Recovering Deleted Messages in OE/MSOutlook?

    My mom has a friend who is getting a divorce and needs some emails. I'm not sure if the emails have been deleted or not, infact I'm not to sure as to anything about the system in question. All I know is that he needs the emails, and I have to get them. He's dropping his computer off tomorrow and...
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    Website Overhaul

    The company my mom works for has stepped into the digital age and is now requiring a website. The new version was put up a short while ago and quite frankly it sucks. The guy building it does not have the graphics ability to make it professional looking, which I'm told he admits (he's the...
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    A sight more disgusting than the time you saw your grandmother naked An unb0rged box fresh for the picking.:eek: I encourage everyone to b0rg a new box every day, then when you're done with that, b0rg another one.;)
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    Free Factory 5 Racing DVD Ordered just about a week ago and have just recieved it today.
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    A New DC Project Sounds interesting enough. But I think I'll stick with F@H.