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    Question on wire routing

    No. A ground is a ground; it doesn't matter which one goes where.
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    Question on wire routing

    Are both wires connected to the same pin? If so, it's a sense wire. They don't need to be twisted together, but they do need to be kept together.
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    cable leading into my antec earthwatts 500w just exploded and caught on fire.....

    Most cheaper cables are rated for 10A, which is well above the requirements of most computers. The cable was just defective.
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    Computer randomly restarting

    Memtest, or even the memory diagnostic tool built into Windows.
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    I Keep Getting Emails About Suscribed Threads

    I believe e-mail notifications are set on a per-thread basis, so if you had the subscription setting configured to automatically subscribe you to a thread with e-mail notifications in the past, any subscriptions from that time will still send you e-mails. What you'll need to do is go here...
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    Computer randomly restarting

    I would say the RAM is probably a more likely suspect. Your PSU is a reliable unit so I don't think it's very likely that it has a problem.
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    All Time Best Power Supplies ?

    There are plenty of shitty PSUs that fit that description.
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    Cooler Master M1000

    Coolermaster lied about it. Just like Corsair lied when they claimed the AX1200 was an in-house design when it was in fact designed by Flextronics. Companies lie about all kinds of things. It's called marketing.
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    My take on Deus EX: HR

    To be honest, I don't really care either way, but the fact is that the game would take the same amount of time to load regardless of the way in which the loading process is presented to you.
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    My take on Deus EX: HR

    Would you prefer loading screens instead? Because that's what the game is doing while you're in those scanners.
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    Why are my temps still running high!

    I don't understand why you're concerned. All of those temperatures are well within safe limits. Past that, there's no point in paying attention to the absolute temperature values, especially if you aren't overclocking.
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    mobo changed command rate after I added more memory

    Probably true. However, if your RAM can run at 1600MHz, you may as well do it.
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    Gaming moments you want of the best..

    That's debatable :p.
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    All Time Best Power Supplies ?

    It's a pretty good PSU, but by no means a candidate for top of the line.
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    All Time Best Power Supplies ?

    Seasonic Platinum-1000 or Kingwin Lazer Platinum 1000W.
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    Cooler Master M1000

    You're basing your entire argument on a single quote from a review that happens to be incorrect. I don't understand why you're being so hostile about it.
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    Are these temps good/bad?

    Anything below 100C is fine.
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    ASUS Q-Connector (20-8 pin)

    I believe they are universal. The Q-Connectors from my Rampage II Extreme and P5Q Pro are identical.
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    Cooler Master M1000

    Yeah, that part is just wrong.
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    Serious Sam 2 is finally on Steam

    There is no HD version.
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    Choose PSU

    It's pretty close between the XFX and the Antec, although I'd take the XFX because it's modular.
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    What happened to the Ultra X4 power supplies?

    Because it was actually a mediocre 80Plus Bronze unit, but Andyson cheated on the 80Plus tests to earn it a better rating.
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    What happened to the Ultra X4 power supplies?

    Who cares? They were mediocre and way overpriced.
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    Intel G860 Dual Core Processor

    Yes, it would.
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    UPS: Pure sine-wave needed?

    It varies depending on the PSU and the UPS, but generally speaking, most PSUs should work fine with simulated sine wave UPSes.
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    Cooler Master M1000

    Very well.
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    Cooler Master M1000

    If I walk into a car dealership and buy a car with a certain set of options, does that mean I designed the car? No. Coolermaster also did not design this PSU. They just went to FSP, said "this is what we want," and they were provided a product that was designed by FSP but met the criteria...
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    Cooler Master M1000

    Feel free to dig it up and post it here. However, that won't change the fact that it's incorrect. You may be talking about the JonnyGURU review of the Silent Pro M1000. However, that review states the design is exclusive to Coolermaster PSUs. That doesn't mean Coolermaster created the design...
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    Cooler Master M1000

    Yes, you did. Or someone else did. Either way, it's not true. In fact, FSP only makes two of Coolermaster's current products, and they aren't even top of the line. All their best units are manufactured by Enhance using standard designs.
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    AX750 cpu not going into mobo

    If you can't get it in, you need to start working out.
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    Best Buy Closing U.S. Stores, Opening Stores In China

    But this will give all those poor Foxconn workers the opportunity for a better life.
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    Twitter CEO Says Blocking Policy Over-Distilled

    No. Similar to the situation with Google censoring search results in China, pulling out of countries like that isn't going to make things better. As it stands, at least the people there have access to some of the content rather than none of it. The governments behind these censorship policies...
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    Which PSU for xfire 7970?

    A PSU won't scale back the amount of power it supplies. It will either go past its rating, shut down due to OCP, or fail.
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    PSU, ticking noise

    Fan issues should be covered.
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    Thermaltake Toughpower 1500W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    110A on the +12V rails seems pretty weak for a modern 1500W PSU. Might as well just get the 1350W model instead.
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    Intel 8 Core

    And the heatspreaders clearly have "Intel Confidential" printed on them.
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    Intel 8 Core

    Those are engineering samples.