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    Evga 3080 xcs Display Port numbering?

    Question about the ports on the card. It's hdmi, then 3 dp ports. What one is dp port #1?
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    Saving up for 4080 RTX?

    I'm 100% convinced that the 3080 is a ghost card. Regular consumers will never see this card on shelves. I predict Nvidia coming out with another series cards before they manufacturers come close to supplying demand. Im just going to wait for 4080 while starting an annuity and bots for the 5080...
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    Need help with ASUS UX501VW Thunderbolt 3

    Cant seem to find my internal TB3 hardware. Intel TB software shows no 'Controller Driver'. Bios shows 'Alpine Ridge' and security options for plug in. Cannot find in HWInfo. Any help please?
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    Need help with ASUS UX501VW Thunderbolt 3

    Hey there. I'm trying to figure out how to enable or make Thundebrolt 3 working on this laptop. So far this is what I've done: Updated bios from usb to 307 I've fresh installed the latest Windows version from MS from usb I let it do it's automatic updates. Got the drivers for Thunderbolt...
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    Asus z370i Strix ITX PCIE Lane Use?

    I've occupied both M2 slots with an NVME drive and the system has a video card in it. What should I be getting for the gfx card? 16x right? Or is the pcie lane shared with the m2 drives? That means 2x 4 lanes = 8 then only 8 left for the primary card, correct?
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    Cryorig Taku Cooling in tropic weather. Solutions?

    So I built myself a fancy lil Taku itx machine. However it needs a crazy slim HSF or a Corsair H60 wedged inside (as seen in other builds). Max height is 48mm, or something a little bigger with a slim fan. You guys got any suggestions for a good slim HSF?
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    Help me decide! Fresh 970 or Mined 1060??

    Need help deciding before the weekend! Ok, so here is the set up : AMD Ryzen 2200g Corsair sfx 450 psu 1080p gaming The cards: MSI Armor 1060 3gb - mined on, slight discoloration behind gpu itself. Clean hsf. Evga basic 970 4gb - never mined, only games, cherry condition. The situation...
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    Need help with diagnosis of 1070.

    Hey guys, did not know if there was a tech support thread or anything out there, so I decided to post here. Used to be quite the IT guy but had an accident that left me a little starved of oxygen. Sorta hard to diagnose, so I thought I would go to my ol favorite Hard peeps. The system: Intel...
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    Modern OS and SSD with TRIM

    So, last time I checked I should do garbage collection when booting to bios and letting it sit for a while. Do I need to do this still?
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    Largest 120hz+ Display?

    Hey there, I got a Seiki 4k (old version) that I run at 1080p120. I love the large size. Are there any other large 34 inch + displays that can do 120hz+ at res larger than 1080p? I'm inclined to stick with my 39" display powered by a 970 gtx. What would you upgrade to?
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    Largest 1440p Display?

    So basically I'm tired of all this pissing around with 24 to 27 inch screens for 1440p. That's just tiney. I just got done owning a Seiki 39" that displayed 1440p content awesomely (except the desktop looked like shit). So are there any 1440p displays bigger than 37" The only one I know of...
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    Seasonic X-1050 voltage weirdness.

    Ok, take a look at this screen shot. I don't have a digital or analog voltmeter, nor do I know anyone who has one. Do those voltages look even remotely right? PSU is brand new, like two weeks old.
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    Need help with Intel Graphics on Asus H77-I / i5 3570k

    See title. Plopped my 3570k into this board, fired it up and get the bios beeps of no video card present. I can't get into bios without a discrete card present. Even then in the bios I do not see a place for choosing pcie or ig. Has the latest bios and everything.
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    Help with r9 270 and non-standard extra monitor.

    Aloha, Ok so here is the deal. My client has 3 NON Multi-transport capable LCDs he wants to use all at once. We were going to do Eyeinfinity however found out that monitor is not compatible with EyeInfinity's requirements (monitor does NOT detect active dp to DVI, works with 3 newer monitors...
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    $500 Dollar Video card Decision.

    Just sold off some old cards and parts, got $500 bucks to spend on a video card. AMD or Nvidia? My previous setup was 2x 670 2gb SLI and a 7950 for mining. So whats out there that's worth it? I can deal with going for single card instead of CF/SLI. Are 780s even worth the bother now...
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    Need help! AMD 7950 + Seiki 39" 4k LCD

    Ok, just got my tv (with the modded firmware) in my second room. The system has a 7950 in it. I've searched the Seiki thread and online and I am unable to figure out how to make this goddamned AMD driver able to do 120hz 1080p (and the tv info the same). Now all it does is stay at 4k/30hz no...
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    Is PhysX even relevant anymore?

    With stronger CPU, GPUs and the advance of programming, is PhysX even really a selling point? I've owned and played games with PhyX and with the new cards and cpu, there is really no difference with it turned on or off. I do not count PhysX specific benchmarks and demos, just retail games.
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    Replace 7850 twin Frozr 3 with a twin frozr 4?

    I have a msi 7850 with twin frozr 3 on it. Has anyone replaced it with a newer twin frozr 4? I have a few spare HSFs from msi 670s I would like to repurpose. Thanks!
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    Asus P8h77-i and i7-3770 How to enable on chip graphics?

    So I have a Asus P8H77i motherboard and a i7 3770 processor. I cannot find anywhere to enable the on chip graphics in bios. I am using a Shimian 27" ips display with a DVI-D Dual link cable. when I take out my discrete card, the machine post beeps that it has no card in it. I'm reset the bios...
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    670 GTX Power issue during Litecoin mining

    I have two MSI Power Edition OC powered by a Silverstone 1000w PSU. The cards are liquid cooled and never go above 45-50c. I started to mine Litecoins about 2 weeks ago. Now if I mine for longer than 3 to 4 hours the computer just reboots. It looks like a power off but then fires back up...
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    Weird 9/16-18 UNF

    I picked up a 120mm radiator, the CoolRad-12T. It has this for the holes: · Threaded ports compatible with o-ring seal, 9/16-18 UNF tube fittings Now how the hell do I screw in my 1/2 3/4th fittings on this? Is there an adapter? I guess I could use the barbs if I -have- to.. =(
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    A little help? Will it cool?

    Aloha from Hawaii! Here is what I'll be cooling: 2x MSI Power Ed. 670GTX (stock) 3570K at 4.6 ghz The Cooling stuff 2x EKwb Supremacy Universal VGA blocks 1x Ekwb Supremacy Intel CPU block 1x XSPC EX 280 with two Swiftech Helix 140mm fans 1x CoolRad12T 120mm radiator with Corsair SP...
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    A little help with WC loop, will it cool?

    moved to watercooling subforum
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    Twin Frozr IV Help

    The MSI model I have spins the fans backwards to get rid of dust. Is there a way to make it run backwards all the time? My MSI 670 GTX Pe/OC is stuck in the middle with sli. The fan currently sucks the exhaust air of the other MSI twin Frozr iv thats in there.
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    Help with FT03 SLI cooling. AKA Inferno box

    Got two MSI 670 Power Ed. cards with Twin Frozr coolers. The primary card is getting up to 90C during video stress tests, around 80-85c when gaming. Secondary card usually 78-80 C under full load and 60-70 while gaming. What I need to do is bring primary card's temp down. I'll let the picture...
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    Need some help with Asus P8H77-I Fan issues.

    Aloha, So I have my main intake fan of my FT0-3 Mini on the chassis header. When I boot then go to bios, the fan is at max speed. I have no Q fan or anything going. When I get into Windows 8, the fan slows down to the FASTEST speed I can set it in the Asus FanXpert. Any ideas how to...
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    Nvida Physx on ATI hardware??

    Or will it be emulation in software?
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    Sonuva... Bent AMD X4.

    Ok, typical bonehead shit. CPU was attached to the heatsink via thermal interface junk. CPU was stuck to HSF. My co-oworker decided to try to pry it off. I caught him in time and used floss to remove it. HOWEVER now I don't know if the processor is damaged or not. The pins I can...
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    Silverstone FT03 MAYX / Mini and New Corsair H90 Anyone think it will fit in the Fortress or the Fortress Mini? The 140mm H90 that is.
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    Silverstone ST45SF power a 2500k and HD6950?

    The little guy does have the plugs for the 6950, however would it be to much to ask from the psu to run a mitx/matx h67 board, i5 2500k and a HD 6950? No overclocking. Thanks!
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    Warning! H50 / H70 Back plate on H55N-USB

    Just came back from a friend's place. He ended up destroying two H55N boards due to the goofy H50/H70 back plate. Apparently he was not aware that the components on the mobo's back side can be destroyed by these poorly designed back plates. I ended up taking needle files to mine so it would...
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    Unstable @ ANY speed! Xeon 3440 / H55N-USB3

    Ok, this is the first time I've ever come to [H] for help, I've lurked / bought stuff many times though. Here is the equipment: Gigabyte H55N-USB3 Bios Rev F5 OCZ Low Voltage DDR3 1600 7-7-7-24 @ 1.66 (so say the label on the chip) Xeon 3440 Silverstone 450 Watt MATX PSU H70 Corsair...
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    Hot? NZXT Gamma Classic Series Mid-ATX Case $34.99 Free Shippin Hot for some, not for others. The case looks good and is sturdy with plenty of options. Perfect for my tropical environment. Free Shipping to Hawaii is nice too.
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    SG06/05 Part needed ASAP.

    Does anyone have a face plate for a SG06 or 05 laying around? Or at least know where I could purchase one? I left Silverstone some email but have yet to hear back from them. My case was kicked on accident and now I got a funked up face plate! :(
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    New Model Corsair H50 CWCH50-1

    First of all, Aloha! :cool: I just got done with a build that had a Corsair H50 Model CWCH50. Upon ordering another , I found out there is an added -1 to the model number. snooped around and could not find any obvious differences. Anyone else have any clues? Comes with extra brackets or...
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    Anyone familliar with SQUID servers?

    First of all, Aloha from Hawaii :) So I work as a tech at a small middleschool, we have about 240-250 computers online at any given time. I'm mostly a break-fix / field tech so this is my first time into something like this, so please bear with me: 1. We are thinking of using a...