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    IT apprenticeship - need your advice

    That's how I started 20 Years ago ! Sheesh has it been that long. As for hints. The first jobs are gonna be S**T jobs that other more experienced staff don't want to do, Virus cleanups, O/S reinstalls mostly boring stuff, but understand these jobs are when most people start learning I...
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    Best anti NSA openerating system?

    Probably correct but pick a form which has as many eyes on it as possible to which in theory makes it easier to discover potentially dangerous bugs and back doors, its not foolproof tho look how well that worked out in openssl !!
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    Best anti NSA openerating system?

    I'm Split, I believe you should protect your machines suitably but encryption is overkill for local storage. For example take the tax records on your computer, it would be much easier and simpler to extract them from the HMRC (Revenue and Customs) Medical Records the NHS holds them. And...
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    HP ZR24w

    Hi All, I have been looking at this monitor for a while the price tag does make it very appealing however I have been concerned about the issued rasied in the last few posts. so does this seel like a fault with the whole line DP/Bleed/Ghosting or are they isolated incidents ? Cheers J
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    crysis,,, lock on a target simple question

    It's been a while ut from my memory you don't have to shoot off the guns. But it's advisable as getting a lock and avoiding gunfire is near impossible.
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    SCSI Contoller Advice

    If you not needing RAID then a enthusiast board will probably do.
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    Data recovery & Vista....

    did you have EFS enabled ? or any other type of File system encryption ? have you got a corrupted filesystem what does chkdsk say ? Are there any folders visable ? does the disk even mount ? what is the disk's condidtion in disk manager ?
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    SCSI Contoller Advice

    Hi jfharper Firstly you did not say if you were using RAID and what raid mode your using. RAID0 or 5 I would not get my hopes up on recovering the Array. If your using RAID1 then you have one disk that's acting as either a standalone or hot spare, and you may stand a chance of recoving...
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    Logitech MX1100 v Revolution

    The MX1000 was rechargeable the MX1100is the AA, I'm still running my old MX1000 and I Love it.
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    Disabled Peripherals?

    Have you tried plugging in the G15 to another PC ?
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    vista ultimate for $10?

    Prolly a KMS key, works for 6 months without a kms server
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    Nic card in a Virtual OS

    Any warnings in Utorrents lower bar ?, also how much memeory/cores are you allocating ? what version of VMware are you running ?
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    a way to take a bite out of piracy

    I don't think microsoft would be too open to that, half the performance problems in vista were cause by the DRM in vista adding too it would only hamper windows 7 Also hardware keys are pretty much useless (look up DVD JON) and most craks are automated install. which I imagine would stay the...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    Sign me up also .
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    Opinions wanted on low power Windows Server 2008 build (for use at home)

    If you want the machine to be efficent buy a 80 Plus cert PSU Most software raid setup's have some sort of BIOS "Configurator" where you can set up the raid in BIOS or Pre-boot Intel's have been doing that for a while. Are you sure I've got a P4 875 Pro-b which has on-board raid (Three of...
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    worst water cooling setup ever?

    I Don't think it is a Li-li case, i've never seen one like it aybe Velocity micro are re-fronting a fairly low end li-li case, and this guy bought one and added his own water cooling.
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    How high can I go on my Q6600?

    OK SMP does not scale 1:1 even so you could argue that you are effetivly getting more cycles as compared to a single processor model, as long as the code supports it. I stand corrected on the 32/64bit thing, This was old information from when the AMD64's started getting popular, but as i...
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    Why are 4GB sticks so hard to find?

    Well in the server market if you want M$ support in a production enviroment you are pratically forced to go 64bit. I see M$ phasing out 32bit in the next two releases personally.
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    How high can I go on my Q6600?

    I disagree with you if a application supports smp and can scale up to 4 processors then it really is like having 9.6ghz to run that particular program, although there are few applications written to accomplish this but they are coming and personally I think windows does a great job a spreading...
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    Opinions wanted on low power Windows Server 2008 build (for use at home)

    I've done somethign similar, When i built my home server i did the following. AMD64 + 8 GB Ram. 2 x SATA laptop HD (RAID 1) use less power than their larger counterparts 80Plus Cert PSU. Replaced all smaller active cooling with passive cooling devices, If i could find one I would...
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    Increase Game Play for Crysis Warhead

    Well I'm running a Q6600 with a 4850oc on a P35 MB, most of the time I can run 1280x1024 without any issues <30 FPS> ( The train scene has one point where it drops to like 3 fps). I'm running vista and DX10 and It's running on gamer settings also.
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    My R key takes lots of pressure to recognize, what can I do?

    Probably the contacts are dirty or they are wearing out. disassmble keyboard and clean the contacts with isopropy if theat does not work replace it.
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    pc gaming not dead, but a lot of games coming to the pc are.

    I agree whole heartedly, duke nukem's key demo will be PC's Oh and fudzilla really your going to trust a site with a name like fudzilla if duke was going to be a 360 exclusive i would say microsoft would def be making a big thing of it, especially if it's going to be ready in the next year.
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    Why not make upgradable consoles?

    Either they are approved parts or coutner fit either way there would be 3rd parties creating the add-ons. but still to support the new hardware you need drivers and in he case of consoles software support. the game would have to know that the add-on has been installed in order for it to upp...
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    PC shutdown

    What ACPI Profile are you using ?
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    PC shutdown

    Try turning off W.O.L. (Wakeup on Lan)
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    Laptop died on the eve of my new build. Need data. Suggestions on how to proceed?

    Just take the HD out the laptop and and either put it in a IDE or SATA External enclosure they cost like £15, and to top it off you've then got a extrernal harddisk. and yes you will beabel to access the files unless you turned on bitlocker. BTW that was a long post for such a simple question.
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    New Duke Nukem Forever screens

    Crysis Warhead -> does the same think it's a ingame cutscene The other screenie was a FPS perspective, and IMO looked better than the other.
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    New Duke Nukem Forever screens

    What makes you think that these are not Screenies ?
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    Why not make upgradable consoles?

    it's not the fear of a counterfit product it's the attitude that there would be escalted service calls. what if a part fails how do you diagnose the failure ? then who manages the RMA atm it just sony but if you have a MSI card in a sony maching do you make two service calls ? But to do this...
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    Why not make upgradable consoles?

    SLI has taken more than just a little more work to get completed, it's been a pretty big undertaking with the development of new hardware and a new bus to get it to work. Modular or not there is still the problem of hardware changing and games needing to support multiple peices of hardware...
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    Brand new Corsair 520HX fries mobo header, pics inside!

    Personally I would be asking corsair to replace the MB because it was their faulty psu which broke your MB
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    Why not make upgradable consoles?

    SLI is not simple nor it SMP, Dual channel ram all these features that could put in by hardware upgrades. Adding one more of a piece of hardware would require whole new driver infrastructure to support the new core/GPU add into the fact for the best performance the game needs to support...
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    Another pc could die Thread

    I Totally disagree with you, it does not make business sence to drop PC gaming. PC Gaming is allmost like a development force it has accelerated the need for faster graphics cards it pretty much inveted the idea of 3D acceleration, it pushed every part of PC mechanics to it's limit it's come...
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    My personal video card history

    All the ones i can remember. Diamond Stealth 2MB Upgraded to Diamond Stealth 4MB Voodoo 2 3d acellerator, add on card ATI Rage 3D Nvidia Geforce 2 GTS. ATI 9600 Pro Nvidia 6800 GT Ultra (AGP) Nvidia 6800 Ultra (PCI-E) ATI HD4750
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Well I Thought I would add to it. From Left to right. PC-A05B (Intel Quad Core Q6600) PC-65B (P4 2.8Ghz Northwood) PC-A07B (AMD64 3500+) Sorry about the not great picture, my digi cam seems to highlight finger prints
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    Nvidia 6800 Ultra Upgrade Advice please.

    Actaully I've got a 6800 GT AGP round here somewhere.
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    Nvidia 6800 Ultra Upgrade Advice please.

    One more quick question. As i'm going Nvidia > ATI is it still the wisest course of action to re-format ? or is vista/nivida better with these types of issues.
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    Intel driver sets

    Bios goto your MB board site. Driver INF
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    Nvidia 6800 Ultra Upgrade Advice please.

    Well i took the plunge and ordered the Powercolor HD4850 OC Let's hope my system's upto it.