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    DJI S1000 Drone
  2. TheOne&OnlyZeke

    No....THIS is a robot

    In relation to the Boston Dynamics thread in Mayhem One man’s 12-ton, 16-foot-tall fighting robot is another man’s treasure. Eagle Prime, the crown jewel of MegaBots Inc.’s fleet of sci-fi-inspired piloted robots, is being sold on eBay with bids starting at a single dollar. Founded by Gui...
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    Awww Sugar....Here We Go Again!

    Since no cursing is allowed in thread titles! "A bug called SWAPGSAttack can bypass protections set in place to protect devices from Spectre and Meltdown"
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    Corsair Aquires OriginPC

    Corsair and Origin PC are joining hands, bringing the customer PC maker under Corsair's banner
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    In News That We've All Been Waiting For - More Star Wars Movies

    And by ' all been waiting for' I of course mean news that most people didn't want to hear due to the current state of star wars Not tech news I...
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    Lesson Have Not Been Learned: Unsecure DB Holds 80 Million Records

    Whats scary about this one is they couldn't figure out who owned the data "Researchers Ran Locar and Noam Rotem have found an unguarded database hosted on a Microsoft server that holds sensitive info for more than 80 million US households (over half of the 128 million in the US), but doesn't...
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    Laptops To Gain AMD's Vega Graphics With Ryzen Pro Chips

    "Now that AMD has unveiled second-gen Ryzen chips for everyday laptops, it's turning its attention to the pro crowd. It's releasing a new wave of Ryzen Pro processors aimed at "premium" (but still highly portable) work machines"...
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    Valves Index VR To Ship In June

    Valve briefly posted (and promptly removed) unfinished pages for the Index that offer both a clearer look at the headset and reveal a June 15th ship date (Engadget has confirmed this with Valve). While the company didn't provide vivid detail about the headset proper, it showed that the Index...
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    April Fools Tech Roundup

    In this news thread, feel free to post tech related April Fools . T-Mobile's personnel phone booth: Want to talk to plants? Then the Google Tulip is for you: Need to...
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    Office Depot Fined $25 Million Over Bogus AntiMalware Software

    The FTC has fined Office Deport 25 Million Dollars over its use of basically fake AntiMalware software. "Using a program called PC Health Check, the FTC claimed in its complaint that Office Depot, its subsidiary OfficeMax, and its service provider ran a program that ostensibly...
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    Layoffs hit EA

    To deal with the 'challenges' of their business model, EA are going to be laying off up to 350 people today. “Today we took some important steps as a company to address our challenges and prepare for the opportunities ahead,” Wilson wrote in his post. “As we look across a changing world around...
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    SWTOR Collectable

    For any Star Wars or Star Wars - The Old Republic fans out there Gentle Giant model of the bounty hunter Shae Vizla Number 622/900
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    Logitech MX Master - £42 have the MX Master for 42 Sterling at the moment ($52 I think) Best price I've seen on this by a long shot.
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    Smallest ATX Chassis

    Looking to rebuild into a smaller chassis. Thought I was going to build a MiniATX or ITX system, but can't afford it So want to rebuild into a smaller ATX chassis....has to be one that'll take an Asus 1080 GTX Strix though. Any thoughts?
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    Which 1080

    Since I've never been able to afford a flagship GPU when it was a flagship GPU I finally have enough cash to get a 1080 You guys any views on which model? PNY Founders Edition Asus Strix O8G Asus Strix 8G (these are the only models my supplier does) The Founders Edition is 100 Euros less then...
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    SanDisk Ultra II SSD 960 GB Sata III 2.5 inch - Hot

    For any UK or Euro people out there. £139 down from £230 SanDisk Ultra II SSD 960 GB Sata III 2.5 inch Internal SSD up to 550 MB/s: Computers & Accessories
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    Crucial MX100 - 512GB - £159

    Saw this on For this side of the world its a fantastic deal!
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    What a deal

    Well I''ve always wanted a MacBook or MacBook Pro, but to be honest I always swore I'd never shell out the money they want for them (they are far too overpriced IMO) So I get a call from a buddy of mine last week. His late 2007 MBP gave up the ghost and he asked me did I want to buy it for...
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    iMac Superdrive

    I've been given a White iMac 2105. Core 2 2ghz, 1gb ram etc. The slot drive in it is shot. Can i just replace this with any slot drive, like the one in my Dell Studio Hybrid? Well as long as its an ATA model I'm guessing. Or do i need to use particular models only?
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    Will this give me a performance boost

    Currently My boot drive is a WD Raptor 1600ADFS which is running fine. I happen to have a spare 64gb ssd lying around doing nothing, so I was going to use the SSD as a RAMdrive. Do you think theres any point in me doing this? Currently I have 4gb of G.Skill Ripjaw ram in my system also
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    Build or Buy help

    I've been building my own rigs for years for gaming so no issue there. I've been asked today to get together or just buy a PC for someone for video editing. I've never used a machine for this myself so I'm not sure whats required Am I right in thinking that for editing video that you need just...
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    What to do. iPhone question

    I was given two iPhone 3g's a while ago as there were various issues with both phones One i have bascically working, but the proximity sensor isn't working. Don't mind that. the second one definitely can't be used as a phone as the zif connector on the board was ripped off by tyhe previous owner...
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    Esprimo V6515

    Pile of crap laptop was handed to me because it was randomly shutting down. Booted it up and it hung in the BIOS. shut it off and tried again. got past the BIOS, but i noticed it was getting fairly warm very quickly Took off the bottom cover and low and behold. The heatpipe has separated from...
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    Wireless repeater issue

    Have been trying to set up a Zyxel G-570S ap as a repeater and its driving me mad. Not sure where i'm going wrong. I've set it to AP/Repeater mode Set the SSID and channel the same as the D-Link DIR-655 router (running mixed B&G mode) Entered the MAC address into the list on the Zyxel, and...
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    5.1 Headphones and 2.0 Speakers

    Ok, i'm not sure how i can get this setup to work correctly I have an X-Fi titanium sound card, Creative Gigaworks T20 SeriesII speakers and the Turtle Beach HPA2 5.1 headphones Headphones have 4 leads to go into the soundcard and they work fine. GF got me the speakers for my birthday as i...
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    Dell Studio Hybrid

    Lads. hoping someone might know something about this. Got a Studio Hybrid and have it sitting under my 40" Sony Bravia 1080P Hooked it up using a HDMI cable. If i set the res to 1920x1080, the desktop is just that little too big for the screen isn't a full HD tv supposed to be able to run...
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    D-Link DIR655 Issue

    Ok heres the problem. Connecting to the router works fine. i play games over wireless no issues. But the other day i got myself a D-Link DNS-323 NAS I've hooked this to one of the gigabit post on the router with a static IP. All machine can access it fine, but my problem is file transfers...
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    PNY 9800GX2

    Hi, does anyone know do these overclock well? I've sold off my 8800GTX's cause i got sick of SLi. went with an intel chipset in my new board. I've the 8800 M GTX in my laptop anyway. So i can get the PNY 9800 for €435 (about 650 dollars). thats about 70 euros under the cheapest retail...
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    Vista 64bit Ultimate USB Issues

    Last thread disappeared after the forum went down In Vista 64bit, if i plug any USB storage type device into it it hard freezes the machine. like an iPod , usb stick, hard drive etc. It will bring up the "what'ca wanna do" window, but if i access it. boom Wasn't happening in Vista 32it...
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    8800GTX Crashing games

    All my games are causing problems since i installed my 8800GTX System specs are Antec TPII480 AM2 4200 X2 2GB OCZ Platinum PC6400 MSI K9A I'm only running 2 harddrives and 2 optical drives off the PSU so i really don't think its that considering my system ran fine with my other...
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    Tsunami Dream and 8800GTX

    god damn this case. I put in my new 8800 GTX and the drive cage won't fit back in do you think it would weaken it much if i used my Dremel to cut a retangular hole out of the drive cage? has anyone else come across this in their case?
  32. TheOne&OnlyZeke

    7950GX2 Problem

    My friend just built his new PC Specs are Conroe 6700 Asus P5B Deluxe 2GB's 667 DDR2 Creative X-Fi nVidia 7950GX2 Samsung 913n Syncmaster 19" TFT Issue is that monitor keeps randomly loosing its native resolution and refresh rate, Displaying message "Not optimum mode. Recommended mode...
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    Printer issue in XP

    Guys, have any of you seen this Printers and Faxes in XP willl not open. Not even if i restart the print spooler Troubleshooting done so far Reinstalled the print Spooler service Ran a full repair on the OS Also reinstalled SMS just in case (we use that here) reinstalling the machine...
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    MSI K9N Ultra Issue

    Just built my new rig this week AMD AM2 x2 4200 2gb OCZ Platinum XTC PC2-6400 and the MSI K9N If i try and put the ram into slots for Dual Channel my machine blue screens now the ram is dual channel ram but if i put them in slots 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 the machine will 100% bluescreen on me...
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    New AMD Build What'ca think Before anyone says "buy a conroe" I'm sticking with AMD. Can't seem to get better prices then these in Ireland.
  36. TheOne&OnlyZeke

    Samsung Laptop HDD

    ok my portable samsung hdd has failed. it does spin up fine but the read heads move in..pause for a few seconds, then move out again. i really reallly really need the data on this. has anyone ever swapped the platters from 2 identical drives to get data off a HDD before? or does anyone know...
  37. TheOne&OnlyZeke

    XP Install Issue

    this is driving me nuts. ok does Xp have an issue with 500gb HDD's? i have a 500GB Hitachi Deskstar and i'm trying to install XP onto it. after initial setup i get the NTLDR is missin error i've manually copied the ntdetect and ntldr file to the drive...still the same thing. i've...
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    MSI Mainboard issue

    i'm looking at this machine for someone. Its a Medion PC, so its using an MSI mainboard (not one you can buiy off MSI) When its turned on it just emits a long bios beep, then stops, then te same long beep again. I've look at all the bios beep code pages i can find, but i can't find one...
  39. TheOne&OnlyZeke

    Policy Issue

    I'm trying to build a new policy to lock down a certain number of PC's. the results i'm getting are annoyingthe crap out of me. If i make a change to the Computer Config, the change is applied straight away if i make any changes to the user config of the policy, none of the changes are...
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    Opteron Question

    ok maybe this question has been asked before. Socket 939 Opterons and FX CPU's are they technically the same thing? say the FX 53 is a 2.4 with 1mb L2 cache the Opteron 150 has the same an Opteron 150 = FX-53? anyone have a definitive answer on this one?