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  1. owcraftsman

    Wiring new house

    jerry8169 Ditto on the chase/conduit from where cable/FIOS etc comes in the house (typically garage) to patch panel or main distribution point. Highly recommended for future proofing. Also take a good look at the blueprints to determine choke points where running a future cable may be next to...
  2. owcraftsman

    How can I remove this "view" kinda hard to explain, but look at pic please...

    I don't use a local account and can go to Microsoft account setting to control what is seen there.
  3. owcraftsman

    Alphacool drops some new radiators and some new coolant, or is it?

    The guy who created Thermal Bench is a staff writer now at TechPoweUp. I was sad for myself and happy for him at the same time. Sad fact is there is not enough money in the review business when you tell the whole truth and people don't contribute enough for a guy to make a living even if the...
  4. owcraftsman

    Alphacool drops some new radiators and some new coolant, or is it?

    Ahh info we can use thanks, so maybe my data is old in comparison and I may not be on top of things like I once was but, I feel like you are missing the point of my post for a few degrees of difference I'd rather have the multi ports or better yet the 45mm 1080 not listed/tested in your link...
  5. owcraftsman

    Alphacool drops some new radiators and some new coolant, or is it?

    I'm excited to see the 60mm thick 1080 rad and if I still had my Phanteks Primo case the updated monsta would do the same. If you have used a monsta in push pull config you would understand why. There is nothing more effective and efficient on the market of course it can be quit loud in it's...
  6. owcraftsman

    Favorite utility to stress test 5900X for load temps?

    I use Aida 64 Extreme System Stability Test to load CPU, FPU, Cache, Memory, and GPU all at once. Of course this is after the CPU, Memory and GPU have been overclocked and tested separately for stability. Prime is perfect for a CPU because it indicates what the errors are based on the test it...
  7. owcraftsman

    My laptop's screen is broken, how can I get my files from my laptop?

    remove the hard drive from the laptop and hook it up to a PC. If its sata3 connect to a Sata 3 port of the motherboard conversely if its a M.2 connect to an M.2 port. Then boot the PC and open the drive to browse it head to C::/Users/xxx xxx= old user name navigate to the folders you want to...
  8. owcraftsman

    dead sound card?

    try uninstalling the drivers and software first with the card removed then try the different PCI slot
  9. owcraftsman

    dead sound card?

    Try a different PCI slot, any will do, from 16x to 4x, if windows doesn't recognize then it's likely dead.
  10. owcraftsman

    Should I mod my case for vertical GPU mount?

    I could populate any of the expansion slots not in use but only have the GPU and Sound Blaster Z (hence the red glow below the vertical mount) (last pic) installed in both builds.
  11. owcraftsman

    Should I mod my case for vertical GPU mount?

    I assume you mean the PCIe extension cable, if so, nearly no bend at all. Note the 1st image above. final shape is like a not quite formed "S"
  12. owcraftsman

    Should I mod my case for vertical GPU mount?

    I assume you are asking me please ignore if not
  13. owcraftsman

    Should I mod my case for vertical GPU mount?

    Worked for me in a Phanteks Enthoo Luxe (original) Case twice. The nice part separating it from most risers is that I can still use other motherboard expansion slots like my SoundBlaster audio card 1st Luxe with build log pics 2nd Luxe
  14. owcraftsman

    AIO and Oil

    Mineral was and still is used to totally submerge an entire system which is/was fully operational see but I don't recall it being all that wonderful especially after heat transfer occurs. It was never intended as a loop coolant fulid.
  15. owcraftsman

    What ram stability test are you running these days?

    I graduated from Memtest86 about 10 years ago when I had trouble with memory in windows that had been test fine with memtest86. I started looking for an app that would test it from within windows to avoid this. I had used Memtest86 for 10 or more years prior spending hours upon hours with it as...
  16. owcraftsman

    No Man Sky

    All this means you would benefit from the GPU upgrade more than a CPU upgrade because the game you play is optimized for GPU utilization.
  17. owcraftsman

    Looking for ultra widescreen monitor recommendations

    I can highly recommend the LG 34GP83A-B 34 Inch 21: 9 Ultragear Curved QHD decently calibrated out of the box at a price point that can't be beat. Consider the specs and you will agree. Bottom line, I love mine. I should add the 1440p monitors that flank it right and left are the same physical...
  18. owcraftsman

    DRAM confusion - PC4-21300 vs PC4-25600 (resolved)

    To find the approx data rate divide by 8. some are rounded up and other down similar to 1 TB hard drives some are called that but only have 960GB vs 1024GB (actual 1TB) Because a modules peak transfer rate is calculated by taking transfers per second and multiplying by eight the reverse is true...
  19. owcraftsman

    Just bought a 10850K. What's a good motheboard for it?

    If Intel LAN or Foxville IPG is an issue try these no mention of budget but GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Elite AC ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming Velocita ASRock Z490 Taichi
  20. owcraftsman

    No Man Sky

    The GPU will get you more FPS in general but on GPU orientated games with CPU intensive games not so much. You will see the 3770k struggling at 100% while GPU is under utilized. That, said it can't hurt for the right price...
  21. owcraftsman

    hey mice people, what's your take on Pointer Instruments $270 mouse?

    Func MS-3 (8 button) was great ergonomically add button presses to the left and it would be perfect. If somebody could just bring it back I'd be in heaven.
  22. owcraftsman

    hey mice people, what's your take on Pointer Instruments $270 mouse?

    Impressive number of keys there however I want a mouse with width because I'm so tired of dragging my ring and pinky finger around with nothing to do but feel the mouse pad.
  23. owcraftsman

    Future of Blu-Ray vs Streaming?

    Yes I believe 4k UHD disc are worth collecting. I get annoyed there isn't more titles available. In the same way consoles have numbed down expectations the push to all things streaming is failing the end users too. Look no further than the availability of optical drives or cases to put them in...
  24. owcraftsman

    So my robe fried my GPU?

    sorry for your luck but it sounds like static electricity and yes gpus are vunerable. Unfortunately many video cable can come in direct contact with the case. You are lucky if there are no other issues. Best way to get rid of the problem is to buy a humidifier or bare minimum use an anti static...
  25. owcraftsman

    Are motherboard screws supposed to fully contact the little metal bits around the screw hole?

    doesn't look like a motherboard screw which has a washer like extension around the screw. if it is like the above and the image you posted isn't clear then you are fine the bits of metal as you call it are board reinforcements
  26. owcraftsman

    hey mice people, what's your take on Pointer Instruments $270 mouse?

    give me a mouse with a button press for each of my 5 digits and I'll be impressed.
  27. owcraftsman

    TCL 2021 6-series is all 8K

    I bought 4k before there was tons of 4k content but it's still on the adolescent stages not even 4k content in broadcast media yet. When if that day comes then I'd consider adopting early 8k. Surely 8k desktop browsing and productivity is doable with what we have now but gaming we are still...
  28. owcraftsman

    Blu-Ray movie gives error

    As long as it's not UHD disc which would require an Intel CPU then maybe try a new cable. I can confirm the monitor is capable as seen below with PowerDVD15.
  29. owcraftsman

    Opinions on the Logitech G502 Mouse?

    I'll preface my comments by saying all mice lack imagination, true ergonomics and innovation we can use. What improvements we do see are mainly hype and of little real value. You will never use the max tracking value in normal gaming so stacking your claim on the highest dpi or most sensitive is...
  30. owcraftsman

    GTX 1080ti crashing games and only games for some reason?

    Cap whine is not unusual and not often cause for failure rather just annoying. Most modern game have a file check system through the launcher software definitely try that. Sometimes old setting remain previous hardware that are incompatible with current hardware so clear caches and game setting...
  31. owcraftsman

    Is there a workaround for games that must be installed to C Drive?

    +1 symbolic links aka symlinks
  32. owcraftsman

    Naming your systems - how do you pick?

    I always have 3 systems on my network breifly 4 during a build (test bench) and I always name them after its respective chipset z270, x570 etc. As they change users over time it helps keep things straight.
  33. owcraftsman

    5900x, running hot

    +1 and keep in mind the voltage still fluctuates and ramps up and down like core clocks which is by design from AMD. Also, not all cpus can handle the lower vcore and then some more than others. (silicone lottery)
  34. owcraftsman

    Alphacool Supernova 1260 ( Or Phobya, same thing ) for external water box project

    Well my thoughts were in Post 2. The 1080 and 1260 both have a case that houses them upright and one in port, one out port and one drain port (fewer fittings). However I use the case without feet because I knew I was going to make a stand for it, I suppose you could modify an old case or...
  35. owcraftsman

    what browser do you use

    Firefox most versatile, best extensions, and respects my privacy. May not be fastest if your counting nano seconds. I love how I can scroll through my tabs with mouse wheel and expose bottom navigation bar and context menus and bookmark bar.
  36. owcraftsman

    Alphacool Supernova 1260 ( Or Phobya, same thing ) for external water box project

    A bit messy atm but I built a cart on wheels to go under the desk. It holds PC case, Nova, dual pumps, 1600w ups and two temp sensors for hot and cold sides. The 1080 Nova is to the left of the pumps covered by the DEMCiflex filter. I suppose lighted would be nice and at some point I may upgrade...
  37. owcraftsman

    Alphacool Supernova 1260 ( Or Phobya, same thing ) for external water box project

    I use the Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 1080mm Nova with Koolance QD3 quick disconnects, DEMCiflex magnetic dust filters and Dual D5 pumps all which is external and love it. Right now it's cooling an OCed 3900x and OCed 2808Ti on Asus C8H w/monoblock when gaming CPU stays at 60c or below...
  38. owcraftsman

    Has anyone used Phanteks Enthoo Luxe 2?

    I cannot speak from experience with this case so cable management at the CPU compartment maybe limited but as a general rule Phanteks allows more room on the backside of the motherboard/right side of case for cable management than most others and velcro cable ties in all the right places. As for...
  39. owcraftsman

    5900x, running hot

    Nice case I can see why you like it. Airflow shouldn't be an issue. My recommendations: H100i at front high position ML fans (only) in push/intake 1 additional fan on front panel w/aio push/intake filtered 1 fan at case floor push/intake filtered 1 rear push/exhaust unfiltered 3 fans...
  40. owcraftsman

    5900x, running hot

    There are lots of good points made here by others however if we are going to help you a bit more info is needed. Maybe its your case fans but, you say your fans top out at 1400 rpm yet your cooler comes with ML fans that top out at 2400 rpm, so it begs the question what fans are you using and...