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  1. Doozer

    Best CPU/GPU combo for folding @ home?

    Recently my Mother passed from cancer and I'll be getting some money from her estate. I want to build a box for her to help with the battle with cancer. What hardware should I be looking for?
  2. Doozer

    Can X299 support 4 channel DDR4 4000?

    I have a single kit of 16GB (2x8) DDR4 4000 and I"ll be getting another from an RMA soon. Can my X299 board handle all four DIMMS at 4000MHz? Its the MSI X299M-A Pro update: found out that the board only supports dual channel
  3. Doozer

    Firing the boys back up

    Started folding again today. Right now I have a 3950x and 2080ti folding away and this next week I'll be bringing on another 14 cores with an i9-9940x. I picked folding because I could choose covid research. What projects are you guys running?
  4. Doozer

    GPU-Z reports card as FAKE

    So, this is a fake 1050ti, right?
  5. Doozer

    Galax GTX 1070 Katana looks cool & it appears that I'm folding again I didn't see any mention of this card here yet. Forgive me if I'm blind and missed it. Seems like this would be good for multi-GPU crunching
  6. Doozer

    Anti-virus Software for Windows XP on a PII-350?

    Any recommendations for Windows XP running on a PII-350? I usually use the free AVG but it requires more horsepower than the PII offers. Windows XP Home Pentium II 350 192MB RAM
  7. Doozer

    3440x1440: What to do?

    So I'm running SLI GTX 780s at 3440x1440 right now and I'm feeling the upgrade fever. What would make the most sense for me? Adding a third GTX 780 or going with one or more of the new Nvidia cards? Specs: Asus X99 Deluxe i7 5930k 16GB DDR4
  8. Doozer

    FS Doozer's Stuff

    i7-3930k SOLD * Bare CPU * It will do 4.2 GHz easily on an Asrock X79 Extreme-4m when set to "auto" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asrock X79 Extreme-4m SOLD * box and accessories included...
  9. Doozer

    FS EVGA SR-2

    LNIB EVGA SR-2 ---- SOLD I have all of the retail accessories as well as the box. The only thing missing is the UPC code off of the box. I was going to use this board for a project but decided to go another route.
  10. Doozer

    WTB ASUS Z8NA-D6C (combo?)

    I'm looking to pick up a Z8NA-D6C and maybe a couple of Xeons to go with it. For the right combo I'd trade my LNIB SR-2. It has been ran maybe a total of 24hrs and it is registered by me for the limited lifetime warranty + the 2 day EAR program.
  11. Doozer

    SR-2 not wanting to post

    So, who is the resident SR-2 expert? I've got one that starts beeping once it gets to the C0 post code.
  12. Doozer

    WTB: hex core xeons

    I found a couple of 5649s :) Thanks for the replies guys! I just picked up an SR-2 so I'll be needing a couple of hex core xeons for it. Let me know what you have and what you are asking :) I cant post my badge from my phone but ill get it in here when i can.
  13. Doozer

    FS: i7-3820, i3-2125, Z68MX-UD2H-B3, RocketRaid640

    I do give discounts to members of team33 RocketRaid640 $75 *comes with 4 SATA cables ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3 SOLD to Talonz *box and accessories included i7-3820...
  14. Doozer

    Asrock X79 Extreme4 + rocketRAID640?

    Has anyone tried a highpoint rocketraid640 on their X79 extreme4? I wanted to move my 640 over from my last z68 board but the new X79 board refuses to recognize the RAID card at all. I have the 640 running in a gigabyte z68 board just fine so I know that the card works. I have verified...
  15. Doozer

    2 x GTX580, i7-920 combo

    1 EVGA GTX580 -- SOLD to Xr7 EVGA 015-P3-1580-AR GeForce GTX 580 * bare card without original packaging 1 EVGA GTX580 -- SOLD to Kendrak EVGA 015-P3-1580-AR GeForce GTX 580 * bare card without original packaging i7-920 + Asus P6T + 6GB DDR3 -- Sold to FREDDIV * comes with retail HSF and...
  16. Doozer

    Moving Sale

    ____________________________________________ 12GB (4GBx3)Patriot Viper II Sector 7 $55 shipped PV7312G1600ELK PC3-12800 (1600MHz) (9-9-9-24) 1.65V XMP ____________________________________________ 12GB (4GBx3)Patriot Viper II Sector 7 $55 shipped PV7312G1600ELK PC3-12800...
  17. Doozer

    Are there any bad bigadv WUs in the wild right now?

    I noticed that one of my SR2s had dumped a couple of 6904s so I figured that it was having issues and took it down for hardware testing. Just now I noticed that my other SR2 that has never dropped a WU had dumped a couple as well. Has anyone else had any trouble in the last day or two?
  18. Doozer

    FS 2500K

    2500K has been sold. :) I have a 2500K that I'll let it go for $150 to anyone that folds for the [H]. You will get the 2500K, the HSF, and the box that it comes in. I got the CPU as part of a trade but I have decided to go a different route for my daily driver. I don't have a board for it...
  19. Doozer

    Official Bulldozer PPD??

    Anyone have F@H performance in their Bulldozer reviews? I looked around but didn't see any.
  20. Doozer

    WTB Stock Intel HSF

    I am in need 1 HSFs like the one below. It is the one from the i7-970/980X.
  21. Doozer

    WTB Hex Core Xeons

    I'm im in the market for some hex core Xeons. I will need 2 pairs. E5649, L5640, etc. I believe that you guys know what I'm looking for. :)
  22. Doozer

    WTB Asus Z8NA-D6C

    I am wanting to buy another Z8NA-D6C in a couple of weeks. I was hoping that one of you guys had one lying on a shelf or maybe in a secret bunker in your basement. :)
  23. Doozer

    Doozer's Garage Sale

    It is time to clear out some of the things that are just sitting on my shelves. Everything is in perfect working order other than the 1 stuck pixel on the monitor. I do not ship internationally. If you have questions about whether I accept credit card payment through paypal you should wait...
  24. Doozer

    Pulled the same WU on two machines??

    I just had two different machines pick up what appears to be the same WU? Should I delete one of them?
  25. Doozer

    FS Two i7-970 combos

    I7-970 combo SOLD to darkkai I7-970 combo TRADED to dutnguye Heat 105-0-0
  26. Doozer

    WTB a couple of small SSDs

    I'm looking for a couple of smallish relatively inexpensive SSDs for my growing farm
  27. Doozer

    WTB: SR-2

    I've decided to go the SR-2 route since I already have one L5640 and 12GB or DDR3-1600. PM me with a shipped price. Of course if you happen to have an L5640 that would be a nice mate for mine shoot me a PM as well. I'd rather pick up the parts from you guys than from eBay.
  28. Doozer

    Doozer's New FS Thread

    I have some stuff that I'm not using so I thought that maybe someone here could use it. All parts are known working pulls. If you don't like a price PM me with an offer or let me know that there may be some illicit drugs in my drink. The fan is failing on the 9600GT but there is no issue with...
  29. Doozer

    FS X58A-UD3R

    I have a "spare" X58A-UD3R laying around so I thought that I'd try to sell it so that someone could get some use out of it. It has been an awesome board and I had a Xeon <CENSORED> cpu running on it at 220x18 without any trouble at all. X58A-UD3R v.2 with box manual and accessories SOLD...
  30. Doozer

    Gigabyte Archived Bios Downloads

    Anyone know where I can get older BIOS releases for Gigabyte motherboards? I have an X58A-UD3R v2 and the only BIOS listed is the latest version which is FF
  31. Doozer

    Doozer's "I'm gonna buy a U3011 thread"

    I'm going to be buying a new U3011 + wall/desk mount soon so I've got to sell some things to offset the cost. The next thing on the chopping block is: EVGA GTX460 768MB -- hardwaresick 768-P3-1360-TR Got this as an RMA from EVGA it is a FPB card that I have not updated the BIOS on. it...
  32. Doozer

    FS: i7-920 + X58A-UD3R + 4GB DDR3

    I'm saving up for a new 30" LCD so I'm going to be selling some stuff. i7-920 - bare cpu X58A-UD3R - with box and accessories 4GB Elpida DDR3-1333 (2x2GB) I've never had any problem running it at DDR3-1600 speeds sold to Enlitence.Systems
  33. Doozer

    3007wpf-hc w/busted panel

    Is it worth it to try to get a replacement panel for my 3007wfp-hc? My cat decided that he didn't like my monitor and knocked it over somehow and busted up the panel. :( If it is, does anyone have any idea where to find one? I haven't called Dell to see if I could get one from them but...
  34. Doozer

    Free Cat!

    I got woke up this morning to what I thought was an early preview to next years end of the world... Apparently my cat decided to use my 3007wfp-hc as a diving board early Saturday morning. It may not have been so bad had I not been up all night working on getting all of my bigadv boxes up and...
  35. Doozer

    FT 2x EVGA GTS450

    Since I just picked up an L5640 my baby i7 needs a new home. I am looking to trade my two EVGA GTS450s for an X58 mobo. Traded to sugosugita for another X58A-UD3R :) I seem to be collecting them.
  36. Doozer

    Recommended BIOS for SR-2?

    Which BIOS are you guys using for the Extra Spicy L5640s on your SR-2 boards? I don't have one but I'm asking for someone else.
  37. Doozer

    FS X58 Pro-E

    MSI X58 Pro-E Sold to NobleX13 Fresh from RMA I have the box along with backplate, SLI/CrossFire Bridges
  38. Doozer

    Goodbye MSI... Hello Gigabyte

    So, I got a new motherboard on Sunday because my X58Pro-E died on me. I have to say I was very impressed with the X58A-UD3R as soon as I got it out of the static bag. It is a thing of beauty compared to the homely old MSI board. So far the thing I like the most about it is that the board...
  39. Doozer


    I finally got a bigadv for my extra spicy hex core :) I had some stability issues that I thought was the OC on my RAM so I'm only running it at around 1310Mhz. The stability problem wound up being the OC on my GTX460 so as soon as I get this 2686 done I'll bum my RAM back up. I hope that I'll...
  40. Doozer

    L5640 not getting bigadv

    Anyone else not getting bigadv WUs for their L5640? I'm pulling nothing but A3