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    Google won't make AI for energy companies for oil and gas extraction

    Pretty easy decision to make when your primary energy usage is electricity. You can claim carbon neutrality even when your grid power sources include coal and gas because some magic box sends only electrons to Google data centers that come from wind or solar sources. Ignore the whole calm...
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    Microsoft joins Amazon, IBM in halting police use of facial recognition technology

    I notice they didn't preclude sales to places like China, Egypt, Vietnam, etc.
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    Microsoft is closing all of its stores

    Probably a good move. Microsoft is mainly a software and service company despite many attempts to enter the hardware market. Software and service can be shown online just about as well as in a B&M store and to everyone not just those near the few Microsoft stores.
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    New SMM Callout Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Affects AMD Platforms

    If I understand this, it is an issue with what used to be called the BIOS rather then the CPU proper. If so, somewhat ironic that the part of the system that was supposed to allow "Secure Boot" is the part with the vulnerability. Probably not much of an issue for the average home user but...
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    OS imaging and redeployment over network?

    2nd on the VM thought. Different VM for each software setup. No waiting for a new OS load via network.
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    How do I know if my router is dying?

    Don't overlook power issues. A lot of wall warts are sourced from the cheapest available vendor. If the issues are primarily WiFi, might check for too many devices or channel congestion from neighbors. A neighbor doing a lot of WiFi streaming can mess up your WiFi even though they aren't...
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    AI System – Using Neural Networks With Deep Learning – Beats Stock Market in Simulation

    Already happening, 2yr old oops:
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    Trackmania - Ubisoft Claims Yearly Fee To Access Game Is Not Subscription

    Could be some bizarre quirk in corporate tax accounting that treats fee income different from subscription income. Or it allows them to shift money around on SEC filings so the quarterly stock reports look better today vs next year.
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    Can i put 2 severs/websites on 1 static ip?

    Assuming the modem is in bridge mode, not always a valid assumption with the default ISP setup, then it might work IF the servers are offering up two different services. i.e. Server 1 = web, Server 2 = FTP. If both are trying to be Web servers, then no unless you change one to offer up on a...
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    IMO - the big problem with IPV6 is the assumption in a lot of its standards that networks will be operated by network admins that know what they are doing. In 1998,when IPV6 became a draft standard, that was a fairly valid assumption. Today, that is the exception. Most folks that have a...
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    US successfully tests a Laser Weapon that can Destroy Aircraft Mid-Flight

    The low cost variant current production Sidewinder is about $500K per. While primarily a Air to Air missile, some have been setup as SAMs. As long as you shoot the laser up, you don't have to worry about where the spent laser will land, unlike a...
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    Port forwarding problem, i'm stuck

    There have been a bunch of Microsoft patches for RDP and related software due to multiple vulnerabilities, some of which were being exploited. IIRC, some of the patches deprecated earlier versions of RDP in favor of later, supposedly more secure versions. Some of the security recommendations...
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    Port forwarding problem, i'm stuck

    Most consumer grade router/firewalls allow all outbound traffic so you should be good there. Windows firewall pop-ups have a nasty habit of staying hidden behind the application causing them( or the application insists on keeping focus). When you next try, might minimize the client and make...
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    G2A admits it sold stolen game keys

    Unless G2A is admitting using stolen credit cards to make the purchases themselves, what they would be guilty of is Receipt of stolen property, Possession of stolen property, and maybe Fencing. And possibly Fraud if they knew the keys wouldn't allow the end purchaser to authenticate and run...
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    G2A admits it sold stolen game keys

    Seems a stretch to call this straight up theft. They are buying the keys in one market and selling them in another. With most other products we would call that: buying low + selling high = profit. None of the articles indicated the keys were flat out stolen like someone breaking into a...
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    Jack Ma to resign from SoftBank Group’s board of directors

    The source article mentions he is also pulling back from Alibaba to pursue philanthropy. After 13 years at Softbank he might just be bored with the job. And the double zots from WeWork and Covid probably made the Softbank job far more stressful then it was a year ago. One of the often...
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    Simple webserver without HTTPS no longer possible?

    Site rendered fine for me. Firefox ESR 68.8.0 BUT - you probably want to start planning on offering/switching to HTTPS at some point. Today https is encouraged but not required. At some point that will change to required unless you really want to argue with your browser/security software...
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    Senate passes spying bill without search and browsing history protections

    Considering that this is a Re-authorization bill for existing legislation, if a challenge hasn't happened by now, probably won't happen. The browsing history amendment was an attempt to modify the existing, but expired, rules. As the Senate version contained an amendment not in the House...
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    Microsoft Phasing Out 32 bit Windows 10

    For a Microsoft decision, this one seems rather good. Stop selling 32bit for new purchases while supporting existing users and those with edge cases that for some reason HAVE to have a 32bit OS.
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    Why Ethernet LAN file transfer speed soooo sloooowwww? (Not internet, ... ipad to ext. HHD via router)

    If possible, connect the drive directly to the computer and see if the results are the same. Also possible the HD & router are not negotiating USB speeds properly and defaulting to USB 1.
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    With Win 10, Microsoft joined the growing group of companies that are changing the rules of ownership. With Win 10, you no longer fully control 'your' computer. Instead, Microsoft sets the update schedule(you can opt for a delay but not a suspension), what your desktop looks like, and is...
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    Use a standalone firewall appliance and block your PC from accessing the Microsoft Update servers. Same technique can block most of the telemetry flow as well. You do have to remember to undo the block when you decide to update the PC.
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    There’s a new Thunderbolt bug, check if your computer is affected

    So far, I haven't seen where a modified firmware can cause the compromised computer to try to phone home via a network. If that happens, then this could be a real concern. Until then, this is another of those interesting weaknesses with little practical concern for most of us. One article...
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    Suggestions on backup power supply?

    If keeping the surveillance system up 24/7 is important, might want to create a separate system just for that purpose and optimize it for low power usage. The data handling capabilities of small SBCs like a RaspberryPi are getting fairly impressive. Don't forget power for the cameras. If you...
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    Watson's Creator Wants to Teach AI a New Trick: Common Sense

    Given how poorly many humans do in the common sense department, teaching it to an AI could take awhile. Even the plant example from TFA isn't as simple as first presented. Some plants will react about as poorly with too much light as with too little.
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    New Construction Network Assistance

    Are the power outlets for the hub closet on their own breaker or did they get added to a string of outlets? 1500W hair dryers often result in unplanned router reboots. Hope the electrician apprentice didn't use too much hammer when stapling the cables in place. Is the drywall up in the rest...
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    The Last Windows 7

    If you don't care about avoiding the Win 7 telemetry updates, I think it is pretty simple. Install base Win 7, Download and Install SP1, Download and install the latest Rollup update. (might have to pick the last one before Win 7 went EOL) SP1 might be in one of the rollup options.
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    System stopped cold - PSU or MOBO?

    That GTX-970 ,if good, still has enough value to warrant more testing when you get a different MB/PS to test on. But your testing so far does seem to point at the GPU. Might be worth checking the warranty status on that card. Some of the EVGA cards, if registered, had really long warranty...
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    System stopped cold - PSU or MOBO?

    Glad OP got the rig running again. If the PS is starting to degrade and the power needs of the MB+ original GPU were near the max output of the PS, possible the degradation reached the point that the PS can no longer supply enough output. OP - I wouldn't trash that original GPU until you can...
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    DIY Home server room cooling, ideas/inputs

    IMO - a combo of Idea 1 and Idea 2 would give the best results. Play with temp set points so that when the outside temps are too cold, it switches to using internal air for cooling and using the 'waste' heat to warm the living space. Be sure to include an independent temp/humidity alarm that...
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    USB 4 will fully support DisplayPort 2, including 8K HDR monitors

    And a whole new generation will come to understand the phrase "Plug and Pray".
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    Watching random traffic over the internet

    Examples of traffic being routed to places not intended: As others have stated - once the...
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    Academics steal data from air-gapped systems using PC fan vibrations

    For most of us, articles like this are interesting reading but little else. If you are someone managing an air-gap system, articles like this should be a warning to investigate anything that seems odd, no matter how trivial.
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    China Bans Online Gaming and Chatting Internationally

    Sucks for the average China citizen. If this stands, it will be interesting how it changes game designs now that the China market will be split from the rest of the world.
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    Are Used Racks in Higher Demand These Days?

    Govt surplus might be an option. Could also just be a timing issue. You need one NOW. Those friends that got one for free probably didn't have a schedule for getting one and just took advantage of free when it happened.
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    Strange wi-fi issue.

    Any chance those 3 devices did an auto firmware update that auto wiped the settings, 'for security reasons'? Or a friend came over and told the Echo dot to reset the TVs as a joke?
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    Internet speed cut in half

    Don't overlook the possibility that the PC and router are having issues negotiating a 1000mbs link and defaulting back to 100mbs link. Might make sure both PC and router are on the latest firmware/driver set. Test with a 2nd PC or laptop.
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    "Trillion Core" Chinese CPU vs. AMD & Intel: ZhaoXin X86 CPU Review ZX-C+ 4701

    The average person doesn't need a current gen CPU/GPU setup to do most basic tasks. Especially if you limit the number of ad and tracking scripts for web tasks. There is a large market for basic computer systems in China, India and Africa. Something like this if they can perfect it and get...
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    Netflix working on live action Dragon's Lair movie

    This might be the early 80's movie mentioned earlier - Dragonslayer:
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    Is my power supply on the way out?

    After 8 years, could be a capacitor nearing EOL. Could also be corrosion or a slowly relaxing power cable connector causing the problem. Might be worth swapping power cables while the new PS is on the way.