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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    How is St. Louis Park, MN's Micro Center for a 3070?
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    Upgrading my 8600k

    I necro'd the thread, that wasn't an old chart when it was posted September 2020. Or running UHD res would probably help the 8600K but it was before the price catastrophe of GPUs.
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    Upgrading my 8600k

    The 2080 Ti is very powerful but for the 9700K and 9600K with Ampere beasts or the newest AMD cards it was difficult. Here is a Dutch site. Techpowerup used a 3080...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I was in the Minnesota Micro Center bored today from 4 to 5 and a guy had an AMD RX 6800 box given to him by an employee. I don't know the price.
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    Anyone have experience with Colorful (brand) motherboards? Should I use one versus an MSI Tomahawk board?

    If you don't want to see the black PCB you could use a mini-ITX board and giant air cooler.
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    How is it possible that TLC gets more endurance than MLC

    I thought Samsung gave up on Multi-Level Cell being 2 like many people want and they have 128L 3D TLC (three, tri, etc.)? Sites like Anandtech and Servethehome say it is 3-bit. But are QLC drives failing? They have been out for years.
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    Upgrading my 8600k

    The 8600K has lower temperatures than a Ryzen 5600X?
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    EA Announces Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    In ME1 there were more appearance choices for squadmates like Garrus? And stats might decrease but it was also for walking around the Citadel? But I doubt they would add purely cosmetic changes to 2 and 3.
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    EA Announces Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Am I supposed to have the save files? Or you just pick Virmire outcome etc?
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    Galaxy S21 Thread

    Has anyone gone to brick and mortar Samsung stores? They take trade-in phones?
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    New Mass Effect Game

    They can use the Control ending and all reapers destroyed themselves by flying toward massive stars. Even reapers would be obliterated.
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    Anything customizable like the RAT series of mice?

    Maybe Cougar 700M though it might no longer be in production
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    9700K $199 Micro Center (plus $20 off MB)

    Or people working from home would like a $199 i7 and they aren't going to research it for hours. MC charges $150 for 10 minutes of assembly and recommends their Inland SSD and Powerspec PSU along with no-name RAM but it's Intel and running Excel, who cares. aka though it has an Intel SSD...
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    Samsung 980 PRO

    They have a Ruby video in 2020 but their mascot isn't a sticker on the drive? Just commit.
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    Upgrading my 8600k

    Does anyone have 8600k and 9700k new 3080 benchmarks?
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    Micro Center in-store EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super XC Hydro Copper Overclocked $599.99

    Depends if they want Rainbow 6 Siege Gold now and mature drivers, but probably not. Or if crypto creeps back it might be a pain to get a 3070 compared to this.
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    9700K vs 9900K in gaming 1440P only!

    That would work I just went with the Intel Processors forum and stayed with Intel. It seems like diminishing returns have been embraced with the 2080 Ti and the 10600k is enough but if it's $100 more for the 10700k over three years I don't mind that cost. 3200 CL16 is also fine but if someone...
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    Micro Center in-store EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super XC Hydro Copper Overclocked $599.99

    Not the best time to buy Turing but maybe if you are flipping systems and people are stuck at home, etc. and they won't wait for 3070.
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    9700K vs 9900K in gaming 1440P only!

    10700k and you can disable HT per core if needed. Then you can have 8 cores 12 threads or something unusual. But probably 8 and no HT for 1440p 2020.
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    Buy now or wait? Have 3.5k to invest

    You can get the Micro Center $350 i7-10700K. That's a good deal. If it's running hot you can disable hyperthreading per core and much more. Bad time for power supply compared to past years but might as well get one by 2020 standards. I mean compared to the buying frenzy with new Nvidia cards...
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    Intel 10nm/7nm CPU/GPU Rumor Thread : Cannonlake, Icelake, Tigerlake, Sapphire Rapids, etc.

    Which is better: 9400 six cores or 10300, 10100 4 cores 8 threads? Are two true cores better? Not for buying now.
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    Intel i9-10900k upgrade over 8700K for both multi thread rendering and also flight sims-vr?

    Intel I bet you can use Micron E-die and it's not as expensive as Samsung.
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    No excitement about intel's latest offering??

    The reviews should show the 10400 or 10400F with a 2080 Ti but how quiet and low-usage would it run with a 2060 Super, etc.? Or 10700. But not on H470 and a stock cooler, 2666 ram, etc. squeezing every dollar. Might as well buy fast RAM now due to prices. And if games are capped at 90 FPS it...
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    Hot? Microcenter has made the 3600XT effectively the same price as the 3600X

    Looks like $50. In my cart the ASUS Strix B550-F $209.99 motherboard is down to $159.99 just to test it.
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    Rumor: 3080 31% faster than 2080 Ti

    Were Turing cards reliable or were they malfunctioning? Would there be a new card so powerful at 1080p and capped at ~80 fps would the fans not spin or barely run? Not RDR2 or Control but maybe some games.
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    Smokin' Hot Deal: Microcenter Inland SSD 1TB $89.99 + TAX

    Deal on Inland NVMe QLC is $99 1TB. UPC 618996736379
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    Jeez 10900k really?

    No, I assume it would be an experiment and then probably undone. Like low graphical settings and no AA in a single-player game just to see FPS, not long term once all the jaggies are there.
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    Jeez 10900k really?

    Has anyone run the 10900k with HT disabled on the two or four best cores and they're at a higher frequency? Then a game has the screaming fast cores (Far Cry 5?) simultaneous with so many threads but maybe with less heat.
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    Compatible PCIe 4.0 z490 Boards

    The first M.2 horizontal space has connecting points on both sides, 3.0 or 4.0. The PCI-e slot has Steel Slot GEN 4 printed on it.
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    Does / Will z490 bring anything new to market?

    Does this visually look pretty good? Not the darkest board every but it's $170. MSI Z490 Gaming Plus.
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    Does / Will z490 bring anything new to market?

    ASUS AI Cooling function will automatically manage and control motherboard-connected fans to ensure optimal settings based on current system load and temperature.
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    Does / Will z490 bring anything new to market?

    Gigabyte seems to have more metal on the Aorus Ultra Z490 Aorus Elite added another M.2 heatsink ASUS says they have AI Overclocking, Cooling and Networking. Not saying it is useful
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    EA Digital Sale on Origin/Amazon - Fallen Order ($30), ME: Andromedia ($4), BF V ($12), BF 1 ($3), Titanfall 2 ($3), More...

    Combat, jetpack and open world roaming are good. Graphics are good. You get to take weapons from other species like a sniper pistol.
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    Core i9-10900K vs. Ryzen 9 3950X Cinebench R15 Comparison Leaked

    Techspot could repeat this process
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    Can anybody get me up to speed on the state of the CPU game right now?

    If the 4770k is still doing all right then the 9700k could be fine with a 4080 or 4080 Ti?
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    Intel Core i9-10900K benchmarks have leaked, and it's still slower than the Ryzen 9 3900X

    Do these high-end CPUs stay cool if they just have to maintain 70 FPS? Without weighing price and performance/$.
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    "Intel in jeopardy" from insiders. Much much worse than what they tell.

    It doesn't make sense to have an 8600k or 9600k with a 2080 Ti but they aren't CPU-limited in 1440p? Is that like the 480 or 580 where it was burning hot and much less powerful than the stock 2500K (running cool)?
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    GeForce NOW Open for All

    It chews through gigabytes over a few minutes? Still good to have it. It's not Nvidia's fault there are monthly caps
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    Intel is losing against AMD

    All right, thanks. Which motherboard with the 7700k?