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    Tesla disables feature after car is purchased, claims feature 'wasn't paid for'.

    The trend of not owning things you thought you bought is continuing. Cliff notes...
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    European Cable modem exploit gives hackers full control

    Possibly up to 200 million devices in Europe could be vulnerable. May be more in other regions. Yet another script exploit.
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    FBI issues smart TV warning

    Probably not breaking new for most folks here.
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    Google issues EOL for Cloud Print

    Google post: Ars Tech : Or another example of why putting basic services in someone else's cloud is probably a bad idea. Edit: Drop dead time starts Jan 1 2021.
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    Old Intel drivers and BIOS files going away soon If anyone is restoring older machines or OS that uses Intel hardware, best check if you need one of these drivers before Friday Nov 22.
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    Another example of not owning Adobe software you paid for.

    Adobe has announced they are turning off all cloud based software for folks in Venezuela. Supposedly to comply with a US govt order. But some sources say the order should only apply to Venezuelan government customers, not the average citizen. No refunds allowed either. A media report...
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    Verizon sells Tumbler to WSJ paywall site but you can see enough to get the gist.
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    Steam Client vulnerability found Looks like it is possible for a remote normal user to escalate themselves to admin on Windows PCs running a Steam Client.
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    What used to be in your wallet?

    Capitol One has suffered a small breech: Only a 100,000,000 +/- a few.
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    Virus ladened laptop sold as $1 million+ artwork Guess I have destroyed many similar artworks while thinking I was doing friends a favor by cleaning malware off their computers.