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    3 days to Epyc Zen3 launch--where is the price war b/w Xeon and Epyc???

    I have been intently following the prices of both Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc processors in the eve of Zen3 launch of Feb 15th. Xeon has an ability to have a maximum of 4P in one Supermicro X12 or X11 motherboard (they are said to be quite hard to boot and quite expensive Supermicro X11QPH+ costs...
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    AMD Epyc pricing after Zen3 release in the end of Q1

    There was an interesting posting about Canadian DELL's leaked pricing of new Epyc 7543, 7713 and 7763, which seems pretty aggressive to me in view of AMD's dominance in server processor technology (albeit not in market share) at the moment. I guess this reflects. I have collected some prices of...