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    What do you call four X550 NICs with the same MAC address?

    I'd call them fake but I'd like to hear what someone else has to say. We bought them off of Amazon but I didn't pay attention to whether or not they were a marketplace vendor or Amazon itself. Just looked to see if they were Prime or not. Anyway after installing them we started having a ton of...
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    Building full redundant RAID array

    Anyone ever tried to build a RAID array similar to what's sold on the enterprise market? I work for a small(ish) company and we're pricing out RAID array's such as what Stonefly or Dell/EMC sells and the thought occurred to me that it might be possible to build one out with say Supermicro...
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    Asus Z370-E Audio Confusion

    Just upgraded my PC from a system that had an SB X-Fi Titanium connected to an Onkyo receiver via optical cable. The new system is an Asus ROG Strix Z370-E board with onboard audio that's got an optical out connection using the same cable to the same receiver. On the old system the Onkyo...
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    MSI 1080Ti Sea Hawk X vs Corsair Hydro GFX GTX 1080 Ti

    Might be a stupid question but does anyone know if there is any difference between these cards other than $50 less for the one MSI is selling? They look identical to me, specs and everything. Is there something I'm missing?
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    Add in sound card or no?

    I'm putting together a plan for a new PC build and got to wondering if I actually need a sound card for it. What I'm reading is a bit conflicting or I just plain don't get it. My current system has an old Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium in it that runs via TOSLink to an Onkyo receiver. If I'm...
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    Suggestion for a great 27in monitor

    I'm in the market for a second monitor. Actually it will take the place of my current monitor but I'll be using them for dual screens. I admit I game casually but love a good looking and smooth flowing game. I dabble in FPS mostly. I also do a bit of amateur photography with a Canon 60D so I...
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    Server chassis/PC PSU?

    I know such a beast exists but can't seem to find a definite answer as to what the make/model is. I'm looking to rebuild my home server with a chassis that has actual hot swap bays, 8 of them preferably. The problem with conventional server chassis are that the fans on the PSUs are way too...
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    USB wall outlet that powers down?

    Anyone know of USB power outlets that power their USB ports down when not in use? I've searched some on this and there's a ton of USB enabled outlets around but no data as to whether or not they turn off when unplugged. I would love to stop using wall warts. Wall warts can be unplugged to...
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    Control and accounting for desktop applications?

    I figured this was the best place for this question since it's security related. Forgive me if I'm wrong. ;) We are opening up a part of our office that will be selling desktop time to industry professionals. These professionals will be charged a rate based on time and when they get onto a PC...
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    Hyper-V: Security between VMs

    I suppose this is a question to be posed for any VM host but specifically my question is for Hyper-V. In a nutshell, is it regarded as 'safe' to put a VM that is directly attached to the Internet on a host with VMs that are protected via other means? For example, I have a Win2k8 R2 H-V host...
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    Smallish bookshelf speakers, good sound

    What are you guys running that's middle of the road as far as good sound is concerned? I'm looking to replace my aging set that's starting to crackle from age. They were originally off of an Aiwa system (if that tells you anything :p) that went kaput. While I'm not terribly audiophile I'm close...
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    Windows 7 gurus...need build advice

    We're upgrading our machines at our office. We're a small biz so we've abstained for quite some time from jumping on the Vista/Win7 bandwagon. However we're running into interoperability issues due to aging OSes. There are upgrade licenses for Win7 Pro. For the cost I'd really like to get a few...
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    GPU cooling: Stock water block vs after market

    Pretty much as the title suggests. I'm looking to see if there's a worthwhile difference between what a manufacturer offers in terms of water blocks vs an after market solution. Initial Googling doesn't show a whole lot of data For example there's a few manufacturer provided water blocks out...
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    WHS ISO - adding drivers

    Is this really that hard? At this point all I'm trying to do is add a driver directory to the ISO before I burn the disc. But I can't seem to get that done. UltraISO, MagicISO...have a 300MB limit on their freeware. I've literally never needed this before and can't see why I'd need to do this...
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    Pump noise - D5 vs ???

    I've just just put my WC loop into leak test mode and the noise coming from the D5's not unbearable but it's terribly annoying! I'm looking around at various sites and various pumps but none of them really denote noise vs performance levels. What are my options for a good performing...
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    Mounting question

    Ok probably a dumb question but it's been a long day... I'm working on modding a case and mounting two, dual 140mm rads however I've discovered that the screws that came with the fans are too small. I need screws that are at least 3cm long but not sure what width or thread count. Anyone know...
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    Has anyone here ever bought anything from these guys? Seems like they're a German company with a US/Canada presence. They have decent prices on certain items I'd like to get. However places like Resellerratings doesn't have data on them. Anyone in the US ever used Aquatuning.US to order parts...
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    Cost of fans???

    Does anyone know what makes up the cost of fans? I see Yate Loons for $9 a piece yet I see other fans that don't appear to be much different for $25. What makes up the extra cost? Why wouldn't anyone buy high speed YLs and spend the extra on a fan controller to keep the noise down. Are the ones...
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    Radiators: So many choices!

    Looking around for a radiator these days is kind of tough. The Black Ice line alone has way too many choices. Does anyone know of a site that has a recent comparison of radiators? Alternatively what seems to be the most popular these days? The case I'll be using will support a double 120mm fan...
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    Vista to Win7 Home

    To Upgrade or not to Upgrade. That is the question! :D Seriously. I'm a big fan of clean installs. This is a laptop for my girfriend's son. A machine that's been sitting around doing nothing for a while. Comes natively with Vista on it. Looked around for XP drivers but HP graciously removed the...
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    Listing ISP Subnet(s)

    Anyone know a way to do this? I thought I found a place a while ago but didn't bookmark it and can't find it again. I have an attacker from Saudi Arabia trying to get into an FTP server and want to block as much of that country as I can at the moment.
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    PhysX: a dying tech?

    So of the bit of research I've done it looks like Havok is used in more games than PhysX. which is a shame considering the greater potential for performance granted by dedicated physics hardware. Is this true or have I found incorrect data to backup my assertions? My other thread about adding...
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    Will adding spare 8800GTS 512 be worth it?

    I have a GTX260 in my gaming machine and a spare 8800GTS 512 hanging around. While it's alluring to put that into my machine to offload physics processing I can't see a good reason for it. There doesn't appear to be a ton of titles that use PhysX as their physics engine. Am I missing something...
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    Cisco or Sonicwall

    We are generally a Cisco shop however recent economics have driven us to look toward other options for replacing a pair of aged Cisco firewalls that are in a Stateful Failover configuration. We have quotes on a pair of Cisco ASA5520s however we also want to entertain the possibility of other...
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    PS3 Setup - no Blue Ray??

    I am contemplating getting a PS3 but have run into a potential road block. I have an older, 1080i/component based TV that does not have an HDMI input. My current DVD setup sends the component video into an Onkyo TX-SR706 receiver then via another component cable to the TV. However when...
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    Network by region?

    Does anyone know where I can find listings of what particular network belongs to what part of the world? We're getting slammed by spammers and I'm adding entire subnets to firewall lists however I don't want to squash legitimate email servers. For example I'm not sure if I've squashed servers...
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    Win7 network/hardware

    Anyone having trouble with adding network cards to a machine running Windows 7? PC Specs: HP Pavilion 1750e onboard NIC Intel Pro 1000 GT #1 Intel Pro 1000 GT #2 All other hardware I assume is incidental. Under Vista this setup works fine and each adapter can communicate without problems. When...
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    Straight Dope: 8087 - 4 SAS/SATA

    Alright I cannot get a straight answer from either 3Ware or Tyan. I am looking to purchase a 9690SA RAID controller from 3Ware who tells me that the 8087 to discrete forward breakout cable will not do SAS. However the tech at Tyan told me they use them in their chassis all the time where their...
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    Vista SP2 Performance Problems?

    Anyone else having performance problems post SP2 install? Playing L4D via a LAN server has annoying bits of stuttering now after SP2 has been installed. No other changes have been made to my system so it's highly unlikely that it's something else. The game is still playable but annoying.
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    Blackberry to access Exchange

    Recently the president of our company came in and asked if he could access his email via a Blackberry he was potentially getting. I'm doing some preliminary research however I thought I'd post here to see what the [H] gang is doing regarding this. We're a small shop so purchasing Blackberry...
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    Cheap but good gaming subwoofer?

    I am looking at a Polk Audio sub for roughly $110 here: With Promo Code EMCABAGAH it's $110 This is strictly for gaming and the price is right
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    TX-SR304 for Digital Audio

    Hey all, I am seriously considering this receiver to do all digital audio from my X-Fi Titanium optical port. I'll be using the DTS Connect to go digital and from a previous thread I am told that it will do all 5.1 channels as desired. Anyone have any real experience with this setup? I can get...
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    X-Fi Titanium Disappointment

    So, just installed an SB X-Fi Titanium sounds card. Let's not talk about the b*tch of a time I had installing the drivers on BOTH of my OSes (XP32/Vista64). My real problem is that I've just discovered via driver and post on Creative's forums that their cards will not output 5.1 sound via any...
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    Win2k3 Domain Controller - Virtulaized?

    Just as the thread title suggests I am considering putting a Windows 2003 Server into a virtual machine environment on a Windows 2008 Server Hyper-V system. The hardware that will be used is currently a dual Opteron 248 with 2GB RAM that will be upgraded to dual Opteron 285s and a minimum of 4GB...
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    Untangle5.3 and Email port forwarding.

    Has anyone ever seen this issue? I posted this on the Untangle forum but thought I'd post it here to see what the [H] thinks. I just set up a new UT 5.3 firewall pretty much for the sole purpose of email forwarding. Just about out of the box it works for port forwarding email traffic (at least...
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    Vista Multi monitor use

    Does anyone know of a way to use different backgrounds on Vista other than something like Ultramon? I really don't feel like paying for a piece of buggy software. Alternatively does anyone know of an Open Source software that does the same thing?
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    Anyone using CatTools?

    I'm checking out CatTools to do automated backups of router configs and automated reboots. Most devices seem to work fine however when I try to get it to work with an older PIX520 I have zero success. I can't find any errors other than in the logs it tells me connection time out for telnet or to...
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    Service Manuals for Laptops?

    Hey all, I have a Sony SZ120P that I need to replace the hard disk in however Sony has nothing on their website giving direction on replacing this drive. With most laptops this is an easy task but not with this one. I have to pull the damn thing apart, almost completely, to expose the HDD. I...
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    6800 Ultra Extreme Replacement

    What do you all think: I have a secondary PC that acts as my 'friend gamer' PC, the PC my friends use when they come over. However it's a bit long in the tooth for current gaming. It's specs are: A64 (90nm) 3500 2x 512MB G.Skill DDR400 CAS2 1x Seagate 15k RPM 36GB SCSI 1x Seagate 7200.2 160GB...
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    Crysis Anomolies

    Thread here for Crysis anomalies that you all have found. Fun, ridiculous, everything in between. Unfortunately for mine I didn't think to get screen shots last night while I ran into these while playing. The first I have is one that's been reported elsewhere...the concept of a KPA's hat coming...