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    X2 3600+ @3080mhz A 1180mhz OC
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    AMD VS Intel (Intels and AMD's Trunk Cards)

    Intel = Must show off performance ES's ASAP. Make Hype known with benchmarks. Keep ppl waiting for 9months. Conroe beats AMD for a year. K10 comes out. Intel needs wolfdile and yorkfeild to stay conpeditive. Cus a 2.5ghz K10 quad star processor beats anything intel currently has by 40% witch is...
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    Blank Blue Screen when 3ghz is hit on NF-M2 2 diff cpus... mystery!? Further testing reveals I hit a wall at the same place my 90nm did vs the 65nm. I haven't gotten...
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    Show your Vista Rating! Blasted memory. >__>
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    Windows ReadyBoost and Windows ReadyDrive How do you get it to work with your HD?

    I want Windows ReadyBoost and Windows ReadyDrive to work with my hard drive partition I made for it. One min it works then when I put something else on the drive it says this drive nolonger can use readyboost or some BS like that. Took everything off it and reformated it. Still nothing...
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    TPM data encryption for Bitlocker, USB Key, Direct TPM drive chip, or SD card?

    I am intrested in TPM chips, USB Keys. Know where I can get any? Or will a SD card work fine? Does not seem my mobo has a TPM chip on it. I am wanting to use bitlocker on vista for encryption.
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    XP USB will not see my MP3 player, unknown! >_>? I got this, and I tryed this a few times already in dif USB ports. Tried a reinstall of windows on a dif hard drive. Still doesn't see it like it should as a thumb drive. What in the hell is going on? :rolleyes: Reads as Unknown...
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    I will be getting the R600, anybody else?

    Well I'm going from a X1800XT to a R600... so what are the model numbers? I'd think the 1st will be the X2800XT or something like that.
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    AMD makes BTX boards... where?

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    Please post your GPU OC's

    Please show GPU and video ram overclocks as well as volts used and temps? 690/800 Vcore:1.3v Vram :2.1v 50C/70C
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    Gskill HZ does 3CL on stock volts in my AMD

    I just desided to test how tight I could make my timmings, so now I know my memory does 3CL at 800mhz amazing. Seems quicker too. Going to see how far I can push it on T1.
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    Will they ever make a single 1207 socket F xATX?

    The title says it all besides what they do make now. They make single socket 940 opteron servers that use the mATX form factor. Would be intresting to see socket F go to this area and support FX-7X's. I'm sure any opteron board supports FX-7X's like opteron 1210's and so on will go in to most...
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    Going X-Water Cooling (mineral-oil with nitrogen pellets 24-7) Check the project out!

    Now its time for me to go water cooling for my rig. I know what I'm going to get as I was shown last time but I'm going a way thats phase like and very cheap for life expectency reductions with the use of nitrogen pellets on the pump, the most expencive thing will be a pump only 60 bucks each...
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    EVGA 680 775 I'm going with if I can get a small case for it need some help

    I have always loved matx cases because they only had 2 cd rom drive slots and where not tall towers. If I'm going to get a atx board I want a short atx tower to go into it. What would you all recommend? :D If I have no choice I'll just get a slightly bigger tower but this might be a challange...
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    The best Core2 mATX mobos for OCing? Any made yet.

    The only thing holding me back is I must have a mATX board and one that can atleast get close to the Abit NF-M2 Nview in features and OCing options like a ATX board has. If anybody can point me in to the right direction I'd upgrade ASAP to the mobo and go C2D all the way because I have a...
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    How much is the Q6400/Q6300... or wait to buy K8L since I got the board?

    Wondering about the price and when they will come out. If they come out at the same time K8L does it would just be a waist of money to get a $300 board to support a Q Intel. But I do have the money. Id just want to get the cheapest solution in a reasonable time frame. What do you guys think...
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    How much is the Q6400/Q6300... or wait to buy K8L since I got the board?

    Wondering about the price and when they will come out. If they come out at the same time K8L does it would just be a waist of money to get a $300 board to support a Q Intel. But I do have the money. Id just want to get the cheapest solution in a reasonable time frame. What do you guys think...
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    Does anybody know where I can find a Switch style Jumper for cmos?

    Yeah I been wondering about that. I seen them before. A switch style jumper literally like a powersupply switch or light fixture switch or button. So I can just push a button or flip a switch to reset the cmos when OCing. I'm sure somebody knows about these right?
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    Memory coolers, where can I buy them?

    So I need a market memory cooler. They seem a bit hard to find. What are the best ones you all would recommend and most importantly where can I buy them.
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    Need some help, driver software issues. Powercolor Theater 550 PRO

    I been at it for hours on 2 different OS's. The damn thing will not work right. The hardware is prob fine. The prob is ATi Unified AVStream Drivers are missing. I don't know what sound has to do with it, but it won't even let me turn on the hardware once. But windows saw the hardware just fine...
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    Is there a cheap mobo for conroe that can OC decently?

    Is there a darn mobo out there that will OC well for less then 80 bucks that supports a conroe for god sakes? lol Is the Biostar Tforce ones out yet that support Conroe? Only ones I can find that would be cheap... but offly expencive just for a standard mobo to hit $120. Why is Serge getting...
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    Program that reads full Power consumption?

    I'm looking for a program that will read my full power draw. I'm useing a backup powersupply 350watts and undervolted my cpu to run at 30watts at 2ghz. I'm wondering how much power my entire comp is drawing power wise to make sure I don't go over.
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    Good 5 inch drive bay fan controler and temp monitors?

    Thats what I'm looking for good ones for cheap. Would make my case look cooler and show me real temps all the time. As well as give me the ability to control my fan speeds. Any recommendations?
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    AMD makes BTX boards... where?

    I heard this so I'm asking the question. Where are the BTX boards for AMD? I never knew they made them. Well heard it that new boards are in gateways... so where can you get them just curious if they are even out yet?
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    Anybody have a FX-64 yet over seas?

    It was said to come out in August 8th over seas. The FX-64 will be pritty much the same as the FX-62 with 2mb's of L2, 125w range, and run at 3ghz. Prob not worth it but hay it may OC like the FX60's or FX-57's with that much more speed. Hopefully they fixed everything in it.
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    I want a opteron 1000 Series! Wonder when it comes out for AM2? Opteron goodness... :eek: Glad I went with AM2... too many options. :D Those things should OC well like a dream. 1000 model opterons are going to seriously kick azzes.
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    What is this desktop theme from? I'd like to have this desktop theme. But I have no idea what it maybe from... anybody have any ideas?
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    Need a tv tuner card, good one, any price range!?

    Can anybody point out some great Tv tuners recorder FM cards? I want to make my comp into a media center. My Tv is dieing so my comp is much better for the task plus I'd want to record and watch high quality audio and video. I want to see low medium and high price ranges to give me some options...
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    Will this heatsink fan and PSU fit into a cube case?

    A zelman9500 AM2 heatsink and normal sized atx powersupply... will it fit into a shuttle or cube sized case? I'm thinking of buying a case like this but want to know if it would fit.
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    Share your X1800XT OC's, volts, temps, and all that stuff!

    I would like to see what everybody is getting out of this card. Tho no 2 cards will OC the same. I just want to get an idea how well this card OC's and what volts and temps you guys use. So how bout it? Also is there a better fan for this X1800XT or is the stock fan enough? It can push to 70C on...
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    ATi video card overclock utility?

    Where may I find a ATi graphics card overclocking utility for my X1800XT? Thanks!
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    AMD has ATi, ATi no more. Seriously! Read article news. No more Intel to ATi chipsets or intel buying ATi magiclly anymore. Atleast maybe they will keep the good name.
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    ATi X, ATi X1, Nvidia 6, or Nvidia 7. Whats the best card to get for under $200?

    I thought of going with a ATI X 850XT PE highend card, kind of old but under $200. Or should I go with a ATi X1. Then their are really cheap 6800's. As well as 7600's. What would be the best bang for the buck to go by? Thanks!
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    New budget FX line later this year for AM2 and 4x4?

    So I hear a new budget line of FX chips will come out later this year. With reduced L2 under clocked with unlocked multipliers and cost about as much as a X2. This will be for AM2 and 4x4. Is this true? A new FX line anybody can afford?!
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    Male 25 pin DVI to Male 29 pin DVI adapters or cable? Finding help!

    Hay all, I can't find this, Male 25 pin DVI to Male 29 pin DVI adapters or cable I need for my LCD to my video card to use the digital display on it. Can anybody tell me where I may get this please? Thanks for your help if you can!
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    Safe voltage for Chipset and Hyper transport link?

    Anybody know if it will do any good to pump more volts into the hyper transport and chipset to get better performance? My chipsets are Geforce6100 and 410 AM2. Min about 1.25 to 1.32v on chipset and Hyper transport. Are these volts within safe limits? They are such low voltage increases. My 754...
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    Tforce 6100 AM2 Voltage regulator mobo heatsink?

    There is a voltage regulator heatsink slot on a Tforce 6100 AM2. With holes for holding pins. This is below the ports and above the heatsink where most of the caps and resistors and such are pritty much the 3 phase voltage supply. I want to know where I can buy a heatsink that would fit this...
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    Conores release date in the USA?

    I pre ordered a conroe, I wonder when the USA will get theirs. I hear the 27th of this month. The 4th or 8th of august. Can't intel make up their minds? :rolleyes: And the release date to other parts of the world is august 26th? This is silly. Anybody know where you can go to pre order a...