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    Using google DNS - but occasionally getting TWC results

    I recently mistyped a domain and received the TWC hijacked search page I hadn't seen in a long while. I had fixed this by updating my router settings to use google DNS. I figured the router may have reverted default settings somehow. I checked my router and it's set correctly to use google DNS...
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    High quality silent or clickless mouse

    A few months ago I realized the clicking from my mouse (logitech performance mouse mx) was annoying me, since then I've been searching online and I can't really find a high quality silent or clickless mouse available anywhere. I purchased SM-5000B and SM-8000B shown at...
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    Hot-swap cases & sata 3 - compatible?

    I'm considering getting this case: which has hot-swapable SATA board, just sort of thinking about the future, if i plug a sata 3 hard drive into the hot-swap bay and plug the other side into a sata 3 port controller - is there a...
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    AirPort Express Base Station questions

    I'm considering getting an AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n, but I have a few questions before I buy it, I downloaded the manuals from Apple's site but I don't see this information anywhere: I'd like to know: Approximately how long it takes to bootup after all the settings have...
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    8800GTS won't bring dual monitors back from timeout

    I have an nVidia 8800GTS connected to two monitors running in extended display mode with 20 min timeout to turn monitors off. Occasionally, when I move the mouse/press keys on the keyboard to bring it back it only brings back the secondary monitor, leaving the other one off. Turning off and on...
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    nVidia 8800GTS won't bring dual monitors back from timeout - possible PSU problem?

    I have an nVidia 8800GTS connected to two monitors running in extended display mode with 20 min timeout to turn monitors off. Occasionally, when I move the mouse/press keys on the keyboard to bring it back it only brings back the secondary monitor, leaving the other one off. Turning off and on...
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    Laser eye surgery and gaming

    I decided to get laser eye surgery and I'm going to go for in the next couple of months. I just wanted to see if there were any gamers that did it and what their experience has been. Does affect gaming at all? One issue I have right now is some (very few) games really tire out my eyes...
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    Is my wii gonna die?

    Last night when I came home I noticed the wii's optical drive was pulsating blue, i thought this meant nintendo had either sent something or some sort of an update to my wii, so i turned it on and i didn't notice any changes, i saw some articles about the weather channel so i went to it and it...
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    What could be causing title bar artifacts in VIsta ultimate RTM?

    I just installed Vista Ultimate (RTM) and one thing that bugs me a lot is i'm getting artificats. I've tried three different drivers so far, the one that vista installs with, 96.85 from nvidia and 97.19 from guru3d (rtm nvidia drivers supposedly) With all 3 I get artiifacts in title bar of...
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    Anything equal to gmail's labels for office/exchange

    I would like to have a certain e-mail in a multiple folders/lables similar to gmail's label system. Is there a plugin or such to do this?
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    Vista and removing administrative privilidge on storage files

    Vista requires administrative privilidges on even simple things like renaming a file/folder on my storage drives... any way to stop this? EDIT: Nevermind, my user didn't have Full Control but Admins do (have Full Control), so Vista required Admin OK...
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    Asus P5B Deluxe & Big Typhoon - something shorting out.

    I just got my processor last night and started to build my new box and when I press power all my screens don't get a signal (despite the system turning on). I tried 2 different video cards and various memory combinations which resulted in the same problem. I took the motherboard out of the...
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    Intel employee purchases

    I went to visit my cousin who is an engineer of some sort at intel and apparently she can get a nice discount for family members on the core 2 duos. The prices were around 40-50% less than retail for processors. I was torn between the choices but I ordered an E6700 for 295.32 after shipping &...
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    30-60 second delay from pressing power = dieing PSU?

    My brother's shuttle PSU died around 4-6 months ago so I put in the PSU make and model on ebay and got a replacement for him, the new one just started getting a delay from when you press power to when the machine boots up, between 30-60 seconds. I connected his shuttle to my PC's PSU and...
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    Using a 23" apple cinema display w/ ADC on a PC

    A coworker quit and I have my eye on his monitor (his position isn't being replaced), but he was a mac guy and I'm a pc guy and his display has an ADC connector which also carries power and USB info. I don't really care for the USB, but I don't think DVI can power a 23" screen. I found an ADC...
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    Vista compatible SATA controllers?

    Originally posted in the OS forum but it got no replies and I thought maybe this would get more attention here.... I have a whole bunch of PATA drives and since I didn't have enough PATA ports I have been using a combination of this and a few of these connected to the onboard stuff on my...
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    Vista compatible SATA controllers?

    I have a whole bunch of PATA drives and since I didn't have enough PATA ports I have been using a combination of this and a few of these connected to the onboard stuff on my a8n32-sli deluxe but promise doesn't have drivers for Vista and I tried doing the compatibility mode and it didn't...
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    A8N32 + nvata.sys BSOD with nvidia ATA drivers / Nero crashes without nvata.sys

    Well just like the title says, if I don't have nvidia ATA drivers Nero crashes at startup (where the splash screen says "Scanning system for supported drivers"). I can't close it out or even end process on the task manager and It's CPU usage gets stuck on 0% and around 17 MB of mem usage. If...
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    Where does OS 9 keep the desktop files? (Please help a mac noob).

    Short version: I have 2 hard drives, both with OS9 and OSX. I can't boot into the old hard drive's OS9 or OSX for some reason. However, I can get into both OS9 and OSX on the new hard drive. I have files on the desktop of the old hard drive's OS9. In OSX on the new hard drive i can see the old...
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    Newzbin Holiday Promotion Time!
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    Are there any popmail programs that will auto forward mail?

    My brother wants e-mail sent to his e-mail address (and all his professors use that address exclusively as a part of their blackboard system). He wants to use gmail but the schools client doens't have auto forwarding option and gmail doens't have import popmail option. So I figured worst case...
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    I'm almost stomped... anyone have any input...

    Well for various reasons (one being constant random blue screens) I decided to format and reinstall windows last night. So I open up the box, disconnect all storage drives put in the windows installation CD and start, use the usual settings after it's done copying files it blue screens.... so...
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    Anyone have experience with huge pdf files?

    I have a pdf file with around 32,000 pages. I knew spooling time would be a pain so I deiced to print it in batches of 5K but after 20K it started to be really slow, so i decided to print the rest in batches of 1K, after 2 k sheets processing time for even 500 started to be extremely...
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    How do I move stumbleupon/roboform toolbars in firefox?

    I'm considering making the switch from maxthon (ie clone) to firefox (tried opera - but firefox seems to have a stronger support base for extentions and stuff plus roboform and stumbleupon don't support opera yet.... and i like those a lot :)). I have one major problem that bugs me a...
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    Free Opera ad free (Browser) 8/30-8/31

    nevermind duplicate post sorry
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    Some FireFox extension questions - How do I?

    Well for a long time now I have wanted to switch to firefox but there were some things I wanted and couldn't do. Well I want to swtich now and I spent a couple of days finding extensions for stuff I want to be able to do... there are 3 things I couldn't find yet. One of the biggest thing is I...
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    Is there a way to have "Run As" remmember to use a certain user & password

    I have a folder with some mp3 files I don't want to be altered, or more specifically I only want 3 specific programs to be able to alter them. (BTW what I am talking about is programs like iTunes and WMP sometimes altering files without user confirmation.) So I created a new user, gave that...
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    Monster Cable Kit 5.1for Klipsch 5.1 Ultra.... Worth it? I was wondering if it was worth 70 bucks for cables. I keep reading that cable's make a world of difference... I remember reading a guide about making your own and it seemed to me like it was too much work for just cables... So waht is...
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    GTA: SA Bug?

    I'm a descent amount into the game (when you get the garage) and for some reason i'm on this one mission where I'm supposed to off a parking attendent, right after i kill him and get his clothes the screen turns BLUE, and if i keep playing like that it looks the same in a gray tone. Here is a...
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    Any USB drive encryption software that doesn't require you install their software?

    I found a lot of them that requre you to install but I don't want to clog up other people's computers with software they won't use.
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    Any ideas why this processor might keep crashing?

    So I got this processor on ebay: for my brother. I installed it in his shuttle and it recognized fine and booted with no problems. Later on he complained about games crashing. At first I thought ti might be video...
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    Do LCD displays become dimmer over time?

    Well I have a 2000FP, (2) 2001 FP's and a 2005 fp. When I got my 2000FP and upgraded to the 2001FP I put them side by side and the 2001FP was so much brighter, which was great because I figured they improved it by A LOT. Then I got another 2001FP (for my brother). and when I put them side by...
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    Anyone with AMD 64 running Windows XP 64bit use Turtle Beach Santa Cruz?

    I don't see drivers for the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz on their site I was wondering the card will work in XP 64bit or not.... do any of you have a similar setup? My shuttle should be here monday so I don't know if I should take out my sound...
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    Folding takes 50% while I game :(

    I have the console version running as a system service. When i'm doing regular browsing/e-mail/word/music type stuff I rarely notice any slowdown, but I was playing a game and I noticed it was slugish, so i ran task manager moved it to my secondary monitor and ran the game, and sure enough the...
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    TRITTON TRI-UA501 5.1 USB Audio Thunder headset

    I was just browsing and noticed this item: The newegg reviews are all raving for it but I did a quick google search and I dont' see any reviews on it.... The newegg reviews feel like they might be from the manufacturer for some...
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    Dual monitors on one video card reducing brightness of one monitor?

    A few months ago when I ordered a 2001fp for my brother his computer was down and I used both his new one and my 4 month old 2001fp together for a few days. One was extremely darker than the other. Later on when his system was up and I plugged in his monitor to his computer and so they were on...
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    What Color Settings do you use for your 2001fp?

    Well this is really annoying. I just purchased a 2005fp and It's awesome. The screen is a lot brighter than my 2001fp :( I know messing with the color settings won't make it as well as the 2005fp but hey I want to make it at least a little respectable :D I'd appreciate any feedback.
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    What do you think of Stardock's Multiplicity The concept seems good but in a way it also sounds like a software KVM that works similar to remote desktop connection. Is this just that or is it actually useful? (The reason I'm posting this here instead of general software is it seems a...
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    Good laptop bags for laptops with 17" screens.

    Do any of you have suggestions? I just purchased a 9300 and I want a nice bag for it. I looked at a few sites and didn't see anything that really stood out.