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    Game/ statistics server

    I'm looking to host an old school throw back LAN party (except over the internet, but in LAN party style). I'd like a web server as a central means of tracking player/ server statistics. I plan on pword protecting each game server, so the site would provide the password, connection details (ip...
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    Help with finding a fanless 12 port switch

    I am currently using a Dell PowerConnect 2824 at home, and while it works just fine I am looking to replace it for something around the same physical size (or smaller) but fan-less. Management is not necessary for the replacement switch, though I would like it to be able to pass through POE...
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    [H]OCP down?

    hit the site around 0630EST today and got the attached banner on the top of my screen. Refreshed a few times to test, but the banner kept coming back. There didnt seem to be a delay, as if DNS was trying to find the server and couldnt.
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    cloud based home lab solution?

    It seems like AWS and Azure keep enticing me with free credits and trails. Has anyone cracked the code on migrating a home lab to the cloud? I've only dealt with cloud providers at a pre-established enterprise level, or a lab environment that was more play/test than anything else. I'm talking...
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    HTPC crapped the bed

    HTPC just died. My infrastructure relied on a Ceton PCIe card in the HTPC and two echos and a 360. While replacing the HTPC should be the easiest, I have to wonder if a better (virtual would be better) solution is available to pump out content while maintaining centralized recording. Is...
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    New home, PoE info

    Most likely getting a new build house over the summer, and wanted to start thinking about some of the networking options. Ideally I want Cat6 run for data, though Cat5e is standard (and is run for voice and data). However, I will be adding cameras and such later on, and want to get a grasp on...
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    where did all the molex go?

    Alright, I need the power (pun?) of your brains to assist me in finding my PSU, with some fairly odd requirements: I need a min of 10 molex connectors (this is pretty hard to find), 12 would be ideal 700w - ish range. quiet (fanless would be great, but a fan with auto throttle control would...
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    Seems like BitCoin is becoming mainstream

    Forbes has a nice little article for those of us on the sidelines of BitCoin:
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    Hardware options and opinions/ feedback

    Looking to build a near-production home server. Near-Production meaning stable and quick enough for the tasks required, but not 24/7 uptime with full redundancy. As quiet with low power consumption would be ideal (and I think achievable). I want this with some room for growth, but not over...
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    X9SCL+-F BIOS update troubles

    I am attempting to update the BIOS of mobo X9SCL+-F from rev 1.1a to the newest 2.0b I just went from an i3 2100-T to a new Xeon E3-1245 v2. The new CPU is on the supported hardware list however with a simple swap...
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    Hot: Sim City Limited Ed - Pre Order 59.99 - $20 amazon credit AND access to Beta

    Pre Order the new Sim City Limited Edition (yes at reg price) Get $20 on your next Amazon Purchase (IMO this is what makes the deal [H]OT) Access to the Sim City Beta this weekend Price guarentee...
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    What does it take to make my own extender?

    Dont get me wrong, with the recent launch of Ceton's Echo I am very happy to see another extender on the market. However, I have computer parts and would rather keep the versitility of the parts over buying a device with a specified role in life. I assume all I need is some piece of software...
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    decent rig?

    Been looking to get started in folding for a while but want a good rig at a great price. So I've been ebay and craigslist mining for a while and came across a machine with these specs: Model: Dell Poweredge 6950 CPU: 4x Opteron 8354 quad core processors (16 cores at 2.2ghz each) RAM: 32gb DDR2...
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    decent rig?

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    Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day: Up to 60% Off Select Crucial and Lexar Memory

    link to all products in the sale: seems like a solid deal for fairly high cap SSDs. I even like...
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    software RAID to ZFS

    How would one easily migrate to ZFS from a software RAID 5? With very minimal extra space? Is the only solution to temp store data on some drives, build the array, and move every back to the new array? I do not have the overhead space to allow for such a method.
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    SG09 good for SLI?

    Will the Silverston SG09 fit two Galaxy GTX 670 GC as in the hot deals section? If so, which PSU and CPU cooler would you recommend? If not, which SFF case would you recommend that will allow for SLI of those two cards?
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    HDMI stuck in stereo

    My digital audio connection for HDMI no longer has 5.1 or any other option except stereo at the computer's audio config. This is coming off a fresh Win7 x64 install with fully updated OS and drivers. Before the install 5.1 was configured and my receiver was able to switch its sound mode based...
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    Excel- many sheets one summary auto

    I am compiling responses, the responses are coming in on an Excel sheet (two sheets per response). Is there a way to have a master spreadsheet, paste all the responses in to this spreadheet, and have a summary sheet automatically make tallies? A1 on all the tabs hold a value, x tabs...
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    Harmony One Prev Channel But.

    I have been using a Harmony One remote for a few years and love it. I recently purchased a Ceton PCIe card, so now TV watching and channel changing needs to go through WMC. Right now, the previous channel button (next to mute with the U-shaped arrow) is designated as a back button. I want to...
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    poll for folders and create URL for each

    I have a bumch of folders, each with an index.htm in it. I'd like to automatically poll for all the folders and create URLs for each on a homepage. Homepage at the root folder with URLs pointing to each folder's htm page that automatically updates if a new folder is added, ie on browser...
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    Low Power Windows Server Build Hardware Check

    This is the hardware I am thinking about ordering within the next few weeks. OS: Windows Server 2008 (have) Case: Norco 4220 HDD (separated by matching drives for RAID): 2x OS drive in RAID 1 6x 2tb drive RAID 5 or 10 2x 2tb drive RAID 1 2x 1tb drive RAID 1 I...
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    Hardware Suggestions

    Sorry guys, I know you all hate these types of threads. I think I have just done so much research I’ve blown my own mind. I have the storage drives already, and will slowly buy the additional hardware over the next few months. No real rush, will buy when on sale. Background- I currently...
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    PS help

    I am doing some Vol. Work for an organization's web site. One thing that the president would like is to turn the b&w emblem into a colorful one. One thing he mentioned is to turn it gold in order to match the lapel pins they hand out and wear. However, this task is beyond me, and so I look to...
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    PS help

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    Dear TV manufacturers...

    By the nature of consumer trends, the thin, wall mountable LED, LCD, Plasma TVs are the 'in' thing to buy these days, when in need of a TV. Ok, fine... baseline set. HOWEVER, why in the F are TVs being bundled with crappy speakers (because they are made thin in order to fit into a thin bezel...
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    VBS - Relative Path

    I am creating a website with the purpose of making copies on removable media such as CDs and thumb drives. I would like to use IE in -k mode to open the home page. This VBS achieves this: Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Return = WshShell.Run("iexplore.exe -k...
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    Ceton for the whole house?

    I am seriously considering getting a Ceton CC quad tuner, however I have some questions about Win 7 Media and extenders specific questions so that I can lay out the logistics for implementing the solution. I have FiOS, and know that I would need to rent a cable card from them at a minimum...
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    named anchors not directing page to proper position

    I am having some trouble with named anchor (I've tried IDs as well) as refernce points to sub sections of a very lengthy page. When clicking the URL with the reference intro.html#whatevs it works... however... I have a banner div, that is 150 px in height. When I use position:fixed in order...
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    OnBoard RAID full... now what?

    Is there a way to extend the ICH8 - ICH10R raid controller functions among other SATA ports? I am out of ports on my motherboard and would like to add more HDDs, however the setup is already using Intel Matrix Storage Consol. This is obviously for home use. While I know there are other...
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    Verizon iPhone (more than a rumor)

    hate to bring this topic up yet again. But... Wall Street Journal is reporting, and it seems to be more than a rumor:
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    Excel brain teaser for this morning

    Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. My brain must be mush... I know this is a little ridiculous, esp since I cannot figure it out. Here is the situation: I have a workbook with 4 sheets. The first three contain info for three different things. The number of rows change on each of...
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    SOP: network diagram w/ VMs??

    My apologies if the Virtualization section is a better fit... In order for my lab to be accredited I have to provide several documents, one of which is a network diagram. That is fine, and I know how to do that, however the big question I have is what the standard for showing VMs on a...
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    capture URL for custom 404

    While trying to spare everyone from too much detail, my goal is to change a website from coldfusion to However, the site has been around for a number of years and people have bookmarked pages. Making this change will obviously change file extentions and thus URLs. So the question...
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    normal lamp with USB port?

    So here's a weird one for you guys. Do any of you know of a lamp and plugs into the wall via normal house outlet, but as a USB port for power. Specifically to charge an iphone or ipod. I am talking about a nice, decent lamp to go next to a bed on a night stand and <b>not</b> a USB powered...
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    Turnkey Linux - LAMP

    ***WARNING*** I am very new to Linux! *** I have just installed TKL - LAMP as a VM on my Hyper-V server. I have it working, and am able to ping the VM from clients on the network. Which is good, and I believe it is set up correctly. Basically though, how to I upload content to the...
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    [WARM] save 10% on is a great retailer for products that support shooting, and their prices and shipping rates are very competitive. In the last 4 mo I have placed 3 orders with them, and the process has been easy. The savings may not seem significant, however their prices are truely low to begin...
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    help with custom made furniture for living room

    I am looking at having a custom built floor to ceiling (as close to the ceiling) entertainment center built for my living room. I of course want to keep this as low price as I can. However with raised ceilings and the nature of custom furniture, I realize there will be some trade off. Someone...
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    audio from two outputs simultaneously?

    Background (you may just skip to the question at the end if you wish) I have my HTPC (see sig) connected to my reciever through HDMI for audio and video. This is the primary use, and it works very well. However, from time to time, I like to play my X360, which is also hooked up through HDMI...
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    RAID 10 or RAID 1 and which drives - for storage

    I am currently building my storage server and need some help with my decisions. I would like to get some 2tb drives in a RAID array. I have narrowed down my choices to either a RAID 10 array using 4 drives, or just a basic RAID 1 with 2 drives plus a hot spare for a 3 drive array. Both...