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    Weird issue with new 580gtx SLI setup

    Just setup a new 580gtx SLI configuration and ran into a weird issue. If I have my SLI bridge connected to one set of the connectors on the cards, I can run games in windowed SLI just fine (Confirmed load in Afterburner) but once I go fullscreen I get flashing colors with horizontal lines. I...
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    So BFG 5900nu or Powercolor 9700pro or Sapphire 9800pro?

    Basically I can get the following: (CA tax included) BFG 5900nu for ~180shipped, Powercolor ~220shipped or Sapphire 9800pro for ~250shipped. Which card is the best price/performance combo right now? This card is for a second gaming system which will be used but not nearly as much as my...