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    How hard to put on a Ninja?

    as thread said. im looking to pick up 2 for my dualie (can't stand the noise of Zalman CSNP7000s anymore) and wanted to see other user's opinion
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    Win 2k and harddrive space

    how many GB of harddrive space can win 2k address? i have a fairly old computer (333mhz k6) and want to turn it into a file server. will win 2k be OK or should i go linux (if so, which one?) thx
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    anybody else wish the Ageia PPU was PCIe 1x?

    i do... i don't have a pci slot to spare... hope some maufacturer can make some in PCIe 1x
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    opty dual core temps

    just wondering what temps are you guys getting with these monsters? just so i can have a reference point for my own temps: idle: cpu1 = 40, cpu2 = 43 load (4 x prime): cpu1 = 52, cpu2 = 55
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    new case or sound dampening?

    so i have sort of a problem. with two opties (with its two coolers), and a GTX and stuff all stuffed into my super lan boy, the thing is getting so loud to the point that it is getting annoying (and the NF4 NB fan dosent help either). my question is, should i just stuff some sound...
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    Major Help Please

    my new rig in my sig been runing fine for a month now, but last night i shut down and this morning i start it again, but i ran into this error: "stop: C00021a (fatal system error) the windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xcoooo135" i tried safe...