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    Cortana Not Going Away Whether You Like it or Not

    What compelled you to google "sex with Kobe Bryant"?
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    HTC hinting at Ver 2?

    Not very ideal when you consider the heat generated by DLP
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    Disney Ditching Netflix Keeps Piracy Relevant

    I subscribe to 4 services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBONOW, and SlingTV. I suppose Disney will have to pull their channel and the streamable content off of SlingTV to make their own service viable.
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    Arizona Sunshine

    I died there more than everywhere else in the game combined. Headshots are a must and don't spam reload. Dropping a half full magazine is the worst thing you can do there. However, you can go back and pick up magazines that you may have dropped that weren't completely empty.
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    Oculus & Touch Controllers for $600 with $150 Best Buy GC

    I'm a Vive guy, but this is a great deal.
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    1500W PSU for $259

    Don't Sabre printers catch on fire?
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    Arizona Sunshine

    I play it on the Vive
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    Arizona Sunshine

    This game is pretty good. I'm about 4 hours into the campaign so far and I've enjoyed it a lot. There are some bugs here and there but this game is overall very polished compared to a lot of what's out there. I definitely recommend this title.
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    HTC's New Vive Payment Plans Diffuse the High Cost of PC Virtual Reality

    These are not consoles, they are peripherals. There is no reason a Vive and a Vive 2 or Oculus and Oculus 2 wouldn't support the same content perhaps with a few more features on the newer headsets. The only reasons to hold back a better version would be ongoing R&D, not wanting to compete with...
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    Vr pc purchase vs upgrade help needed.

    I agree with just adding the 1070. My rig is much older than yours. I have an old socket 1366 1st gen i7 Xeon w3690 and 12gb ram and it runs VR perfectly adequately with a 1070. Early adoption of i7 was the best computer purchase I've ever made. I haven't had a compelling reason for a new...
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    About wet my pants in VR

    VR is not going anywhere. Cellphone VR is too cheap and popular to fail. There will always be a market for people wanting top teir like the Vive and Rift. 3D is a poor analogy. VR is a totally different medium.
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    nVidia GT 710 for Core 2 Duo E7500

    I'd go with a q6600 super cheap from ebay. I have an old Optiplex that I did something similar with a couple years ago. I swapped the E6200 cpu with a Q6600 and added a low profile AMD 7750. It actually performs pretty well in older games.
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    Your Body Is Not Ready For Virtual Reality

    I get sea sick pretty bad. I occasionally vomit on boats and sometimes get car sick if i'm not driving. When I tried sailing once, I threw up constantly. I own a Vive and don't have any real problems with it. The only time i felt awkward was playing Elite Dangerous spinning out of control...
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    VR Porn Should Be A Carnival Of Sex

    If you have a real headset like the Vive, you need to download Virtual Desktop, then grab your lube and go Pornhub and select the Virtual Reality category.
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    No Vive 2 At CES, HTC Confirms

    How would a new Vive fragment their customers? Do you think a new Vive wouldn't support old content or vice versa?
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    Video card for AMD Athlon II X4 640,GTA5

    start here:
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    This Was The Year Of VR, Until AR Stole It

    I'm still having a great time with the Vive. I have no plans to get any AR devices.
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    Netflix VR App Now Available On Google Play

    I hardly even consider that VR. I was thinking Vive/Rift. There are other programs out there like BigScreen and Virtual Desktop that I could use to watch any video content including Netflix, yet I never use it for that. When I have my Vive on, I'm only interested in real steroescopic VR...
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    Netflix VR App Now Available On Google Play

    This is pointless unless Netflix is planning to add some stereoscopic 360 VR content. No one is interested in a flat VR "theater experience".
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    Razer Deathadder Chroma $27 @ Target after using Cartwheel App I was able to pick up 2
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    Space Hulk: Deathwing (Warhammer 40k)

    I know we're supposed to have sworn off pre-orders, but I couldn't resist.
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    Razer DeathAdder Chroma - $25 - Target YMMV

    The Target near me had none in stock, and the empty rack had the price listed at $69.99. Price would have been about $42+tax with the app discount.
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    Space Hulk: Deathwing (Warhammer 40k)

    This game looks really promising. If it's anything like Space Marine, I'll be pleased.
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    Anyone share experiences of using a 970 with the Vive?

    I had a 970 when I first got my Vive as well. The experience is fine as long as you avoid super sampling. You can always upgrade later.
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    Hot deals promo codes....

    If i remember right, the community would just shit all over the [H] exclusive deals because they weren't good enough. I doubt any vendors would be interested in that again.
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    ACX GTX 1070 & 1080 VRM thermal issues

    My EVGA gtx 1070 SC with ACX 3.0 cooler runs the coolest of any gpu I have ever owned. I tested this last night with MSI Afterburner. During standard gaming with the default fan profile, the temp rises from 35C and tops at 50C. During VR gaming, 57C. I know that's the gpu temp and not the...
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    How much better is Vive/Oculus compared to Samsung VR?

    Nebell, you need to look into the type of content you hope to experience to make that decision.
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    VR Headsets Blamed For Spread Of Eye Herpes

    They way you're describing may be misleading to people as to how it really works. 1st you contract the virus (HSV 1 in this case) by contact. Viral particles from someone shedding virus has to get into your eyes. You don't get ocular herpes from viral transport through nerve cells. After...
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    VR Headsets Blamed For Spread Of Eye Herpes

    For all the people joking about "the clap" in the eye, it's real and you don't want that. In fact, you can get most STDs in your eye. This type of ocular herpes simplex is indeed pretty common and contagious by contact only when someone has an active infection. Infections can look very...
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    Brutal Doom 64 Gets a Trailer and a Release Date

    the left-handedness of the pistol is distracting to me for some reason
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    Seasonic 760w Plat PS $80 w/promo+MIR

    My main rig has a Coolermaster 700w PSU from 2009 in it. It hasn't had any problems, but it's pretty old now. Considering how a bad PSU can ruin all your components, I don't want to keep rolling the dice with my current old cheap PSU. I bit on this deal. I was looking for an efficiency graph...
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    What kind of longevity do you think VR has?

    As usual in these threads, many of the comments are pretty asinine. VR is not a genie that can be put back in the bottle. The experiences, with the Vive at least, are incredible. Even if current price points persist, it's not going away. No one expects VR to replace gaming as we know it. It...
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    Seasonic 760w Plat PS $80 w/promo+MIR

    Getting a little more than you need is not a bad thing. I bought one that I didn't even need at all :shame:
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    Seasonic 760w Plat PS $80 w/promo+MIR

    nice find
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    Why nvidia won't release dual GPU cards?

    My 9800 GX2 ran at 105 C under load. I don't miss it. The x58 mobo I had it in has actually seen quite a progression of GPUs, 8800gt => 9800GX2 => gtx460 => gtx660ti => gtx970 => gtx1070. I'm glad it survived the inferno of that 9800GX2.
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    Vanishing Realms

    Was one of my favorites when I first got my Vive. Fun, but not much replayability.
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Pool Nation VR @ [H]

    Nice review! Pool Nation VR is one of my favorites.