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    ESXi - Fiber channel storage

    Despite best efforts, no find information on the web about this setup. What I want to do, 2x Dell R610's w/ single quad / 24gb of ram. Nothing unusual here. Running esxi. (yes, I may custom build these servers depending on price) Storage The price of netapp ds14mk2 fiber channel...
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    Hp 1800-24g

    Although there is many people suggesting this switch.. I cant find anything about whether its real world performance is near wirespeed. Anyone happen to know whether it is, or a review/test of it. In case you wonder why, needing a few new switches for lans, and wanting near wirespeed...
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    Rocketraid 2320

    Background : 8x250gig array, samsung drives. Highpoint Rocketraid 2320 8 port Pci-express controller. Asus P5N32-D Sli motherboard. Problem : My motherboard doesnt see the controller whether its in the x4 slot, or a x16 slot. Nothing really in the bios seeing the card, windows doesnt...
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    Attack of Nachos!

    So I felt like folding again.. got my 6 rigs folding for Horde on *May* be gettin two dual xeon rigs to fold with, I'll add anything I can run it on.