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    Help choosing new card.

    So I run 7680x1440 with sli titan's. They are starting to show there age and I figure I could upgrade to something faster that uses less power.I play rpg's and the borderlands franchise and need for speed stuff. I have another machine with sli 680's running 5760x1080 and I picked up a 1060 for...
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    GTX 670 still good?

    Hello I am going to setup a steam box and wondering if a gtx 670 is still any good for gaming at 1080P ?
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    Monitor choice help

    I'm in need of a 20+ inch screen at 1920x1080 that is ips with a vesa mount for around 150 if that is even possible. Color adjustment would be nice as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Wtb 4p g34 supermicro h8 series board

    Just like the title says want a supermicro h8 series 4p so I can overclock and start folding for team 33. I already fold for team 33 under bilbois2k.
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    dual 2011 boaard advice

    So I have 2 extra spicy 1.6 ghz 2011 cpu's and I am looking for a board that I can run them on and overclock them some. Also are there any single cpu mb's that may work for just testing them? I have a gigabyte board and it will not boot with them. Thanks Just want to get them folding if I can.
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    howto fold on titan?

    So I was wondering if it is even worth it to fold on a titan ppd wise. If it is how,what client to use what core etc? Thanks
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    Titan only doing 5760x1080

    Like the title says it's only letting me go that high but when driving the three screens independently they all goto 2560x1440. Does anyone know why or how to fix it? Thanks
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    laptop with 2 hdd bays?

    Anyone know of current generation laptops that support having 2 hdd's and still having an optical drive? Thanks
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    Better for folding ?

    Just trying to figure out whats better. A I920 overclocked to 3.6 or a L5639 at 3.3. Just simple question. Thanks
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    5760x1200 won't work or appear

    So it is not even an option as a resolution with my three 24's only 4800x1200. Individually they do 1920x1200 as there native res any help would be appreciated.
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    4800x1200 question

    So I will have my main gaming rig down for a little bit and am putting a temp machine together. I'm trying to decide what makes the most sense sli Gtx 460,sli Gtx 550,sli gts 450 1.5gb or sli gts 450 1gb. I have all of these usable right now but also would like to minimize power consumption and...
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    Hex core or 2600k

    So I am upgrading one of my folding boxes which means I will need a new CPU for my gaming machine. I am trying to choose between a hex core 1366 in the 3.6ghz range or getting a 2600k and overclocking it. Now which will give a higher ppd and be able to drive my 3 Gtx 470's for gaming at...
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    1066 vs 1333 question

    What would be faster 1066 cas 7 or 1333 cas 9? Thanks
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    WTB l5639

    Just like the title says looking for an inexpensive l5639 and spicy is ok as that's what I have right now.
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    ppd question

    Ok my main gaming rig is a l5640 running at 3.3ghz with 3xgtx470's with everything folding. The cpu is running smp 11 and I am wondering if it would gain me more ppd if I stop folding on the gpu's and just the cpu. Thanks
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    replacement for 3x 470 questions

    Hello I was just wondering what would be cost effective and as much or more performance then my tri gtx 470 but only be sli? Thanks
  17. N odity

    So hardfolding is showing that I turned in 0 points yesterday but in the column next to it where is shows updates throughout the day there was over 100000 points. Just very strange and wondering if that's happened to anyone else?
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    2684 WTF

    So how are you guys keeping your ppd up with these stupid units? They take many of my machines down to just shy of 3000 ppd and it has me wondering if I should drop bigadv?
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    wtb inexspensive sr2

    Looking for an inexpensive sr2 that I can buy or trade towards
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    gpu folding question

    Will a amd 2650e be enough to push 4 gpu's folding? Thanks
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    Best 120mm radiator

    Looking for the best 120mm radiator which I'll use two fans in a push pull setup. I'll be cooling and overclocked 1156 i7.
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    GPU folding

    Anyone know if a Athlon II X2 210e is enough to drive 4 gpu's folding?
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    Grrrrrrrrrrr what's up with stanford

    My clients keep having problems getting new wu's. When I check the log it tells me Stanford is busy basically. They not to busy to accept completed but to give new ones yes. I did all there checks to make sure it was not me .
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    folding question

    Ok I just picked up a pair of xeon's I have all the stuff I need to set them up as two single cpu systems. I am wondering if I would get more points if they were a single machine folding versus the two individual machines?
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    AMD worth folding with?

    So I have some spare phenom II's sitting around are they work doing dedicated cpu folding with? I think I even have some plain phenom's as well. How much ppd wise are people getting with them under win 7? Thanks
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    GTS 450 block

    Does anyone know where to get one or what fits? Thanks
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    140mm for 2x465?

    Hello I was wondering if a single 140mm rad would be enough to handle 2x gtx 465's? Also if it is enough does anyone think I could also add a gts 250 to it? Thanks and advice appreciated.
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    xp64 or win7 64

    So I am trying to get extra performance out of some of my folding machines. This has me wondering if using xp64 would be faster then running win7 64?
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    gtx 460 or gts 450

    Which is better for folding and why? I am going to buy one of the two just not sure the price is so close. Does one use far more power then the other while making almost the same ppd?
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    PPD way to low need some help

    So my ppd is hovering around 700 for a xeon L5530 and no idea why. It's running at 2.4ghz not overclocked,it's a D0 core so I could overclock it but shouldn't my ppd be higher it's running the smp client.
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    No drip connectors?

    Does anyone know where to get these?
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    cooling 950 and video cards ?

    Will a koolance 3x120mm rad be enough to cool a overclocked 950 as well as a gtx 295 and 9800gt? Would and extra single 120 rad be worthwhile?
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    9800gt sli or gtx 465 + 9800gt for physx ?

    What would be better running a [aor of 9800gt's in sli or running a single gtx 465 plus one 9800gt for physx? The monitor is only running at 1680x1050 it's an I7 940 stock with 6gb of 1333.
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    Watercooling advice

    Hi I am getting ready to water cool the wife's pc and right now I have a 3x120 radiator,pump and small reservoir. She will have an I7 950 aiming for a 4ghz overclock,I am wondering if this would have enough capacity to also handle a gtx295 and a 9800gt. Thanks
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    core unlocking AM2 motherboard?

    I am looking for a AM2 or AM2+ board that allows core unlocking. Does anyone know of any?
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    6850 Question

    Will the 6850 run 4800x1200 in games good?
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    3870x2 and 3870 to gtx465

    Would going from a 3870x2 crossfired with a 3870 to a gtx 465 be much of an upgrade?
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    crossfire question

    Does anyone know if you can run 2 3870x2's and a single 3870 all crossfired? There are enough physical crossfire connectors.
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    second 5770 or new 6xxx series?

    So I want to upgrade my machine some so I am thinking either a second 5770 or maybe just get a 6850 not sure what's a better choice. I'm running 1600x1200 times three monitors.
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    I7 water cooling worth it?

    So I seem to be hitting a wall overclocking my i7 and I am wondering if people are having good luck overclocking with water. My cpu temp does not seem to be getting high 39c but my NB temps are hitting 60+.