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    Looking to create a GPU only loop.

    Hi all, I have a pair of Titan Xs currently with references coolers. Now until recently I've used a pair of headphones with my PC so noise wasn't really an issue. However now I have a soundbar and the noise from the fans can be quite distracting so really I thought why not go the whole hog...
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    Returning 4k Screen, would like some advice.

    Hi all, Bit of background - impulse bought a 4K screen and didn't cancel it in time. Filed to return to, so I can do that if I want. The input lag was too high for me with VSync on and additionally, being realistic I'm not going to be able to max out The Witcher 3 @4K ( I would rather do that...
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    7970 physical damage. Fixable?

    Hi all, Long story short one of my 7970s got damaged in a move. Here it is. No video output any more. Is this card a wrote off or salvageable somehow? Thanks in advance.