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    FreeNas won't boot!

    I powered down my 10yr old HP micro server for maintenance. After I was done blowing out all the dust and put the device back together (which I've done many times) I powered up the server and FreeNas won't work. I'm a noob to FreeNas, had it running alll this time and got lucky I guess with no...
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    OSx Yosemite TFTP Server

    Is there a built in TFTP server for MAC OSx? If so, is there an easy way to access it or even better, a 3rd party app?
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    Cisco ASA5505 50 User Upgrade Key

    Hello Everyone, Looking to see where the best place to buy a 10 user to 50 upgrade license key. Right now I am maxing out my inside hosts at home and desperately need to upgrade to the 50 user. Can someone recommend where to get the key? Thanks
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    Work Laptop Choice Mac or Windows Help!

    I have a question guys, and a quick decesion to make. When I started my job 7 months ago, I had a choice of the following: Windows laptops: Lenovo-W530 Lenovo x Lenovo T Mac Laptops: Haswell Macbook Air Haswell Macbook Pro w/Retina 15" Macbook Pro Long story short I went with the...
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    surface pro good price?

    I just picked up a original surface pro 128g for $599.99. I am in the tech field and usually buy the latest and greatest however the only thing I could find that was better on the Surface Pro 2 was the Haswell proc adding up to better battery life. I was going to get the 64g pro 2 at 899.99...
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    Surface Pro 2 or Heavily discounted MacBook

    If you had a choice, which would you choose. A MS Surface Pro 2 or a MacBook (air/pro) heavily discounted. No its not stolen, yes, it would be brand new in the box. e.g. 2013 MacBook Air, Core i7, 8gb of Ram 256 SSD 13", Retail 1400ish for 800 cash. use of the device would be for when I...
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    Confused on which Laptop/Tablet

    Here is the deal. Device will be used for creating/editing documents and spreadsheets, some torrents and overall administration of my home network as well as ability to take to work/vacations. Here is what I currently have: Dell Latitude E6520 Corei7, 500gb HDD 16gb Ram 15.6" 1600x900...
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    New Work Laptop Choices

    I am starting a new job, after 9 years at current, and they are giving me a choice of laptops. Job description is Network Engineer, in house only, work from home occasionally with little to no travel that I am aware of. Working on routers/switches and DWDM 40/80ch optical transport gear...
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    Dell Latitude 10 Streaming Media

    I am looking into a Latitude 10 for basic tasks such as web browsing, reading ebooks from my storage server and lite word, excel doc viewing/creating. My question is, will this device be able to play back MP4 from my storage server? Some movies are 720p and others are 1080p and some are just...
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    Cisco ASA5505

    Currently I have the 10 user base license and looking to upgrade. 10 users is already limiting me and need to upgrade to the 50 user. My question is, where is the best place to by the new keygen license and what does the 50 user license actually get me besides additional users? Would the...
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    FreeNAS System Icons Missing

    I used to have my icons under the system menu and now they have disappeared. I am running FreeNAS 8.3.0 ((r12701M). I am not sure why they are missing but I can no longer shutdown my server gracefully. I am in Boston and with the madness going on here today, the power company shut the power...
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    Dell Latitude 10

    I am looking for a Windows 8 tablet and came across the Dell Latitude 10. I like the specs of this device especially the USB port that can power a external HDD. Would be even better if it was 3.0 but whatever. I was looking at the 499.00 model as I dont really need a ton of internal storage...
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    Windows Home Server 2011 RAID Setup

    I was wondering if anyone knows if RAID 5 can be setup with WHS 2011 as the OS. I am going to purchase a HP microserver and wish to use 4 2TB drives in a RAID 5. I was possibly going to use FreeNAS however I am more confortable with a Windows OS. Does anyone know how to setup RAID 5, software...
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    Looking for a new home NAS

    Currently I have a netgear readynas duo version 1. It's stuffed with two 1tb drives in RAID 1 and I am more than half way through the capacity of this device. I want to keep this device on the network and purchase a 2nd NAS. The new one will be a 4 bay device RAID 5 compatible. I am having a...
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    Home file server/media server

    I already have a Netgear ReadyNas Duo with two 1TB drives in Raid 1. This chassis has been rock solid for my needs and works great! I am outgrowing this storage device and am looking to add a second NAS into my home network. I like the 4 bay ReadyNas NV+ V2 but I also just came across the HP...
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    Linksys E3000 VPN passthrough

    Hey guys, I tried everything to get this to work and it must be something stupid that I am doing wrong. I want to be able to VPN from outside my home network, into my network with my existing wireless router. The router is a cisco linksys E3000 which support VPN passthrough. All 3 major...
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    Using a Cisco VoIP phone at home

    Hi guys, what equipment would I need, besides the obvious phone, to run a VoIP phone at home? Right now I have Comcast Internet and voice but would like to Use A VoIP phone at my computer desk Thanks
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    Dell e6520

    Just picked up a brand new Dell E6520 with corei7, 4gb ram and 500gb HDD. Screen is the 1600x900 FHD. Got it shipped with 3 year warranty for 725. As configured I prices it on Dell's website for over 1300. Seems like I got a good deal.
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    Lenovo T420

    Where is the cheapest place to buy a T420. Specs are core i5, HDD doesnt matter as I run a server at home, minimum 4gb of RAM with 8gb expandable. Usage would be for everyday, run of the mill applications, internet browsing, streaming content, and using network applications such as SecureCRT...
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    Cisco ASA5505 inside/outside drop packets

    Guys, My ASA5505 is showing "incrementing" packet drops on both the inside/outisde interfaces. Is this packet loss due to an ACL/policy or could it be a interface config issue? I have both interfaces set to auto/auto. Eth0/0 connects to Comcast cable modem and Eth0/1connects to my...
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    Problem, or expected behavior

    Brand New Cisco ASA5505...IPsec VPN tunnel streaming movies from my home server to work laptop. My work laptop is connected 100mb to corp net switch. I am not sure if there are any traffic shapers on the switch, but when I stream a movie, it tends to pause, stutter, then play fine, then pause...
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    Help convince me to make the switch

    Looking for some advice here. Currently my home network is being switched via TrendNet TEGs80G unmanaged gig switches. I have been using them for about a year now with no issues. As my home network becomes more advanced, I recently just added a Cisco ASA5505, I am thinking about swapping...
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    Laptop for Engineering Dept. Need Horsepower

    I work for one of the major MSOs in the country, and our IT department issues out Dell Laptops, typically running XP or Win7 depending on how old your machine is. The Dells they give out come with 4gb of memory and are really just low grade, crappy, sit in the office type laptops. My...
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    Cisco ASA 5505

    Is this a good price *NEW* for this unit...325.00 NEW SEALED* Cisco ASA5505-BUN-K9 Firewall 10-User I assume 10-user means this device comes with a 10 user VPN license? Is there anything else I should be looking for when purchasing an ASA? Mainly looking to use my NetGear WNDR3700 as just...
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    Cisco Catalyst Compact Switches

    Anyone have any experience with these devices? In particular, the model that does not have PoE pass-thru or PoE at all for that matter. Just looking to upgrade my home network with managed switches and not sure if the costs of these bad larrys are worth it.
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    Anything else to add to my network?

    My home network consist of the following: Netgear Ready Nas Duo with x2 1tb drives (home file/media server) x3 Netgear NTV550s (stream content from server to TVs) 1 WD 1tb USB drive 6 year old Windows XP Media Center Edition (desktop) Netgear WNDR3700 router x3 TrendNet TEG-S80g switches...
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    WNDR3700 VPN or RDP

    I have windows XP Media Center Edition as my home desktop and a NetGear WNDR3700 as my router. I would like to setup a VPN so I can remotely access my home LAN from the outside world. Should I setup a VPN solution, or just port forward Remote Desktop so I can hit my desktop and any other...
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    I just found this device laying around my house, and its brand new. Never been used or put into production. At this point in time, is this device a paperweight or can it be used? Currently I have a WNDR3700. Thanks
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    Do I really need a dedicated firewall for home use

    I recently found a (brand new) Linksys BEFSX41 firewall router laying around my house that has never been in use. My network as it stands today functions great and my questions is, do I have a use for this device or would I just be adding it for more blinking activity lights..LOL My home...
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    Netgear WNDR3700 wifi lights

    I have a silly question. First let me give you a quick overview of my LAN setup. I have a WNDR3700 that have port 1 connected to a unmanaged TrendNet gig switch. For some reason, the 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi lights on the router are constantly blinking even though no one is using the wifi. My...
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    Home network switching/routing oppinion

    I have a WNDR3700 in which I uplinked a Trendnet 8 port green net switch to. My gig desktop was connected to the WNDR and my laptop to the Trendnet. I copied 17 gig of data at about 12mb a second. I did some research and found out that the router does not support jumbo frames and the Trendnet...
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    To add a switch or not

    I just ran Cat6 from my WNDR3700 to a netgear NeoTV550. WNDR is in the computer room and the Neo is in the living room. Cat6 had to be fished downstairs, around the bathroom wall and over the solid plaster ceiling. Fun times! My question is, should I add a switch to the connection on the far...
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    Netgear GS105E 5 Port Gig Switch for Home Network extension

    I was curious to know if anyone here has experience with these switches. Newegg has a sale running, buy 2 get 1 free. I was thinking about extending my network to my 2nd floor and my living room via these switches...
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    Help me understand /30 Internet space

    I am having a hard time grasping how a customer would set this up. I am a MetroE tech with a MSO company, and when a customer buys a internet circuit from us, we nail up a /30. The customer needs two interfaces on their router in order to get the internet to work. One ethernet interface will...
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    NAT IP address reachable from the web

    I am trying to figure out how to ping a device that is hanging off a SMC modem/4 port router. This modem has a static WAN IP and hands out a 10.1.10.x LAN IP. I want to hang a device off the switchport and be able to use VNC to remote to that Devices IP from the web. In order to make this...
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    Layer 2 VLAN Traffic

    If you have two VLANs on a switch, 1 for customer traffic and the other for management and the customer traffic has 2 gig optical ports associated to the customer Vlan, does traffic for the customer VLAN get load balanced between the two ports? In other words, I have a 1 gig pipe, and when I...
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    Bit Torrenting

    I am new to torrenting, but am about to start looking into downloading various content. My questions is this. If I have a file that someone wants to DL off of me, do I automatically become a seeder? Do I only become a seeder while I am leeching off of someone else? How does this work? I...
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    I have a brand new WNDR3700 router that will not allow my Droid Incredible to connect to it via WIFI. On the smartphone, I have entered in the SSID, and the password for WPA. It is wifi enabled and does find other wifi networks. On my network it says that its "out of range" but yet I am right...
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    Is a dedicated Firewally really necessary?

    What are your thoughts on a dedicated firewall apliance for your home network? I just got the Negear WNDR3700 to replace my 6 year old Linksys WRT54G. I noticed in the logfile that there have been several attempts of DoS attacks today. My router is pretty locked down and not blown open as...
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    Windows Installer can not be located

    I am running Win2K server. When I try to install ANY program, I get this message that the windows installer can not be located. I tried to re-register the installer, and even re-install it, but the OS tells me that the MSI installer already exists. What could be the problem?