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    Anyone ever get the wrong model card back from an EVGA RMA?

    So I had to RMA my 1080ti FTW3 6696 (1569 base clock). The card I have now identifies as a 6694 (stock clock 1480MHz/DT model) according to GPUz and Precision X. The EVGA sticker on the back says 6696. I only just discovered this after I return shipped my old card (bad fan bearing).
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    AMD's Ryzen 2200/2400 bootkit "availability"

    So, basically, AMD isn't going to send me a bootkit for my Ryzen 2400g/Asus TUF B350m combo that WILL NOT BOOT until I can supply a written note from Asus that says basically I'm completely up a creek without a paddle. Asus is telling me that my samsung b-die ram that will totally work with...
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    EVGA 1080ti FTW3 with hybrid cooler kit problem

    Howdy, I purchased av EVGA hybrid cooler kit for my FTW3. Installed it last night, followed all the directions to the letter. Now it won't boost at all, GPU clocks are locked at 1569MHz (used to sustain 1980-2000 on air). Ram still overclocks just fine. Adjusting power target at all, or fan...
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    Question about an LG 27" 1080p at BestBuy Looks like this monitor is going to be up for sale for $189 on black friday, does anyone know anything about it? This seems like a decent deal, but I can't find the model number...
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    4870X2 and WoW, edge-detect AA problem

    Running Cat 8.8 (happens with the drivers that it came with as well), WinXP 32bit, and a 4870X2. When I turn on edge-detect and 4xAA in WoW, this is what I'm greeted with: If I set the AA method to box, it looks fine. Anyone else experiencing a problem like this? I've loaded /...
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    X1950XTX performance in WoW

    Ok, so I recently upgraded / sidegraded from a EVGA 7900GT KO 256 to an ATI X1950XTX. I primarily play WoW. I have an E6600 running at 2.88GHz and 2GB of midrange corsair PC6400 ram. The video quality is very nice, however, I cannot seem to find a setting with AA and Ansio enabled that give...
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    6600GT. Is it fast enough to run WoW at 1900x1200?

    Have a 9800Pro, considering a small incremental upgrade, limited to AGP, don't want to buy a 6800GT. Is this enough card to get 30fps in WoW at this resolution?
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    Partition / file table gone...

    I was playing around with memory timings/speeds last night, and the system became unstable (boot a little into windows, reboot, repeat). After the third reboot or so, the partition table (I believe) or the MBR has become corrupted. Windows no longer recongnizes the NTFS drive. I'm fairly...