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    2.5g issues, Do I need a switch?

    Title isnt exactly what the question is.. I am having issues with random drops while connected via ethernet. Going to try to step through whats going on in order Base setup is Cat 5e going to a DLink DGS-1024D Everything was good with no issues using onboard intel gigabit ethernet. 25'...
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    2nd network with limited bandwidth? Oh & Mesh too?

    I currently have a TM1900 (Tmobile version of the Asus AC68u) and I find myself needing a couple things this doesn't give me.. Coverage: I need to cover 2 houses total. The Router & modem are in my office at one edge of my house & the signal is weak & constantly lags/drops at the far end of my...
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    What is the 2080 worth vs the 2070

    So I am going to upgrade my 1080 to either a 2070 or 2080.. I just got it from EVGA not too long ago so I still qualify for Step Up. I am considering one of the following. EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC BLACK EDITION GAMING, 08G-P4-2071-KR or EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC BLACK EDITION GAMING...
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    Am I missing anything?

    I haven't built a system in several years now. Just been using my main gs60 ghost laptop and haven't even had a desktop. Well I'm receiving a bunch of hardware from my little brother so I'm making sure I'm not missing anything Before I put this thing together. From the little brother: I7 3770k...
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    Trying to find a monitor to flank my 34UM64-P

    I am looking for a suitable monitor to run in portrait next to my 34UM64-P. I have had my laptop doing this, but going back to an actual desktop so I would like a second display to continue the usefulness. Monitor is a 34" 21:9 2560x1080 resolution (I am kinda blind so I prefer the 1080 vs the...
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    Need a low profile sata card.

    Long story short is I am sick and tired of the flaky ass syba card in my whs box dropping out. I only ever have to shut down to push on the card then power back on. In a few weeks I have to do it again. It's been the same routine for the last 2 or 3 years now. My hang up is that this is a mitx...
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    Can you hide the name on notifications.

    So I have a friend who just got her first ever iPhone and is looking to me for guidance since I have been an iOS user for all of like 4 months now. She has always had her notifications set to not show a name on Android & I cant find a way of doing this on iOS. And yes I know it sounds...
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    A couple of iOS issues for a new user.

    So I'm only a couple days into using iOS and I've noticed a couple issues that are probably related. First apps won't download from the marketplace. I can search but when I hit the get button nothing happens. Second is the default mail app stops syncing my Gmail (no other email addresses) For...
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    Well I'm going to give this iOS crap a try...

    I can honestly say that I have NEVER so much as sent a text or made a call on an iPhone. Never used an iPad either. In fact the only apple dev I have spent any time with is a Apple TV (First Gen). But alas the recent Android phones continue to PISS ME THE FUCK OFF... Seems like every android...
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    cerberus type app for ios

    So due to a iOS deal & my kid wanting one & me wanting a little phone I am contemplating picking up a couple iphone se's.. Currently I use cerberus to keep tabs on my my kid is doing. Is there anything as good that doesnt have a huge cost involved on iOS where I can not only get locations, but...
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    ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector

    Anyone use one of these. I am contemplating on picking one up to do double duty as 1st a TV/Media player in my spare room when I have visitors & 2 for maybe putting on movies in my driveway for my family & neighbors. The spare room has only 1 window & it faces north to a very well shaded fence...
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    10' USB Type C Cables?

    Anyone found a good source for longer USB Type C yet. There are a couple on Amazon, but the reviews seem to be complete shit or they seem over priced & Monoprice doesnt even list any 10' type C yet. There are 2 places I generally like the 10' cables generous length & currently I only have the...
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    RT-AC66R constant reboots

    So in the last 2 days my router decided it was going to randomly reboot. Has maybe 10-15 minutes of uptime. No warning, just poof its restarting. The system log resets every time so I dont have any reason that I can find as to why. Was using Merlin, when this started I updated to the newest...
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    PSA: T-Mobile 4 lines with unlimited LTE on all for 150

    Just wanted to let those who may not of already seen it know that T-Mobile has a 4 line promo for 150 with unlimited LTE on all 4 lines. This is all over SD already. So get it while it's hot. The sign up time is a promo with no end time listed. And T-Mobile let's you keep promos forever...
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    Unlimited LTE for all Tmobile Customers (till 03/01/2016) Legere like his customers.. Oh & post paid only..
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    Any good "compact" phones out there..

    So I am looking for another device. I had been waiting for the Nexus 5x, but comparing the size to my current LG G4 it is just to freeking big to bother changing to (why the hell isnt it closer to the nexus 5 size). Ultimately a screen around 5" or a little smaller is fine. The things that...
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    I know its just pre-season, but.....

    oops.. wrong forum.
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    Cricket Coverage post AT&T Buyout

    I am growing increasingly tired of T-Mobile & thinking its time to switch due to the lack of coverage. I was thinking I was just going to switch back to Verizon as they have the best coverage in the area, but then I found out Cricket is now AT&T. Well I have family that has AT&T & they get...
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    25UM65-P Opinions

    So I searched & couldn't find a thread about this or the 29" version (only the LG 34" which is higher res). So anyone with any experience with these LG Ultrawide displays? I jsut ordered a 25UM65-p refurb for 175 shipped to run as a main display from my MSI GS60 (gtx 860m). I normally game...
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    Acer Aspire V15 Black Edition or Lenovo Y50

    So I am in a bit of a quandary here.. Looking to buy a new laptop this week for every day use & a bit of gaming (Diablo 3 & SC2, but nothing super heavy). I haven't gamed in the last 7 months since I sold my gaming rig (desktop) and the screen on my little Lenovo S405 is complete SHIT (not even...
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    WiFi card blacklisted in bios?

    So I recently acquired a Lenovo S405 laptop. It had a bad hard drive & LCD when I got it. The LCD has been replaced & I installed an SSD along with 8gb of ram. So this thing is nearly perfect for my uses. The one problem remaining is that the wifi card sucks ass in a bad way.. 8 feet from my...
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    Which thin gaming laptop

    So I am in the market for a gaming laptop. But I do not want a big heavy brick of a machine. I really want less then 1" thick. Currently I am considering either the MSI GS70 or the Gigabyte P35K. Of the 2 I would prefer the 15" screen of the gigabyte & the reviews say it is an awesome...
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    Where can I order a custom mechanical.

    What I am looking for I cant seem to find. I want a TKL 87 key layout with orange LED backlit & MX Browns. I seem to be able to find any 2 of these 3 things, but cant find all 3 together. Anyone have any ideals?
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    Need suggestions for a new router

    So what I am looking for is a router to play with & hopefully replace my existing Linksys. I want to be able to run either Open WRT or DD WRT without too much hassle. I have never used either, but there seems to be alot of features that would come in handy. I want external antenna's also...
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    What raid to run with 6x hd204ui and a IBM1015

    Os will be whs 2011. I have the stock firmware on the 1015 and no extra key thing for it currently. So what would be the best raid to run with the card, or would I be better off getting the dongle so I can run raid 5. I also wouldn't be to upset changing to a rocketraid 2230 I think it is so...
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    Antec NEO ECO 620C - $30 - After MIR

    I hate to send anyone to newegg, but this is a good deal.. This is a Seasonic made unit of great quality..
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    1st time PSU cable modding.. Advice Needed..

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    Need PSU for home server.. Which one to get?

    What I am looking for: 7+ sata connectors Modular or Semi-Modular preferred. Quiet Budget is about 100 or so if it meets all of the above. Currently I have a Corsair CX400 which has been great, but I am moving my server from a Lian Li A04 to a Fractal Design Core 304. Hardware in the...
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    Which Plex Media Serer Hardware (Intel vs AMD)

    Currently I have a Phenom 9150e (65w 1.8Ghz quad core) with 4gb DDR2 transcoding using plex media server to up to 4 Roku's Right now I can not transcode anything in really high quality (lower 720p is fine for a couple of streams at a time). So I am wanting to upgrade the hardware. I plan to...
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    Help Needed: Cant reboot

    System is a Zotac IONITX-F-E (mITX). There is no optical drive or floppy drive attached. 4GB of Kingston DDR2 Thermaltake 200w PSU (stock with the thermaltake element Q case) There is no external GPU or any other hardware (other then monitor lb & mouse) connected. Essentially I can pull the...
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    Samsung 4gb DDR3 1600 (this is the low profile, low voltage stuff)

    $15.91 per 4gb stick. That puts it at about 32 bucks for 8gb or 64 bucks for 16gb. Its from Amazon so a single stick would probably have...
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    Canon SX40 to SX50 upgrade worth it?

    I Currently have an SX40 & when I bought it I really didn't anticipate myself taking too many pictures But I have been using the hell out of this little guy.. I bought it in July & my usage on it is just going up.. So far this month I have taken over 800 pictures.. a bunch using the full extent...
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    Newegg - Fractal Design Array R2 w/ PSU for 120 Shipped

    Fractal Design Array R2 Black Aluminum Mini-ITX Desktop Computer Case 300W SFX PSU Power Supply $70 off w/ promo code Fract905, limited offer I have been in lust over this case for a long while & this is the lowest I have seen it.. Although it could be used as a small gaming rig its real...
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    IBM M1015 help needed.

    Long story short.. Just installed WHS 2011 on my server. All HDD are conencted to an IBM M1015. Everything went fine durring the install which I did with only 1 drive connected (some have data so I wanted to be sure not to overwrite something needed). Well now when I conenct the other drives...
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    Samsung 2tb External (with HD204UI) 90 bucks w/ coupon code EMCNCNE62 Multiple reviews say this has a HD204UI inside & not a seagate.. Seems like a hell of a buy to me..
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    WHS 2011 Install best practices?

    So are there any helpfull tips or tricks anyone can give me. I am installing WHS 2011 on my server as soon as I can move around enough data to free up some drives (there currently formatted in ext4 as I was running amahi for the past year with greyhole). Edit: also what is the best drive...
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    Time for a newb?

    So I have never been one to take allot of pictures even though I have owned a digital camera for many years. My 1st was a 1.3mp poloroid that I though was awesome way back in the day. Well for the last couple months it kept popping back up that I don't have many pictures of the family. Hell...
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    DIY 8 pin PCIE Adapter

    So long story short, I have a budget system that I put togeather for my wife. I just picked up a 4870x2 which has 1x 6 pin & 1x 8 pin PCIE connector. The PSU only has 2x 6 pin. I have a couple of other 8 pin (or rather 6+2 pin) cables that are not being used that came with my Seasonic X750...
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    Rock Bottom Budget Diablo 3 machine

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Diablo 3 & basic web surfing 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Absolutely no more then 500ish, but much lower preferred 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the...
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    GPU2 Behavior in Crossfire

    So I have a pair of XFX 6870 2gb's in XFire. MSI Afterburner has GPU2's usage sitting at 99% while sitting on the desktop. GPU1 shows basically 0 with an occasional little spike. What would cause this. Also the fan speed doesnt slow down to match GPU1 even when the temps are similar.