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    What Browser you use with Latest Win10 builds? How many swapped from Chrome to Edge?

    I switched to Edge as soon as it came out. No more software_reporter.exe scanning my drives. It drove me crazy scanning my noisy hard drive. Also I like the way the scrolling feels over Chrome, it feels smoother.
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    How long do keyboards last?

    I'm still using the same one I bought 10 years ago. Filco Majestouch TKL Cherry Browns. The previous keyboard was some $10 Microsoft membrane which I stopped using because I spilled beer on the left side and the shift key was always sticking. It drove me nuts. Just don't drink around them. :)
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    Best high quality wallpaper sites..1440p and above
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    What is an Ethernet cable? Here's how to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi and get a speedier connection

    I use a null modem cable then i can share internet off my windows 95 box.
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    Badass rebuilds unreleased Voodoo 5 6000 card.

    Wow.. people are really getting desperate for cards. Lol.
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    It's a bumpy road for version 2004 rollout

    I've never had issues with updates until this one. I launch MS Edge and it takes 10 seconds to launch compared to 2 seconds. I click on the weather app it sits at the splash screen for 5 seconds, before it was almost instant. (Running on SSD of course.) Discord and Steam both had graphical bugs...
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    Looking for program to edit iPhone phonebook on PC

    If you want you could add a Google account to your iphone, set it to sync and your contacts will be on the google contacts website. And you can then edit them from there.
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    144ghz problem

    Are you using the same DVI cable or does each PC have it's own?
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    Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser launches on Windows and macOS

    The best thing about the new Edge is I don't have software_reporter_tool.exe scanning all my drives every time I launch Chrome.
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    Xbox X

    This is the 4th Xbox, correct? Well they can't call it "Xbox 4" because there's a "Playstation 5" and 5 > 4. So people will think the PS5 is newer or better (even though they're probably right heh).
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    Best password manager for iOS?

    I use KeePass on PC so I’m using Keepasium on iOS.
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    World of Warcraft Classic

    If your server has insane queue times still, install chrome remote desktop then get the app on your phone. Then you can remote into your PC from work and get into the queue early.
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    World of Warcraft Classic

    Nobody is playing. We're sitting in a queue. :D
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    Transfer video files android to PC

    I don't know about using a cable since I never use one, but I transfer files over wifi on my android device. I use the app Solid Explorer which allows you to create a SMB connection from the app and sign in to your PC to access your shares. Then you can just drag/drop files.
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    Jony Ive leaves Apple

    He ran out of Dieter Rams designs to copy.
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    Windows 10 1903 Unleashed to Public

    There's a couple group policy settings under Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Search which are "Do not allow web search" and "Don't search the web or display web results in Search". (Pro version) I remember they used to work but I don't remember when they stopped working. I'm...
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    Developer curious about macbooks

    Windows Key + Shift + S
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    Here Is the Path of Exile: Synthesis Official Trailer

    You want a mobile version? You think you do, but you don't. :D
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    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion Has Been Announced

    att uverse is 1tb.
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    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion Has Been Announced

    I'm pretty sure all tiers of "Uverse" were bumped up to 1TB a couple years back.
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    Intel Confirms Adaptive Sync

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend?
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    Take-Two CEO: Game Streaming’s Latency Problems Will Be Over in a Few Years

    It's the ultimate wet dream. Zero piracy and can milk you with a subscription.
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    Mobile Chrome 69 address bar color

    I updated to mobile chrome 69 on android and I noticed the address bar color doesn't change anymore to blend in with the theme on the forums. It's not game-breaking by any means but not sure why this site in particular stopped working.
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    Intel Coffee Lake 9000 Series Refresh to have Soldered TIMs

    Yeah but you could play like 500 minesweeper games at once!
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    NVIDIA Promises Spectacular Surprises

    I bet the surprise is their "big tvs" are finally being released.
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    NVIDIA Promises Spectacular Surprises

    And they'll still be sold out.
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    Slowest loading games of all time

    I remember reading a Game Informer article back in the day where people were complaining about loading times for MK on PS1. Apparently whenever you transformed with Shang Tsung into another character it took like 2 seconds to load the new texture. I also remember watching a friend play Chrono...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Announced

    Death, taxes and another Call of Duty game.
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    Man Falsely Accused Of Piracy Deserves $17K Compensation

    "We're sorry you had to watch an Adam Sandler movie. Here's $17k for your pain and suffering."
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    Extra EVGA 1080 GTX ACX 3.0, what to do with it?

    Go outside and smash it with a hammer for them YouTube views.
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    Apple Watch Sells Out Almost Instantly

    Apple should sell bottled water.
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    Gadgets not working in Win 7 -64 bit

    I use Rainmeter skins instead.
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    Amazon's New Prime Now Service Promises One-Hour Delivery

    what is this.. outside you speak of?
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    Fear And Anxiety Accompany Forced Internet Unplugging

    I remember being made fun of in high school when I was overheard talking about computers to a friend. Now everyones on suicide watch if the Internet goes out for a few hours.
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    Why are almost all indie games 2D?

    because their artists aren't good enough
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    How do you store and manage passwords at work?

    keepass because i'm not storing my passwords in teh cloud