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    JBS cyberattack forces shutdown of all company's USA beef plants

    ...masters that would strip you of choices you are allowed to make.
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    Bitcoin value cut in half as cryptocurrencies tumble in weekend slide 05-24-2021

    The Miners are not creating wealth, they're manufacturing the serialized crypto lock boxes that units of VALUE will be stored in. And they are getting paid going rate for that work like any other job.
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    Bitcoin value cut in half as cryptocurrencies tumble in weekend slide 05-24-2021

    "Money" is all bogus and only worth the TRUST people have in it as a store of value. Monetary notes issued by organized groups are subject to manipulation. Manipulation that inflates the money supply is same as stealing VALUE directly from your bank account. What crypto does is tie the units of...
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    Bitcoin crumbles below $40,000 on China crypto warning

    Of course they don't like anything not under their complete control. It reeks with the stench of freedom that is perfume to everyone else. When Elon realized his Dog Coin had caught on of course he would dump the competition and drive value down. Maybe the genius whale planned that when he...
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    Inside Amazon's Smart Warehouse

    Ummmmm if you have a replicator.... and you can make anything... why cant you make Latinum? ...or more replicators? the need for money seems to be counter to obvious trek reality. In any case the Nvidia made CCPBorg implants will inhibit unapproved thoughts and behaviours.
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    Very white paint

    Captain Obvious would like to thank the sponsors for this breakthrough tech.... Purdue U, Krylon, Rustoleum and Dutch boy. :) ...Oh and 3M, Dow Corning must be in there somewhere too. Like all the short sighted solutions the professional idea people churn out ...the carbon footprint of...
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    Inside Amazon's Smart Warehouse

    AI will complete the conversion to an automated future referred to as "Star Trek" world. In star trek world have you ever seen anyone with a wallet? or wondering about having the months rent? Or not doing warp core efficiency experiments in their "Free Time"? They just move about apparently...
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    As expected, the "impossible" EmDrive doesn't work.

    according to the 1978 popular mechanix article you just need to add a 1 mile Dia. magnetic intake funnel to the front of the thruster to gather the hydrogen atoms needed for fuel. ...and also and a push from a rocket to get it moving. ...completely doable!
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    Intel Buys Off Mac Guy

    They need to hire the unemployed weed smoking "Your getting a Dell dood" guy.
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    LG 48CX

    Having fixed TV's before I would take off the back and look at it first to evaluate. The plastic legs poke thru PCB and melted on back to secure it. Simply put a dot of non conductive epoxy to secure it again to the PCB as it still works electrically. ...Dont use Hot Glue please :)
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    Anyone Have Experience With Ergotron LX Wall Mount Monitor Arm? Concerned with it on one stud.

    Ive mounted a few heavy monitors and speakers to single studs with zero issue. Make sure you drill proper size and depth pilot holes for the ~2 inch lag bolts. I usually do the important top one first install that bolt and tighten till the base is snug but will still rotate on the wall. Then...
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    Creative's Sound Blaster Z SE promises an even better audio experience

    If you get one, plug it in and have a decent 5.1 logitec speaker setup you will immediately notice almost dead silent noise floor and better speaker separation. Also the DSP in the SB can be tweaked on a per app basis. For normal listening levels the SQ cant be beat. My onboard realtech would...
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    Tesla Full Self-Driving System's Beta Developer Settings Leaked

    When you get the "get me there faster" hack please share :)
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    Tesla Full Self-Driving System's Beta Developer Settings Leaked

    I spent some years in the Ford design center. Self driving is only phase one of larger full automation starting mainly with the worst traffic areas. Once full autonomous safety is 99.9999% is achieved the next part begins. The worst interchanges/intersections get outfitted with smart...
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    GPU brackets?

    My 1080TI sagged until i transmogrified a wooden dowel into an analog suspension beam for the saggy corner. My PC never moves so not complicated.
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    New feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool

    First time we were asked for user "Productivity" metrics was on mini mainframe in 3d CAD modeling env. there were 4 users per mini and they would set a model to Rotate and Lock it. the CPU would pin and generate oodles of productivity for them ...And the 3 other users could barely get anything...
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    TSMC Approves 3.5 Billion Dollar Arizona Foundry

    No they cant nessesarily ...i live here and there is almost no housing inventory available. land is available but it is expensive and pushing farther out into the desert and new builds are +1 year wait. Massive influx of people from blue states so the property seized would probably have ended up...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU Review & Benchmarks (Workstation, Gaming, Overclocking)

    Having been on hand for previous AMD vs Intel chip battles and bouncing back and forth a few times. It seems that when threatened Intel always seems to pull out a secret weapon like Darth Vader with a new light saber to burn a hole through the AMD rebellion. Once the threat is gone they turn...
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    The elected officials told us that unless we allowed them to regulate the costs would go up endlessly. They passed the legislation and within a few months my bill went UP 20%. The Cable companies wanted the regulation because it carved out...
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    IMO The reason that cable sucks so bad is that the .gov mandated that it be aggregated (Bundled) with a boatload of garbage channels that real people wouldn't watch or pay for voluntary. Those channels with horrible ratings still get paid from your monthly bill. I looked around to cut the...
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    Abandoned Chip Fab: Bil Herd's MOS Technologies Factory Walk-Through 35 Years Later

    I only bought a few games like QBert and had to load them using the cassette tape drive that crashed the load half the time. I mostly fiddled with programming the graphics and sound hardware that was ahead of its time. I understand They are still being used and have value in the Ham radio field...