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    Is Facebook Really Worth $100 Billion?

    If I were upper management, I'd cash out with a quickness. The company is worth a lot, yes, but no way in hell is it $100 billion
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    Netbook Market May Have Already Peaked

    for it accelerate again the processors needs to speed up and still keep the same price.
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    Macbook Pro Helps Core i7 Hit 214F

    my c2d umbp is right now 70 degrees C and I'm just surfing the web with itunes on. I'm not surprised things would get that hot in the i7 umbp
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    Are You Getting an iPad?

    I may try it out and return it within the 14 day window
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    NEC 3090WQXi-BK refurb $999+tax/shipping

    well there is a reason they won't let you return refurbs, and I guess great customer support is one of them (they got your money!!!!!)
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    NEC 3090WQXi-BK refurb $999+tax/shipping

    I don't see how they could not have went with fedex or ups. Big box yes, but it was not all that heavy. I'm sure these regular carrier delivery people aren't pansies and get lift a few.
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    Small Form Factor Keyboards

    the apple wireless keyboard perhaps? though no back lighting
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    The Subscription War: You're Bleeding to Death

    basic calling plan + text: $40 bucks a month. that is it. I get anything and everything news/tv/info for free on the internet.
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    NEC 3090WQXi-BK refurb $999+tax/shipping

    last Tuesday. then again I live in California so shipping from LAX was quick.
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    Question about a Mac

    might have a hard time maximizing windows... hahah
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    Dell Dell 2005FPW

    one of the classic monitors in my opinion. still using mine to this day
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    NEC 3090WQXi-BK refurb $999+tax/shipping

    how to check? on another note, I realize that the cable cover did not come in the box, no biggie.
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    NEC 3090WQXi-BK refurb $999+tax/shipping

    received mine today. I know its a refurb but its like its brand new. no dead pixels/backlight bleed. very satisfied. going to spend a while calibrating it to my liking.
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    NEC 3090WQXi-BK refurb $999+tax/shipping

    I got pilot air shipping too (even though I chose UPS) see what happens.
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    Anyone here ever use the Apple Wired Keyboard?

    been using to for over a year now. sturdy, elegant, and easy to type on.
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    What internet browser are you using for Windows 7?

    firefox. so familiar with it now that using any other browser will throw me off my "workflow"
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    Facebook Scam Picking Up In Intensity

    I'm sorry but you have to be an imbecile to be scammed on facebook.
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    Snow Leopard First Impressions

    installed on 2.0ghz gma950 macbook and smooth sailing. In terms of feel there is not much difference. But the again it is only $30 bucks.
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    Gran Turismo

    ^^^ this
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    Final Fantasy VII coming to US PSN

    they will remake it i think, just a matter of time, a LONG time
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    Why are used Mac Pros so expensive?

    well they are used by pros that makes money with the things they produces thus the high price is a justified expenditure.
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    Your Upgrade Path

    Vista -> windows 7 OSX leo -> snow leo
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    Paving the Way for Moore's Law for Decades to Come

    Software really needs to catch up in terms of using all the cores.
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    Craigslist Is Top Source of Prostitution

    heh, heh, awlraight! /quagmire
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    Top 10 Pirated games of 2008

    OH MY GOD how do they know!?!?!?!?111
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    Post your black friday buys.

    all from amazon: madden 09 $30 DualShock 3 $40 Smackdown Vs. Raw 09 Collectors Edition $40
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    Apple 24" LED-backlit IPS Cinema Display with DisplayPort ($899)?

    its not that simple. Dvi and DP is not pin compatible so there will be the need for some sort of converter box.
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    Sleeping w/ your PC on & feeling noise fatigue?

    i made my computer so that it makes no noise
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    Gran Turismo 5...?

    late 2009, most likely early 2010
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    $500 Gas Voucher @ Newegg and TD w/ AMD GAME! kit

    maybe the newegg promo guy can chime in but for me it all hinges on how the free gas deal works.