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    4/20 New Apples errryday

    ..well, at least today. --- The glorious return of the 24" iMac, now in M1. It's a giant non-touch iPad on a stand. That hinge looks scary but I guess it will hold. This is also the first Mac with a new design specifically for M1. No Intel in this form factor...
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    Amazingly tame Win10 "RS5" 17763.1 'goes RTM'

    Barring any last-second oopsies on the part of MS (like last time), the next "not this again" major update for Windows 10 has been finalized. Don't think it has any special name yet, it's so far just "1809" or "Fall 2018 Release" or whatever. So far, it's.. quite boring. On initial upgrade...
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    PSA - High Sierra root exploit Basically any prompt to elevate, you can put 'root' with no password and it will elevate. Woohoo.
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    ASUS Z97M-Plus being fussy with m.2

    My gaming rig's Plextor m.2 module recently started failing, so I'm trying to replace it. This ASUS Z97M-Plus supposedly had NVMe support added in a BIOS update, which I did a while back. This board is out of style now so it's unlikely to get any more BIOS updates. I bought a Toshiba m.2 NVMe...
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    Microsoft exec admits Win10 upgrade promotion too aggressive

    Really? See, I love Windows, and I enjoy using Windows 10. It's my daily work machine, I use it at home, and it's a part of my routine. I *can* say tho, honestly, is the way MS did...
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    The (loaded, ~$2K after taxes) MacBook isn't so bad.

    Had one of these fall into my possession on long-term loan (cuz I ain't paying for one lol). It's the m7/512GB config. These things get knocked on for the price, and yeah, it's totally insane. However, getting it for $0 definitely changes things. It's amazingly usable, even upping the...
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    macOS Sierra releases; Internet issues collective yawn

    So back on Tuesday, macOS 10.12 "Sierra" launched to little fanfare. The launch only warranted a little corner of Apple's website. Surprisingly little "it destroyed my Mac" chatter this time around. Key features: Minus X - We do not discuss the X anymore. Siri - Siri does Siri things, but...
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    iOS - "Break" transitions to disable them

    How-To: Disable iOS SpringBoard animations and make your Home screen feel faster [Video] By exploiting a bug in iOS (go Apple) it's possible to break the springboard mechanism so there's no "woosh in/woosh out" effect when running or changing apps. I did it on my iPhone 5s and it's cool but it...
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    Do I really have the last 1920x1200 17" PC laptop?

    I sometimes 'brag' to my tech buddies that my Dell Precision m6500 is the 'last' 17" PC laptop. The specs are all that a circa 2010 mobile workstation would be.. i7-820QM processor, 16GB RAM, new SSD.. It served me well over the years, and works perfectly, but it's getting old, and the trackpad...
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    4K extended monitor forgets window settings on wake

    I've been googling around but not getting much luck on this one. I have reports from our laptop users that the 4K monitors we've been upgrading them to (ASUS PB287Q) have an issue where when they sleep their laptops and wake them, the laptop screen and monitor get confused, and it throws every...
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    Apple extends GPU "Quality" program to December

    MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues - Apple Support If you have a 2011 MacBook Pro (15"/17") or 2012/2013 Retina (15"), there's a chance the GPU will fail and render the laptop unusable. Apple can run a test, and if it fails, free logic board replacement. As well, while not...
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    Troubleshooting m.2 storage "HDD light constant activity"

    I just built a new Z97 rig (ASUS Z97M-Plus) with a Plextor PX-G256M6e m.2 storage. The system is running fine, but the hdd light is just going crazy with activity for seemingly no reason. It's not the solid "you put the connector on backwards" red, but it's like a server churning data heavily...
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    Mid-2014 MacBook Pro (Retina) refresh Looks like speed bumps all around, and the 15" Retina is now standard 16GB RAM, still at the $1999 price point with 256GB storage with Iris Pro. GT750 still on the higher end model. The 4GB Retina has gone away. Still offering the 128GB storage...
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    Old Apple Cinema 30" - did they ever fix the 'dancing pixels'?

    I recently inherited one of these 30" screens, it's a circa 2006-2007 model as far as I can tell. It works fine, except it has a problem called 'dancing pixels' where different colored bands of color noise appear against certain colors. This video sums it up.. I also got a new Apple...
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    Lower-sitting stand for ACD 30"?

    I've recently come into possession of an Apple Cinema Display 30". It's pretty nifty. However, it sits way too high on my desk thanks to the non-adjustable stand. Has anyone ever seen a replacement stand for these that lowers the display? I'm seeing a VESA mount Apple sells that could be a...
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    Linux for very outdated (128-512MB RAM) machines?

    A friend of mine, she inherits antique computers and tries to recycle them to her foreign community friends. They are mostly laptops. They are Pentium II, sometimes Pentium III machines, with anywhere from 128MB to 512MB RAM and 6-10GB hard drives. Is there any somewhat usable Linux distro...
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    You know Server 2008 R2 (aka Windows 7 Server) is available too, right? And the keys are right there on the page. It is *only* available in 64-bit flavor. For the 'server faster than workstation' crowd. I've been messing with it most...
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    XM and Sirius merged channels today.. Results.. ugh. For those outside the US or unfamilar, XM Radio and Sirius were competing satellite radio companies in the US. Since they had been hemorrhaging money since their debuts early this decade, they decided to merge into one company. Today was the first big...
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    Vista x64 + X-Fi XtremeGamer or onboard STAC9271D?

    I've been using Creative stuff forever, my current gaming rig has XP64 with the X-Fi XtremeGamer. I have no major complaints about it. Note that my speaker setup is very basic, a simple two-speaker desktop setup that doesn't typically get very loud, I rent a room and I have to keep my volume...
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    What RAM for 8GB on a DP35DP?

    I'm planning to build a system with one of these boards, but I don't know what RAM to use. I know they use the 1.8v type and can't be overclocked. I want to use 8GB but I want to make sure it's stable and runs without problems. Right now I'm leaning towards a pair of the Corsair XMS2 2x2GB...
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    Failed video or motherboard? (bonus Dell rant)

    My Dell Inspiron E1705 has developed some video curruption and I'm trying to determine if it's the system board or video card module causing it. It runs fine for a while, then I guess the faulty part gets too hot. At this point, the system locks up with blue semi-diagonal lines through the...
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    Seagate 7200.2 200GB drive "clicky".. should I worry?

    I just got a new Seagate 7200.2 drive to replace my old Hitachi 100GB 7200. I've installed XP64 and got it fairly configured, but one issue I am having is this drive is unusually chatty. It seems at random times it clicks very audibly. Anyone else got one of these drives that can shed any...
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    "Should I go 64-bit?" Soon you won't have a choice. Microsoft scraps 32-bit operating systems So if you're still not sure, just note that this is the last time you'll have the luxury of using those old legacy 32-bit operating systems. I see this move as a...
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    XP64 - Cannot install Client For Microsoft Networks

    I built a new PC recently with XP64, and the only hiccup I am running into is that I can't map drives because the Client for Microsoft Networks won't install. When I try to add it as a client I get this: "Could not add the requested component. The error is: The remote procedure call failed."...
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    Looking for high-end gaming laptop

    I'm looking into high-end gaming laptops. Unlike most users who care about things like weight and size and battery life and whatever, I really don't. My only real concern is getting the most I can for the best price, and preferably not melting the desk the laptop will be sitting on most of the...
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    Did ATI competely fall off the high-end or something?

    I'm shopping around for a new high-end gaming laptop, and for the life of me I can't find anything with an ATI chipset. This has been a problem for the last year I've been looking.. I remember the x800 mobility was supposed to be so fast and awesome way back when, but I hardly found any laptops...
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    Where the X800 XT Mobility?

    I've seen a few websites with reviews of working systems from June with this video chipset, but looking around I can barely find any laptops to buy with it. I want this over the 7800GTX because my other PC's use ATI cards and I want to keep my chipsets all on one driver set.
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    X850XT PE + Samsung 214T issue

    Posted in Displays but I'm starting to wonder if it's a videocard issue. I got a X850XT PE AGP recently, and shortly afterwards I got myself a nice Samsung 214T 21" LCD display. I connected them using DVI. Weird issue: If I turn the panel off, it won't turn back on. It goes into power...
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    New 214T - problem

    Got this bad boy today. I'm loving it so far, except for one SMALL problem... If I turn the display OFF, I can't turn it back on! It apparently goes into a suspend mode and simply won't come back on. I have to shut down my PC and restart it to get the picture back. Needless to say, this...
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    Recommended quiet cooler for X850XT PE?

    I recently got one of these cards and the default cooler is really loud. Is there a quieter HSF available? It's the AGP model if that matters.
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    9800 Pro -> x800 Pro AGP - worth it?

    My ol' 3Ghz P4 is still doing great, but the 9800 Pro is getting a little stale. Would going to an AGP x800 Pro give me noticeable speed gains? Assume no o/c and I'm not interested in trying to hack the card to make it more than it is.
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    I keep blowing up R9800 Pros. Why?

    I seem to have really bad luck with these cards, which is sad because the cards are very nice and they perform just as I need them to. I originally got a Powercolor R9800 Pro about 14 months ago. That card lasted two weeks, and then the stock HSF seized. Rather than replace the fan I just...
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    SFF (as small as possible) for servers

    I'm looking for ideas on really small cases which will be for low-cost servers. They will use Micro-ATX motherboards and will be all integrated VGA, LAN, SATA etc. The only real requirements I have is that it's got at least a 200W power supply (preferably more) and that it can handle the...
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    Everytime I update Cats, it's slow.

    Ever since I started using ATI cards I've had this problem. I go from one version of Catalysts to another and if I don't uninstall/run driver cleaner/sacrifice goat, upon reboot the system is just unusably slow. I can now reproduce this exact problem on two PC's with very different specs (one...
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    4-screw mATX PSU..

    We have a bunch of mATX towers that use these Inwin 4-screw mATX PSU's. They are only 180w, and as we load them down with hard drives and fast CPU's, they've been failing. I've been charged with the task of getting higher wattage PSU's, but I can't seem to find many places that sell them. Is...
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    burning odor from new LCD

    I got a brand new Hitachi CML175SXB and while the panel itself is showing no flaws or problems, it is giving off that smell that PSU's give off when they die. I'm concerned. Is it something I should get RMA'd immediately? Is it normal? It doesn't seem normal.
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    higher-end gaming rig PSU needs

    How much power would a rig like this need: P4 2.6-2.8ghz (w/HT, not necessarily Prescott) Radeon 9800 Pro 1 Hard Drive (probably 7200rpm) 1 DVD-ROM drive Optional add-on sound, like Audigy2, tho integrated would work too. I have been debating trying to squeeze these parts into a...
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    Do they still do P4m's?

    Glancing over Dell's Inspiron laptop line, they have the 8600 which is a P-M, and the 9100, which is a straight P4. My i8200 uses a P4m 1.7ghz. I was curious if they still develop P4m's or if they've just gone to straight P4's instead.. Kinda scary, my laptop gets so hot it's damaged the desk...
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    is FFXI just like other FF's or like everyother MMORPG?

    I'm loving FFXI. At first I wasn't sure how FF-loyal it was going to be, but little by little there's plenty of reminders that this IS a Final Fantasy game. You start seeing spells you recognize, monsters from other games, familiar armor.. Of course it has the typical "save the world" plot...
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    4 dimms@PC333 on a i865 board?

    I remember hearing that the 400FSB boards didn't particularly like having all 4 dimm slots occupied, and it created additional latency and performance degraded. I have a i865 board with 4 dimms in use with PC333 totalling 1.5GB. I've only used this as a server but I'm converting it to a gaming...