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    Buying XPS 13 -- some build/upgrade questions

    So my current laptop is getting more than a little long in the tooth... Sony Vaio VPCZ1 purchased in 2010, with several white lines on the screen, inability to install Win10 and lack of brightness controls (due to driver issues), and the "J" key works 1 out of 3 presses due to a dog jumping on...
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    HP Stream Mini -- any luck reducing fan noise?

    I replaced my custom HTPC with an HP Stream Mini ( : (Discontinued) HP Stream 200-010 Mini Desktop : Computers & Accessories). I upgraded to 8gb of RAM and a 256gb SSD, Performance-wise, the device works great. At low load, the fan noise is near inaudible. BUT, when load ramps up...
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    400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

    Recurring issue that only happens here. Makes it impossible to click on external links. Just says: Browser is Chrome. Has been an issue for years. Thoughts? Besides having to logout and clear everything ideally...
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    Intel Compute Stick -- HTPC worthy?

    Anyone have any details as to whether this will be workable as an HTPC?
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    Q9550 overheating? or bad temp sensor

    Not sure which subforum this best belongs in, so, mods, feel free to move as needed... My file server has a Q9550 with stock hsf. It's been running 24/7 since I built it back in 2009 and runs great. However, recently it sets off the cpu alarm whenever processing duty ramps up. I...
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    Slow wired connection -- driver/network card issue?

    The issue: very slow upload speed on my desktop. Speedtest results: iPad (wireless): ~20 down, 2 up Desktop: ~20 down, 0.3 up :eek: I then took my laptop, unplugged the ethernet cable from my desktop and plugged it into it, and ran speedtest from my laptop: ~21 down, 2 up. This seems...
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    Hyper-V VM BSOD issue

    Not entirely sure where to put this, but seems like it may be distinct to it being a VM. My current setup is Win Server 2008 R2, with two Hyper-V VMs: one Windows Home Server, the other Windows 7. The main hard drives are two RAID 1 SATA drives (this is where the 2008R2 OS as well as the VMs...
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    Software to scroll through multiple PDFs in a folder?

    Situation is, when I have a folder full of PDFs, I would like to be able to scroll through them like I would photos (just hit the right arrow key to go to the next one). Having to open and close each one individually is a bit of a pain. Does such a program exist? I thought someone told me...
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    Music on 360 -- FLAC in game?

    I am a giant 360 newbie so please be gentled :) I tried searching and didn't find anything on point, and Google searches seemed to focus more on using the 360 as a media center. =I know that FLAC support is possible in Windows Media Center (at least on a Windows 7 PC) which is not my issue...
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    New build for rhouck

    Sorry for the huge amount of these recently, but I am finally ready for an upgrade and I am COMPLETELY out of the loop. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Work (word/excel/etc) and iRacing (and maybe other racing games). I just bought a new...
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    [AMAZON] Transcend 32 GB JetFlash 500 Retractable USB Flash Drive @ $19.99

    Transcend 32 GB JetFlash 500 Retractable USB Flash Drive Retail: $49.99 Price: $19.99 (eligible for Prime) Seems like a good deal
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    iPad Hotspot feature - troubleshooting connection to WinXP laptop

    (Mods -- I initially posted in the Apple section but it sees very little traffic; apologies for the cross-post but please keep this thread and delete the other, thanks) I have a new iPad on Verizon. I went to use the personal hotspot feature the other day and noticed I was having an issue...
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    iPad hotspot feature - troubleshooting

    I have a new iPad on Verizon. I went to use the personal hotspot feature the other day and noticed I was having an issue with my work laptop. I turn the hotspot on, my work laptop finds the iPad and connects via wifi, and then it just sits there with no internet access (tried ipconfig...
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    Switch from WHSv1 to Server 2008 w/ SyncToy

    Current setup: Windows Server 2008 R2 with WHS v1 as a VM Issues: - slow read/write in WHS - perpetual fear of server drive failure in WHS - Hyper-V bugs causing the occasional issue - Inability to hotswap drives in WHS (must power down the VM to do add) Overall, this system is 99.9%...
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    iPad and GoToMyPC

    Anyone using this combo and care to comment on the performance? WiFi and/or 3G. Unfortunately GTMPC is the ONLY option I can consider (I use Logmein for personal use, but GTMPC is the sole option I can use for business), so no need to recommend alternatives. I am more curious in whether...
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    Track battery usage in iOS5 on a per app/service basis?

    As the title states: can it be done? (a la Android) I know you can see Usage vs. Standby in minutes, but is there any way to see an actual detailed breakdown per app/service? Thanks!
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    Host LAN access only Wiki?

    Is there a good way to host a "Wiki" that can only be accessed locally? Essentially, host the necessary files on a local networked drive and thus only people with access to that drive can make changes. Obviously a simple document that everyone can just open, edit, and save could work... but...
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    MacBook Air purchase

    Looking to buy the woman a MBA as an xmas present (she has an aging MacBook that is just over 3 years at this point). I think I am going to get the 13"/128gb SSD. I was just going to buy from the Apple store (with my 8% discount from work); is there somewhere better I should be looking...
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    Cross-country Hard Drive Transport

    I am moving from DC to CA in ~2 weeks and thus need to transport my computers. I am using movers so I won't have direct control over everything during the move so I need to make sure things are packed securely. I am not worried about desktops/etc., but I am unsure how to best transport my...
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    Portable Bluetooth Keyboard (to be carried with tablet)

    As the title says, looking for a portable bluetooth keyboard. Something portable that I can toss in a briefcase/bag for when I need it to use with my tablet. Taking suggestions as I have zero experience in this area. Tablet is a little under 11" long, so something similarly sized would...
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    New/Upcoming Blackberry Questions

    The time has come: I have to get a blackberry (again) for work :( Current approved devices all seem to suck. I would like to hold out for the 9900 since it looks promising... but need a device by October so it can't get delayed again. Any idea what service provider is best if I want to...
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    Android App Question: replacement "in-call" screen

    Since I don't want to waste my time downloading a 1000 apps without even knowing if what I want actually exists.... I have an android phone (og droid). I don't care about the dialer itself (I've seen lots of posts about dialer replacements that offer quickdial features, etc... I don't care...
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    Fujitsu Stylistic Q550

    Thought I would make a thread as they have finally started taking pre-orders... Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Pre-Order: Datasheet: Why I am...
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    Help! WHS (VM) won't start

    I had a freak loss of power to my server (ironically I did not lose power to my house, but the UPC randomly shut itself off...). My setup is Windows Server 2008 R2 with a VM of Windows Home Server. Upon rebooting Windows Server 2008, I went into Hyper-V manager and attempted to start the WHS...
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    Batch rename of folders (append with suffix)

    I am looking for a solution to batch rename folders from "Name" to "Name [FLAC]". My music is currently divided into two main folders: one for lossless (flac) files and one for all other (mainly mp3). I would like to consolidate them but would like to make it easy to see from a folder level...
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    WD Live, AppleTV, or other suggestion

    NOTE: I've built several HTPCs (heck I have one just sitting in my closet) and understand why they are superior and would never get something gimped for myself. This is not for me. I am looking for a device to play movies from an external hard drive and/or network to a TV. This is for my...
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    WMP 12/WMC7 music file issues

    Having issues with WMP12/WMC7 reading some music files correctly. It has been working fine for a very long time and then all of a sudden... I started noticing some albums were missing. I removed all the media library folders and re-added them all... and there is a ton missing :( Rather, they are...
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    Netbook recommendation: battery life + video

    Note: I already own a laptop that I use for daily tasks (I like having a large full resolution screen). This is purely for secondary usage (though I'd probably use it more once having it). Purpose: I'm going to be doing some lengthy international travel in the upcoming weeks and want...
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    Issue with wma lossless files

    Having an odd issue. I have a ton of CDs ripped and converted into WMA lossless (9.2) files. 99.9999% of them work fine. However, I have found the occasional CD where the lossless file crashes WMP. The strange part is that if I convert the files back to .wav, they work fine. If I go back to...
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    Media Browser: how to speed it up

    I started to wade through their actual forums, but there is a lot of garbage and I'd rather find out just what WORKS :p So I recently upgraded to the most recent version of MB. Previously I had been using some version of 1.x I think. It looked pretty good and ran fast/smooth. But now...
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    WHS / Hyper-V - Two HD-related questions

    Server 2008 R2 install WHS installed in Hyper-V All disks (except OS) added to the WHS as passthrough disks ISSUE #1 Added the Disk Management add-in to WHS - Hard drive activity shows up fine - BUT, hard drive temp shows up as N/A Any ideas why? Or another good way/place to access...
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    Temp question

    I am having some stability issues on a new build and trying to rule out cooling as a factor. Relevant hardware is: - ASUS P5N7A-VM (LINK) - E8200 (stock speeds) - Scythe SCBSK-1000 HSF (LINK) - Corsair 2gb DDR2 - Corsair 400CX Fresh install of Win 7 Pro. It ran perfectly stable...
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    Quick AOC-SASLP-MV8 and Norco 4220 question

    I'm sure there is something simple I am overlooking but I figure it's easier to ask than waste a bunch of time tinkering with it... I am tossing together a new build. Relevant hardware is: 1. Supermicro MBD-C2SBC-Q-O motherboard 2. Two (2) Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 cards 3. Four (4) Norco...
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    [NEWEGG] Western Digital Caviar Green WD15EADS 1.5TB SATA $99 no rebate, free shipping Ends at 1pm PST Limit 10/customer
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    HOWTO: Automatically create dynamic playlists in 7MC/VMC using MusicIP and WMPDJ

    HOWTO: Automatically create dynamic playlists in 7MC/VMC using MusicIP and WMPDJ DISCLAIMER: I did not create either the MusicIP program or the WMPDJ plug-in. Additionally, they are both DEFUNCT and NOT SUPPORTED by their original creators (both were essentially abandoned over a year ago)...
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    7MC - Dynamically created musc playlists?

    Is there anything out there for 7MC yet that offers a good "auto" playlist creation feature yet? I know MediaPortal would do a good job of, when you selected a few songs, it would play similar songs and add them to the playlist continuously. Something like MusicIP sounds promising and is...
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    WMP12 mp3 tag writing woes

    Having an absolute nightmare of a time trying to get WMP to write my mp3 tags correctly. All of my music is stored on my file server (running Windows Home Server). Access to the files is done on the Guest account with full read/write access. The computer accessing the music runs Windows 7...
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    WHS PP3 to add TV Archiving option I know there have been various add-ins/hacks that allowed this, but nice to see it being integrated natively!
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    7MC questions

    Ok, have it mostly setup. Ran into a hiccup that wasted a lot of time yesterday where installing video drivers would give me a "no signal" if connected to my TV :rolleyes: Anyway, couple questions regarding my setup now: 1) My old setup was DVI->HDMI for video and optical out for audio. I...