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    Linux install

    Do I need to remove cables from my other drives in my system so Linux won't hose them during the install? I plan on using external drive for Linux, last time I tried it messed with my other drives
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    Bootable USB

    Trying to create a boot USB disk for use with true image backup but each time when I try to boot the process goes into Cmos setup. I deleted partitions, I make new partition/format FAT 32 still no go...Tried three different drives? Any help
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    AT&T Gateway issues

    I have a Pace 5268AC that I use only to connect to internet with ATT, after that I have Asus 68P for wireless and router stuff. For some reason I can not access firewall settings in the Pace..?? Any ideas? I tried att support but they said rain could causing the loss of signal with my DTV...heheh
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    X2O 750 12V Pump/Reservoir

    Think I hear a little rattle so about time to replace again, anyone know of something that I can pretty much just swap out the pump/res and go? I guess they stop making these combos thanks
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    Need Help With NVG510/ linksys wrt54g

    Been trying to put the linksys behind the NVG but no luck there...Next I tried to make the WRT54G as a repeater for wireless. It has much better wireless than the NVG does. For what ever reason I'm unable to make the router work as a repeater. Any help would be great.
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    ASUS Z97-AR

    For some reason I can not save the profile settings to a USB stick. I get error NTFS not supported, I format the stick to FAT 16 FAT 32 then get error FAT not supported. Tried all the Ext and they weren't supported.
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    Understanding adaptive setting

    I just don't understand the advantage of this setting at all. In my case it will jump the voltage up too much for my liking. I have Asus Z97-AR / I5-4670k. I read that it will spike voltage in stress tests but it will in other things too..for one Windows Defender. Just got started for a mild OC...
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    Will my CPU water block work?

    I bought a Rasa 750 RS240 kit years ago and it work great. I used it on my 1366 socket all this time, now I have a socket 1150 and wondering if possible to get to work with the socket 1150?
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    reservoir/pump combo

    I use a X2O 750 right now , looking for a backup when this one goes out. I used the other X2O 750 for a few years before it failed. I don't know if this one will last as long or not. Are there better ones out there today or are these still pretty good?
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    XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 CPU watercooling kit

    anyone used this before ? Doesn't look bad for $129..
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    Windows 7 Pro Upgrade

    I suppose you can do a clean install with this? Question is is the Upgrade ver consider OEM? I may need to install later with new motherboard.. thanks