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    Planning on buying SLI 980 ti's - Reference or Aftermarket for Best Cooling?

    As the title says. I am looking to buy 980 ti's and configure them in SLI. I heard reference style blowers are good for air cooling as it gets rid of the hot air and works well when there isn't much space. I am going to have a HAF X full tower case and my mobo offers ~1 inch inbetween my 2...
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    HEADS UP - Change Your RS Social Password - Accounts Compromised

    Guys, Just an FYI that many people have been reported to have their accounts compromised and their emails + passwords changed by someone. Seems this is on RS's end. I...
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    Looking for a Free Backup Service that Automatically Syncs Specific Folders

    Hi all, So I am familiar with Dropbox, Crashplan, Onedrive, Box, etc. They're all great to back up data, however most of these companies require you to manually drag your data into their specific folder. I want something that I can "set and forget". Meaning, you can target specific folders...
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    Vitamix Refurbished Blenders: 6300 Series $262, 5200 Series $247 | 25% off+Free Ship

    Hi guys, Saw this posted on Vitamix's Facebook page. Seems like an awesome deal for an awesome blender. has a few of their Certified Refurbished Blenders (5200 Series or 6300 Series) on sale. Shipping is free when you follow the instructions below. Click here to activate free...
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    New DRM on Games Shortens Lifespan of SSD 10,000 fold

    Well, just found out the new Denuvo DRM used in Dragon Age Inquisition can kill your SSD rather quickly due to the method it uses. I guess i'm not buying this crap. Hurts legit buyers in the long run... Check it out...
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    Diablo 3 Launch Player Returning - I have Some Questions

    Hi all, I bought this game at launch and played a wizard through the entire game once and quit. I am now back due to loot 2.0 and RoS. I plan on buying RoS. Now I want to give a quick breakdown of my background in the game so you can get a better understanding of my questions. I have a lvl...
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    Sound crackling in crossfire with vsync on

    Anyone have this? Seen it all over the internet. I can't use drivers higher than 13.2 betas because if a game has vsync on and crossfire enabled the sound crackles/gets distorted. Anyone find a fix besides rolling back? Would love to play bf4 with mantle but not at the expense of my games...
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    Z87-A Question

    Hi all, I have a Z87-A and plan to crossfire (I have had two 7950's running in slots 1 and 2 before) This motherboard has 3 PCIe slots but on the specs it lists: Expansion Slots 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16 or dual x8) 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x2 mode) 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1 2 x PCI Now slot 3 is...
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    Anyone want to split a 4-pack of starbound?

    As the title says. I want to play starbound and I wanted to gift one for someone for Christmas and in order to save a few $$$ I figured I could pool together a 4-pack with 1-2 other people. PM me if you want to do this. Looking to do it in the next hour or so. Edit: Just bought with another...
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    Just bought HE-400's is a soundblaster Z enough to power it?

    As the title says. I want to keep my soundblaster Z, but I want to know if anyone has an input on if it can drive the HE-400's? It seems to power my ATH-700x's and my recently bought Q701's (which I am returning cause they arent for me). I dont want to ideally buy another soundcard and...
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    Help me pick the best headphones for gaming and an upgrade from my ATH-700A's

    Hello all, I am looking for an upgrade from my current audio technica ATH-700A headphone. While they've been some great headphones I am ready to go into the next level of audio fidelity. I am looking for a competitive edge in games. I currently own a soundblaster Z soundcard and plan on using...
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    Logitech Receiver extender cable - Use as USB Extender?

    Hi all, I recently got a wireless logitech mouse and keyboard and it comes with a usb receiver extender cable to plug in the wireless receiver away from my computer. However I wish to use it as a usb extension cable for my corsair k70 keyboard and as an extension for my charging plug for my...
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    Asus VG278HE Calibration settings needed!

    Hi all, Getting my VG278HE today and plan on using it at 120hz with lightboost enabled at all times. I want a good calibration for this monitor before and after lightboost is enabled to at least have as close to IPS quality as possible. Anyone have any color calibrations to share?
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    Anyone with a Corsair K70...? Quick question

    Hi all, Just bought a k800 for gaming and I hate it. I just can't get the feel of the super thin keys and miss my old keyboard already. I've decided that I want to get a mechanical keyboard and have really been eyeing the K70. Now I want to ask, does the K70 have a way to detatch the cord from...
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    120hz + Lightboost Monitor Deal - Should I buy now or wait?

    I am looking to purchase the Asus VG278HE. I want to get a display specifically for FPS's and games and prefer 120hz + lightboost over 1440p. Now I can get the VG278HE on Newegg today only for $355 shipped. Asus released this monitor 13 months ago and now I feel a new one should be on the...
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    Making the best use of my video cards (2x 7950) with CCC/RadeonPro

    Hello, I am looking to use the best settings in CCC and was curious if RadeonPro is a good tool to use as well. I want to know if forcing AA and AF in the CCC is a good idea or do game specific settings? Which is the best AA to use? I also want to know about Vsync and tearing. I read up on...
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    Any new lightboost gaming monitors about to be released?

    Hi all, Looking to get a new gaming monitor. Looking for a 27". Was going to pick up a VG278HE but realized its a year old now and was wondering if a newer model or something else is on the horizon?
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    Best wireless gaming mouse?

    Looking for a good wireless gaming mouse for FPS's mainly. Looking for low input lag and many of the basic features of a gaming mouse. I am interested in the G602 coming out next month, but I heard good things about the g700. However the g700 has horrible battery life. On the same hand the...
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    Best wireless gaming keyboard?

    Looking for a good wireless gaming keyboard. I just need the basic keys along with a backlit keyboard and good ergonomic design. Looking for the best bang for buck.
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    Asus VG278HE for FPS gaming?

    Hello all. I just bought a LG 42" here I use it as my primary display. I hear amazing things of 144hz for intense online games. I am considering purchasing the Asus VG278HE for gaming and my TV for multimedia and everyday tasks. I...
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    Dual video cards. One card 15C hotter

    Hi all. Just installed my first crossfire setup and I noticed that my video cards differ drastically in temperature. When on full load I get 82-84C on the first card. The second card is 68-70C. I use two sapphire dual-x 7950's. Is this normal? These are at stock and not overclocked. I have a...
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    Overclocking my xfire sapphire 7950's. Need a tool to test stability.

    Hello all, What is the best tool to test my video cards for stability and artifacts when I am overclocking to find the sweet spot for my cards? Also is there an option to test each card individually?
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    Get another 7950 or wait for 9xxx series.

    Hello, I bought a 7950 a couple months ago and its great for most of my games. I do however suffer from low fps in a select few games such as a heavily modded skyrim and crysis 3. I plan on getting games such as bf4, cod:ghosts, and watch dogs this fall and want a smooth 60fps for them if I...
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    Best Free Cloud Backup Solution to Sync Folders

    Hello all, I am looking for a cloud based backup solution that can automatically sync specific folders I choose whenever a change is made to keep it the most current. The more storage the better. I also would like it to be secure.Are there any out there? I know CrashPlan offers the sync...
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    OCZ Vertex 3 and Agility 4 to Samsung 840 PRO. Worth the upgrade?

    Hello all, using a Vertex 3 and Agility 4 from OCZ and loving the speed difference from a regular HDD, but I want to know if the speed boost to go from a Vertex 3 to 128gb 840 Pro and an agility 4 to a 256gb 840 Pro.
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    Discounted Vitamix Blenders - Pro 750 $519, Pro 300 $419, 6300 $379, 5200 $329 + FS

    I've been looking for a good deal on Vitamix blenders for a bit and it seems their reconditioned models are the best deals right now with a free shipping code. Their reconditioned models are actually a pretty good value it seems because they come with a 5 yr warranty and can be upgraded to 8...
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    How long have you spent setting up Skyrim with mods?

    I was curious how long people spent getting their Skyrim game with all the mods and testing to ensure it is working properly? I believe I have spent ~20 hrs or so and still have not finished. I have about 100 or so mods.
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    Remote computer frozen. Unable to restart for few days. Advice?

    Hi all, I use teamviewer to remote into my desktop while away. I went on a long roadtrip and just got to my destination and went onto teamviewer to check my computer and it is frozen. I had been mining coins and had undervolted and underclocked my vid card as a precaution for being away. I...
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    I got a 4670k and my temps seem a bit high (not stock HSF)

    Alright so I snagged a 4670k from MC today and just installed it. Running prime 95 with out of the box settings without overclocking and my temps seem a bit high. I get around 24-28 C idle and when its under 100% load my highest core temp is 62C and a spread of about 9C under that in the other 3...
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    Should I buy a cheaper motherboard for Haswell?

    I have always used cheaper motherboards due to me not needing the bells and whistles. I have a Soundblaster Z dedicated sound card so could care less about a sound chip on the mobo, I have 2 SSD's and a 1 TB HDD so I don't need like 6-8 6GB/s sata ports, I also don't need like more than 2 USB...
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    Can we buy Haswell tomorrow (6/2)?

    I am curious if there's any real statements on when we can buy Haswell CPUs and Motherboards. I keep reading that tomorrow Micro Center will have them with motherboard bundles, but is this speculation or fact? No review I've seen has mentioned the going prices of the CPUs or motherboards either...
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    haswell socket 1150 quad channel?

    Just curious if haswell socket 1150 will have quad channel or dual channel? I have a dual channel 8 gb kit, if I purchase the same kit again and put it into a quad channel supported mobo will it enable quad channel or do I have to specifically buy a quad channel kit?
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    Is the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus Compatible with Haswell?

    The COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus comes with amd and intel connectors but I am curious if it is compatible with haswell or do I have to buy another cpu cooler? I just bought this a couple months ago and am hoping to use it with my new haswell build.
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    660 non ti to 7950. Worth it?

    Hi all. I am currently using a non ti 660 and am tempted to upgrade to a 7950 for ~$250 I know there isn't too much of a performance gain but how much can I really expect? I was planning on selling my 6 month old 660 non ti and spend a little extra $$$ for upgrading to a 7950 which is why...
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    Anyone use an LG LN5300 for a PC monitor?

    Hi all, I am a big fan of using a tv as a pc monitor because of the way my apartment is set up. I currently use a lg 42" ccfl lcd tv and it looks great. I know that many people dislike using tvs as monitors due to the input lag and blown up pixels, but I believe if picking the right set you...
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    Heavily Discounted Reconditioned Vitamix Blenders + Free Shipping

    I've been looking for a good deal on Vitamix blenders for a bit and it seems their reconditioned models are the best deals right now with a free shipping code. Their reconditioned models are actually a pretty good value it seems because they come with a 5 yr warranty and can be upgraded to 8...
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    Far Cry 3 Bug that makes hang gliders broken. Is there a fix?

    There are plenty of bugs in this game but one takes the cake... The most annoying bug that breaks hang gliders for me is when you remap movement keys the hang glider keys dont remap and now it is the wasd keys still but my d key to move right doesnt work so im forced to turn all the way...
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    Thinking about picking up borderlands 2

    Hi guys, I was curious if borderlands 2 is worth it for playing the multiplayer with random ppl? I always considered borderlands 1 more of a single player game or if you have friends that play, but with random people it always felt "off". I was curious if borderlands 2 is any more fun with...
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    Help me get the most out of my 1055t six-core.

    Hi guys, been a long time since I have really been overclocking. Now I want to try and overclock my 1055t and get some extra performance out of it. I am using this motherboard I also just bought these and plan on putting them in...