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    Fallout 4 $9.99 on Amazon

    Just like the title says, Fallout 4 is 9.99 free shipping with Prime. It is a physical copy of the game but comes with a key so it can be activated on Steam. The digital version is 19.99...
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    Amazon Echo 128$ Shipped!

    Just as the title says, Bed Bath and Beyond has the Amazon Echo (without remote) for 149.99. If you have the mailed coupon 20% off it takes it to 118. If you have never signed up for mailings from the site, when you launch the website, do so, and save 20% off your first order. Shipping is...
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    HardForum App

    Well, there seems to be an app for everything now days. With all the tech savvy people on this forum, why hasn't someone created an Android and Iphone app for the Hardforums? That way we can easily browse and comment while we should be working, or on the go? Just a thought.
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    Inbox invites

    Does anyone have any google Inbox invites that they are willing to use on me? Thanks ahead of time.
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    Phone and Computer connection Question

    Hey guys, first off, I am a computer guy but by no means a networking guy. I currently have a Motorola Cable modem/router. It is dual band so I can set it to either 5ghz or 2.4 ghz. I am able to use the 5ghz for my cell phone and laptop, but am forced to leave it at 2.4 due to my tablet and...
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    Saints Row IV 24.99

    I am very tempted to buy this. The sale on Steam ends tomorrow.
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    Used I7 2600k If someone from HardForums wins, shoot me an PM and let me know, I will ship free.
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    T-Mobile acquires Metro PCS. What now?

    What benefit do you think will be in store for us? T-Mobile is already one of the cheaper companies around, and with this acquisition I would think that their coverage would increase. Does anyone know what we should expect? I need to dump this 105$ a month ATT bill. I would love something...
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    Evga GTX 580

    Card is in perfect shape with box, cables, and paperwork.
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    Core Clock Drops on 680?

    Hello, I searched this forum but couldnt find this problem. I have my Evga overclocked to 1319 and it runs benchmarks fine and is stable. I guess. I us the OC scanner from EVGA with EVGA precision and GPUZ to verify the settings. As soon as launch OC Scanner the Core clock drops and bounces...
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    Woot Off 2/19/13

    Just as the title says, Woot Off.
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    Cost to use Current vs New PSU

    Hello, First off, I searched and haven't been able to find the information I was looking for. I have an older PSU that is 1000w. It is not 80plus, or at least it doesn't indicate anywhere on it that it is. It is a cheap generic brand from many years ago. Now my question is, how much...
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    Sata 2 or Sata 3 in Laptop?

    I have the HP Pavilion dv6-6145dx. I was looking into an SSD for it, but can not find anywhere that it says that this is a Sata 2 or sata 3. There's no since in buying a 3 if I cant use it, especially since I can find a great deal on used sata 2s. I googled this thing and everything, and...
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    Help transferring files?

    I have 2 laptops. I want to copy the image from the one hard drive to the other one. What is the easiest way to do this? Id prefer not buying the transfer kit. I have an external HD that I can use to backup stuff too. Thanks
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    Free Month of WoW (conditions inside)

    If you are eligible for the Scroll of Resurrection, and are willing to accept it when I send it and activate the game, I will pay for your first 30 days. I am obviously doing this only for the new benefits in-game, but it will help someone out. Limited to the first person that qualifies...
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    560 448 Cores

    Where are these cards? I see reviews saying they will be out today, but nothing on any shopping sites.
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    Please help me solve this.

    So, I just got my new I7 2600k and my MSI Z68a-GD65 (B3) motherboard. I installed everything and it powers and works great.... with the onboard video connector to the I7. My EVGA 295 is not found. The green light on the card is lit, indicating power. I put in an Evga 260 and it works fine...
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    Comcast 16mpbs service 29.99 for 6 months.

    If you live in the south Florida area and are a current subscriber to Comcast internet, they have a special going on for 29.99 for 6 months of the 16mbps down 2mbps up service. I could not find the deal on their website, however I used the online chat service and told them I was interested in...
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    BFBC2 free upgrade to limited edition?

    I searched through the forums and was unable to find info on this, if its already been posted I apologize. I pre-purchased Bad company 2 limited edition and was talking with a buddy of mine and he said that "EVERYONE" who pre ordered the game will be automatically upgraded to the limited...
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    Prices High for ram

    I purchased ram for a friend about 6 months ago and paid less than 50 bucks for 4gb of DDR2. I am looking to swap out my value ram for some good overclocking ram and was wondering if anyone knew why the prices are outrageously high right now and if they are coming down anytime soon?
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    Braun Shavers 40% off plus 20% BCB

    Hey, I have been looking for a new shaver for a while and the cheapest place I could find this was over 200$. If you are in the market for a Braun shaver, this is your chance. is having a Braun 40% off sale. The Bing cashback for drugstore is 20% right now. I just bought...
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    Recommend me a router

    Hey, the title says it all. I need a new router for my cable internet. I dont stream things back and forth to my pc's so I just need something with a good signal and range. I will be plugging my desktop to it via ethernet, and my Wireless N laptop. Games, and large websites are the main usage.
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    Should I install BF2?

    So, I was going through my cd organizer and found my Battlefield 2 cd's. The question is, should I install it? Is anyone still playing this online? Will it even run on my computer? (specs in sig)
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    Downclocks to 6.0 Mulitplier??

    Ive got the gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L board and the Q9550 chip. I try Overclocking in the bios, but in Cpuz its showing 6 multiplier, which shows cps at 2333~ mhz. It moves up to 8.5 and sets it at 3222~ but I can not figure out why. I do not have that Frequency mode thing set where it increases...
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    Amount of ram

    Quick question, I have 8gb of Corsair Ram. 2x4. All ram slots on my board are filled. Is this bad for overclocking? It seems most people use 2x2 or 1x4 to get a total of 4gb ram. I was just wondering.
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    Mildly Hot HAF 922 89.99 with Free 3 day Shipping

    Newegg has the HAF 922 for 89.99 with free shipping. Use code EMCMLLW48 at checkout. This is for newsletter subscribers only. Ive been wanting this case for months now and was just waiting on a sale. Not bad when you include the free shipping.
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    Low FPS in Frontlines: Fuel of War

    I bought this game due to it being 5 dollars. Some of the levels, when lots of things start happening, I drop to around 3-5 fps. The game runs the same whether I have all settings maxed or all settings at the lowest, it still drops fps at some points. I googled the problem but couldn't find...
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    Weird Error with computer Plz help

    Ok, my system specs are in my signature. Basically while I am in windows the system starts freezing, or going really slow. My mouse is skipping all over the place but I am not getting errors. I ctrl alt del and the task manager never loads even though I can select it from the menu. I cant...
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    Well just a few months after I hit 1 million, Ive reached 2million. This Geforce 295 really performs. So wheres that free GenMay subscription? haha. Fold On!!
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    3 instances 2 Gpus

    So, I get a EUE on my 295. I open a new instance of that core, but I forgot to shut down the old one. Guess what, I am now folding 3 instances. Is this going to error? Will it actually record both proteins on the first core? Anyone else had this happen?
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    Windows 7 and EUE?

    I was wondering what you guys thought about Windows 7. My system is in my sig, and i get EUEs all day long on my 295. I just shut down the client and restart it. instead of getting 14k ppd, Im getting 8k-ish because while Im at work at least one of the cores will EUE. I was told its a Vista...
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    Multi Gpu setup

    I am trying to get 2 cores running on my GTX 295. I followed the setup from the guide above to the letter. However, I dont have a VGA dummy or an additional monitor. Will plugging in a friends monitor to get everything setup, and then disconnecting it work? Or will the monitor need to be...
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    Heat Shield for Evga 295?

    So I was on the Evga website today and found this. It seems to be a heat shield for the back of the card. The question I have is, why didnt the card come with it? I think they were in too big of a rush getting this product released that they didnt add it stock. Now they are charging 19.99 for...
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    Recommend me a card

    As the title says, I will have my step up gtx295 from Evga this thursday the 22nd. My other specs are in my signature. What I am looking for is a second card that I can use for physics and folding. Basically the best PPD for the buck. I have plenty of power to run anything. Just let me know...
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    Step up Question

    I searched the forums but couldnt find an answer to this. How long will it take before I am notified about the step up (evga)? I started it yesterday and I was #4 in queue. Now I am still #4. Whats the normal wait time? Is there anything I should be doing while I wait? I have already...
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    EVGA has GTX295 on site for step-up and sale

    Title says it all... now has the 295 on the site. 499.99
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    January 5th launch for GTX 295?

    So, I have been reading that the new GTX295 will go to retail on the 5th of January. My question is, will I be able to order it from the EVGA site that day? If not, does anyone have an estimated date? I dont have much longer on my Step up and want to know if its gonna be available before it...
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    Cheap video card with hi PPD

    I think ive read about the 8500gt being the best ppd for the buck. My specs are in my sig, I want to increase my PPD without building a new system. What do you guys recommend. Please list component, price and link or site to get it from. Thanks.
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    Double XP in Cod: WaW?

    According to some other forums, during this week is double XP for COD: WaW if you have the Collectors edition. I have it, and I dont know how to tell if I am in fact getting double XP? Is there some way to tell? Thanks