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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Guess people can build a sunshade for their antennas using radome materials (fiberglass, ptfe?)
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    Several macOS Monterey Features Unavailable on Intel-Based Macs

    Some of these I get since they probably use dedicated hardware on the M1 chip and they dont want to spend time optimizing for general purpose cpu. But for this feature: that better be the most amazing 3d globe I have ever seen ! :D
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    Using sound to process radio. Not the usual other way round...

    Is it referring to these sorts of devices?
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    Using sound to process radio. Not the usual other way round...

    I did not understand this. They are getting rid of traditional radio antennas/systems and somehow using acoustic properties to transmit / receive?
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    AMD Stacked V-Cache

    I have a feeling he may be right. As a reference, typical propagation delay in pcie traces is 160ps/inch. That would mean 1 foot of of extra pcie trace would add about 2ns of delay. However PCIe is differential signaling, and I'm not sure if dram signals would have signficantly different...
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    GN: Intel to push ATX12VO hard for Alder Lake

    in that link i would connect to the 4pin molex (now 12v only).
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    GN: Intel to push ATX12VO hard for Alder Lake

    Just plug your fan into the PSU: If your PSU doesn't have extra power connectors, get a different one. Yeah that's not good. I dont see any incentive to overvoltage +5V and +3.3V. Keeping ATX12VO...
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    GN: Intel to push ATX12VO hard for Alder Lake

    Sorry for cutting out a lot of your quote, i just want to keep it short. I agree with everything you said. So I think at the very least it would be nice if they standardized on the connector so you don't have to go hunting for weird adapters if you DO want to try to replace the PSU (obviously...
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    GN: Intel to push ATX12VO hard for Alder Lake

    To be clear, I'm not attacking you, I was sincerely asking you to clarify something. This topic reminds me of Its interesting how enthusiastic people get about it (me included!), but in the end, as far as I can tell, it doesn't really matter all...
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    GN: Intel to push ATX12VO hard for Alder Lake

    I dont understand this quote. In direct opposition to your sentence: CPU, RAM, and PCH are already regulated on the motherboard from 12v down to their respective voltages on any board in the last 10 years. In the very next paragraph you use the CPU power regulation as an example of what they...
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    Unobtanium GPU edges out Notavailabanium/Unobtanium alloy card

    Not sure why I hunted it down, maybe its my absolute hatred of unlabeled data. Shrug.. Raytracing: Metro Exodus 3840x2160
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    Zen 5 Ryzen 8000 Strix Point APUs to sport hybrid, big.LITTLE-esque CPU architecture on TSMC 3 nm process

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    All You Can Eat Core Buffet! Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 2

    I have found a man with the strength of 5 men! :P
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    Very white paint

    oh snap! This will be my last question since I'm starting to go pretty far off-topic. Assuming you DO know the angle of incoming light (solar panel has tracking system to always point straight at the sun for example), is it still better to have a randomized diffuse rear reflector or at the...
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    Very white paint

    i see. why does diffuse reflected light work better?
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    Very white paint

    Why not just use a metal reflector on the back side? Aluminum maybe?
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    Monkey Mind Pong

    How would you do this with eye tracking if I want to briefly look somewhere else while waiting for the dot to get to the square?
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    Microcenter has dropped price ...AMD 5800x $429

    That's how I will remember that conversation :P
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    Customizable controller let's you configure controls

    I've been remapping shift for duck/crouch since half life 1. Mainly because half life 1 was a very crouch happy game (regular crouching, long jump, and slightly higher than normal jumps all require crouch functionality). Sometimes that means I swap with whatever shift was before that (walk/sprint).
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    Micron ends 3DXP development, looks to sell Lehi fab

    i know intel was selling off there non volatile flash products, but are they still keeping xpoint?
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    NASA’s latest Mars rover has the same processor as an iMac from 1998

    When one thing is $100, and another thing is $200 000, and there are good engineering reasons for choosing one or the other, I like to think that they are technically different. Technically they are about $199,900 different :p
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    Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?

    I generally agree with this paragraph, but I'm curious why you think real-time or faster is relevant? What if the "real" universe pressed "pause" on the simulation for an entire "real" minute. How would "simulated" universe be able to even be able to tell that it was "paused" after it "resumed"
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    EA patents method to avoid waiting for game downloads

    yeah I see what you are saying. So with EA system they actually stream the game to you initially (like google stadia or nvidia geforce now) while it downloads? I had assumed it more traditional where it waited to download the core game and the first level/ textures/ sounds/ etc. I haven't...
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    EA patents method to avoid waiting for game downloads

    Not sure I understood what you meant. Use case: When i buy a game I'd rather wait 5 minutes to download/install before I start playing instead of 1 hour.
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    True, maybe instead we could instead see how many of our models that rely on random behavior start going away as we learn more, and maybe this hints at determinism? Example: Radioactive decay is stochastic, but on a per particle basis as far as we can tell it is random. What if in 50 years we...
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    That's not an argument against determinism, that's an argument that we will never have all of the information required to predict everything (assuming determinism is true). There is currently no evidence to fully confirm or deny determinism. It's a possibility. I personally believe we will...
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    Why is this a counter point to determinism? Complex and chaotic behavior that arises from simple rules can still be deterministic.
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    3.2 billion email passwords leaked

    I think more important than individual password requirements is enforcing a good password generation system like password managers or something like this maybe: edit: enforcing is a strong word. Maybe initially teaching/educating them about it. I...
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    Not an expert, but from what I understand some of these large hedge companies do not just short predictively, they communicate with other hedge companies, short the stock, and all start aggressively announcing that the company they just shorted is going downhill. Anybody watching any sort of...
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    Pshh, way easier than that! Run the entire universe in reverse! Easy peasy, it's happening right now. What, you can't tell?
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    AMD Nashira Summit GPU Gets Spotted in Ashes of the Singularity Database

    I'm not familiar with AOTS benchmark. Aren't all the settings captured in the screenshot there? Can't we just match those settings with some other cards and compare the score?
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    Rookie. I can travel backwards in time easily. Of course all of my actions and thoughts run in reverse when I do it.
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    Microchip Shortage Hits Auto Industry Too

    Thats where I draw the line. Hate carburetors.
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    TSMC and UMC producing Intel Chips

    Yeah I saw that too. I"m sure they have plenty of other chipsets that don't need the most advanced nodes: network, storage, flash, etc etc. But why do they need to outsource these. They don't have enough room for older node chips at their own fabs? Or is this a "just in case" move?
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    GPU Shortages Will Worsen Thanks to Coin Miners

    Sounds like a fun problem. Also, you are modern day digging for treasure.
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    AMD patents GPU chiplet designs

    I started listening to the first few minutes of that video and realized it wasn't getting into any specifics and then started quickly skipping through it. Did they mention any numbers or did they specifically say that HBM memory has much faster or slower latency vs GDDR or DDR? If so can you...
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    AMD patents GPU chiplet designs

    If you can find the actual numbers that would be cool. I know GDDR > DDR for latency, but I've never found the numbers for HBM and so I could not make the assumption that HBM is worse in latency.
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    Scientists Develop an Efficient Way to Produce Low-Cost Heatsinks
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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    I think pretty much all consumer intel cpus since the 2000 series have had integrated graphics. Except for high end workstation parts and parts marked with F (like 9400F). Otherwise all celerons, pentiums, i3, i5, i7 have had them. So... like the past 9 years?. (anyone feel free to correct me)...
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    Glitterbomb 3.0 Porch Pirates 2020

    sounds like just some of them were faked in the first one without the creators knowledge and that he removed those fakes? or was it more?